A Simple Solution to Airline Security

It’s either that, or fly naked.

Debate Over Full-Body Scans vs. Invasion of Privacy Flares Anew After Incident [NYT]

As someone who has been poked, jabbed and things inserted up various orifices, I can deal with the full body scan and prefer that over flying naked.

As for the Hannibal Lecter treatment, I’d only recommend it be used on families who don’t care about their unruly kids.

If the parents try to deal with their kids then I can live with it (sort of) and thus avoid being put in a straight jacket. I’m pissed more for the fact that I had to watch some truly horrid movies to tune the families of folks who believe in “Free Range Parenting” out.

@ManchuCandidate: That’s why the FSM invented Xanax. And now that the airlines only take credit cards for alcohol, no longer do I worry of the sinking realization that I only have four singles in my wallet.

I suggested yesterday a downright pleasant proposal: all passengers should be sedated until unconscious until arrival at their destination. They could have rolling racks, like multi-tier bunk beds, that you climb into, planes would need no windows, no entertainment, you would be comatose from the departure gate to the arrival gate.

As it is, I try to get as close to this condition as possible, anyway.

Flying is like root canal, so it only makes sense to use anesthesia.

@ManchuCandidate: Gabba Gabba Hey.

ER doc yesterday gave me percocets, said “take 3 day laydown opiate bender.” I said “OK.”

Ever hear of cold water extraction?

@Promnight: You can listen to all of Brian Eno’s “Music for Airports” at lastfm.com and other places and chill your brains out.

Update: My knee injury looks like a non-major strain or overuse (probably due to lack of conditioning caused by the torn calf in November). I’m still thinking off the shelf brace for skiing, though. Going snowshoeing tomorrow with Mrs RML while Son of RML goes snowboarding, skiing again w/S/RML on New Year’s Day.

I’m going to be flying in a few hours. Will report back on any and all cavity searches.


Jinx~! “Needle In the Camel’s Eye” just popped up on iTunes.


That sounds rad and all, but isn’t that when the Aliens lay their eggs in your belly?

Bang on a Can did a nice cover album of “Music for Airports”. It goes well with Tanqueray & tonic at an airport bar, especially if you throw a herbally enhanced snack into the mix.

@Original Andrew: I risk I am willing to takee for my nation’s security.

@Promnight: When did Dr. Feelgood move to Joisey – and does s/he travel?

ADD: more importantly, WTF happened? ER? Percocets? Dish here, or in the playground.

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