Finally, Something to Rival the Upper Class Twit of the Year

[ Onion Flash video not available. ]

And if you can hold out until the end, there’s a great teaser for the next story.


Slut seems too toxic to contain.

I always thought most of Celine’s songs were considered a crime against humanity.

It wasn’t all of them, luckily. I don’t see Homofacist anywhere in that clip.

There’s some skank in there, too.

I’ve driven that stretch of highway many times but, regrettably, have never seen an accident like this.

@redmanlaw: The house had a panic button?! Weirdness…

@SanFranLefty: there are areas of Van Nuys where that makes sense.

@Dodgerblue: I find it hilarious that the hometown of my parents is the Pron Filming Capital of the World.

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