Transparency in Government

While researching the morning doorstop, we stumbled across this campaign photo 1982 Cosmo spread of Scott Brown, winner of their “America’s Sexiest Man” contest, and better known these days as the Republican candidate to replace Teddy as Massachusetts senator in next Tuesday’s election.

“Scott Brown may be peaking or surfacing too early,” says Charles Krauthammer, sparing us the effort.

Senator Is the Centerfold [Cosmo, via RedState]

Brown has other problems – now if only the Dems are smart enough to make an effective TV ad with it.

If this is true, the Dems in Massachusetts should dump every last dime into erecting posters with this image and the header ‘Scott for Senator’ on every street corner.

@FlyingChainSaw: Quite true — Cosmo posted its archival find last September, and it’s probably already made the rounds. Especially since I found it at RedState, of all places.

His wand uses the kind of magic they don’t teach at Hogwarts. No wonder he’s in the lead.

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