Talibunny Laundering PAC Money Through PAC-Sponsored Book Buys

Hey, you, you got a buck? Wanna here me say something? Suck something? Hey, you, get back here!

God loves me and wants me to prosper! Even if I have to buy all my own books with other people's money! That's how much God wants me to prosper! Why do you hate God's love for me?! Why do you hate God?!

Insane, incompetent narcissistic fame-junkie Sarah ‘Talibunny’ Palin will go down in history as the veep candidate that poured America’s candy dish into her panties on her way out – if she’d only fucking leave.

The snowbilly grifter’s desperate cackling lunges at any and all opportunities for self-promotion and/or cashing in on her bizarre and over-ripe moment of notoriety have become the stuff of legend.

Palin PAC Spent More On Books Than Candidates [HotlineOnCall]

Her years in public service observing the non-stop crime wave of Alaska politics, however, have apparently served her well, at the very least instructing her on how to launder private money from her own SarahPAC into her own pocket.

The Hotline on Call people are reporting today that Talibunny’s PAC spent more money buying her autohagiography than it gave to candidates to political office – the alleged raison d’etre for SarahPAC.

Hotlineoncall.com reported that the FEC’s filings from SarahPAC show: SarahPAC spent $47,777 on copies of “Going Rogue” during the last 6 months of the year – while only $43,000 in donations were contributed to the campaigns of psychoconservative candidates seeking federal office.

With Talibunny’s no doubt juicy royalty rate, the lady is going to be wearing Prada to all the sales at Costco. But we think Talibunny can do better. In fact, for a few points on the dollar, Stinque.com can set up Talibunny with her own used-panty online storefront. Send a note to god@www.stinque.com and we’ll get you set up, you betcha!


I think there’s a word for people who donated to SarahPAC. SUCKERS.

@ManchuCandidate: Speaking of cults, the not-MSNBC adbot has an ad up for Scientology. Click away and get some of John Travolta and Tom Cruise’s money to Stinque.

I don’t see that. Only Herb W. Armstrong…

Otherwise, I would because I owe Scientology for the pain of reading Battlefield Earf on a 19 hr plane trip to Seoul.

@SanFranLefty: I would, but I’m afraid they’d leave some sort of viral e-meter in my computer.

@SanFranLefty: Mine says “Need a Website for your Conservative Campaign?” … eh – not so much.


If you click on that ad it routes you to “Stormfront.Org”.

Its the fucking Wassilla Sopranos, is what it is, just petty grifting and sleazing non-stop, you would think she and Todd are from North Jersey, Essex County trash.

Only in NOLA Sport TJ: NFC game tickets warrant a jail pass from magistrate judge, shock reigns when prisoner is two days late in checking back in to jail.

@Promnight: I can’t believe I’m about to defend Newark and Essex County, NJ; but equating Wassila with them is an insult to Essex County.

TJ, but what the fuck is with this weather? The northeast, we have had a constant, weekly stream of nor-easters, from October on, a Blizzard just before Christmas, last Saturday, with a forecast of flurries, we got 3 inches, roads impassable for half the day. Now two more noreasters for this week, and a possible major snowstorm for Saturday. I am sick of this shit, just sick of it.

@Promnight: Snowfall is important to me because the winter snowpack here feeds the rivers and aquifers over the spring, adds to soil moisture and keeps fuel dryness from getting out of hand. I just looked at the SNOTEL reports from the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service which shows that we’re at 105 percent of average this year. In the last ten days three storms hit our local mountains and dumped about three feet of snow up there. I’m happy, the rivers will be full, the fish will be happy and water users will have a little less to fight about.

@Promnight: Highs in the 90s, balmy evenings, just a sprinkle or two the last couple of nights, not enough to prevent a martini on the veranda of this place.

Now, I am predicting deep sadness when I hear Benedick reporting on the first signs of Spring in his garden and when you take the Ark (beta) out for the first early season motor, but for now, climate-wise, I am immensely satisfied. Did I mention that I’ve been swimming nearly every day since I arrived? 2fookin civilized, I don’t deserve it.

@Nabisco: We ought to have the Stinque convention there. Rates look good, little bit of hike to get there, though.

The Bhagwan Rajneesh’s 93 Rolls Royces didn’t seem to faze his followers, so, sadly, I doubt this latest revelation will do much to slow down the Talibunny cult.

@redmanlaw: Consider it our South Asian redoubt. The SS Moly Ivins will dock quite nicely in port.

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