Faith-Based Adultery

Brit Hume explains Sunday morning how Tiger’s problem isn’t his driver, but his deity:

“The extent to which he can recover seems to me depends on his faith,” said Hume. “He is said to be a Buddhist. I don’t think that faith offers the kind of redemption and forgiveness offered by the Christian faith. My message to Tiger is, ‘Tiger turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world.”

A noble sentiment, to be sure. Look how well Christian forgiveness worked for Bill Clinton.

Brit Hume: Tiger Woods must become Christian to be forgiven [Raw Story]

News presenters proselytizing? In Europe this would have never made it to air. Brit Hume is a stupid and dangerous person. Fuck Fox.

I’m thinking Brit believes that the basic tenant of Buddhism is “Every man for themselves.”

Karma? Karma? Karma?

I don’t think Brit Hume really believes anything he says. This is Fox News playing to the base while ignoring all the peccadilloes of men and women who are already Christians. Did he happen to mention Sanford? Ted Haggard? Ensign? Bill Clinton? Newt Gingrich? The list is really long and growing.

I saw this on Crooks and Liars and thought of posting it here, too. It’s really astonishing to see something like this on a network that supposedly serves a secular purpose and a general audience. I mean, we might as well be watching the 700 Club in this clip. It certainly shows the extent to which conservatism and fundamentalist Christianity have collapsed into each other. In America there really is no distinction to be had between the two now. There is no such thing as conservatism as a purely secular political doctrine in this country any more. That’s probably why we see no hint of protest from William Kristol, who is Jewish, as Brit Hume uses this panel as a vehicle to push a religious viewpoint, and why Jonah Goldberg, a conservative Jew, recently published a column in which he seemed to bemoan the lack of Christian proseltizing in popular culture. As conservatives they really have no choice but to jump on the Jesus bandwagon, or risk being marginalized by the new conservative movement.

The important angle to pursue here is to ponder why anyone should listen to a guy lecture on forgiveness when he drove his own son to suicide. Yeah, hey, Brit, asshole, too bad you couldn’t have forgiven your son before he stuffed a fucking gun in his fucking mouth and blew his fucking brains the fuck out. If Hume had half the guts of his kid, he would have borrowed his gun and followed him to hell. Right, Brit?. Right? Fuck you, asshole, there is still time to do the right fucking thing.

@Serolf Divad:
I think the term Budweiser Mullahs describes the “new” contards well.

I like how Brit offers Christianity as just another choice on the spiritual menu, with better benefits. As a proselytizer, he undermines his own argument.


Since it’s already been posted here, I took the liberty of expanding upon my thoughts at my almost defunct old blog.

Is it Bill Kristol’s birthday? Because Hume seemed to be gifting him with apparent relative intelligence with those remarks.

@ManchuCandidate: Brit Hume: Karma Chameleon.

TJ: Matt Leinart – biggest QB draft bust since Ryan Leaf?

Far-right, neo-nutzie, xtianity solved all the marital fidelity problems of our frenemies living on C Street, amiright?

Mrs RML’s Sport Mojo is on a roll wid the Cowboys rolling all over the Iggles after Texas Tech pulled off a last minute come from behind victory in the Shit Ass Gas Station Alamo Bowl. My school beat her school in the hoops on Tuesday, though.

@redmanlaw: “Foot”ball is dead to me until the World Cup this summer.


@redmanlaw: Last night’s bowl game was great. Much better than the *&$(!# Ducks choking on Friday.

@nojo: So. Tiger is a Buddist. Has a billion dollars. A harem. No debt. Can make a million dollars with a phone call and an afternoon round of gold. We should all be Buddists.

@Nabisco: Yeah, well, my Broncos are headed for the glue factory now.

@redmanlaw: If you want to be a Jets fan, I can send you the application. Check out the Brad Smith run that we just enjoyed.

Really. We’re doomed. Guy walks in wrong direction at a terminal in Newark Liberty and the entire airport is on red alert. Total chaos.,2933,581832,00.html

@blogenfreude: Only if I get a Joe Namath late 60s action figure with “Broadway Joe” wardrobe, incl. the long chinchilla coat.

My Gators won their game big, and the big Tebow question is fascinating to me now. I know, he is not a sympathetic figure, with his open bornagainism, but he has been an incredible college football player, and his style and ability is not something that fits in the pro football, ultra conservative model of what a QB should be. Pro scouts quoted in the press talk about how he is all wrong, whatever team drafts him will have to break him down and re-teach him everything, so that he will have what is regarded as the ‘right” throwing motion and such shit.

This isn’t the case of a Leaf or that guy from USC, those guys were considered perfect pro-style QBs before being drafted.

Tebow is being looked at as if all his success means nothing, and that because he raises his arm too high over his shoulder when he throws, he shouldn’t even be drafted.

It reminds me of Randall Cunnigham, and “let Randall be Randall.”

@FlyingChainSaw: Have you been to EWR, or worse yet, Newark itself? You’d be running the wrong way through a ReichLand Security Check to get the holy fuck out of there.

That said, when and if I have to go to NYC, which these days I try to not do, or at the very least, make involve flights to PHL or BOS followed by Amtrak, I always choose Newark “Liberty” International Airport. LaGuardia and JFK suck sweaty squirrel balls, whereas EWR is the closest you’ll find to a second-world airport in the tri-state area.

ADD: Speaking of travel, Mr. SFL and I saw “Up in the Air” tonight. Yeah, it’s George Clooney playing George Clooney, but he does it the same way Jimmy Stewart plays Jimmy Stewart. And the movie is D-A-R-K, fucking dark, teases you along that it will be cute at the end, slams you on the head, and believe it or not, the mega-corporations whose logos are featured in the movie DID NOT pay for product placement. Dark, cynical, and yet during the scene at airport security, Mr. SFL turned to me and said, “Oh my God, sweetie, that’s totally you at SFO.”

Vera Farmiga deserves an Oscar. Wow.

@SanFranLefty: EWR is not a pleasant place, but its an efficient place, and its usually trouble free, you do not run into unexpectededly long security lines, or delays, its a reliable airport, and I choose it over any other in my area, whenever possible. Philly’s airport is one of the worst I have ever been in, there is just always some major fuckup. EWR is an efficient machine at getting people on and off planes, and I love it. This is an absurdity, but it happens.

@SanFranLefty: I don’t believe I’ve ever been through EWR. This has little to do with the airport and everything to do with the RNC/neocon attack machine putting everyone, everywhere on eggshells. Everything, including what looks like a cleaning guy coming back from a smoke break, has to be responded to with maximal hysteria, or someone at TSA will lose their job. Guaranteed, Cheney will be seething on all three networks tomorrow, gnashing his teeth, accusing Obama of plotting with his Al Qaeda controllers to vaporize Newark and demanding that he be tried for treason – which news anchors will recognize with somber nods, reflecting the insight and gravitas of Cheney’s commentary. The coordination between AQ and the neocon cult is so close and so deft, it might as well be a single organization.

Hey! We made memeorandum!

Okay, fine. Nobody cares but Bloggie and me.

Speaking of Christian fundamentalists, glad to see that The Paper of Record has finally picked up on the story about the U.S. evangelicals encouraging the murder of gheys in Uganda. Poor Rachel M. had been beating that drum solo for so long on this.

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