Why I Love John Cleese


[runs to twitter to sign up for Cleese’s feed]

Must be all those silly walks.

(scurries away before baked’s citation of chapter/verse from “Wanda”)

Speaking of comedians we love, I was disappointed that the Kennedy Center honors to Mel Brooks didn’t include more Blazing Saddles clips. And if anyone else watched or is watching, please tell me what the hell that hot mess Aretha Franklin was wearing (and WTF was up with her hair).

@SanFranLefty: I am still disappointed that the Kennedy Library put the Marylyn Monroe exhibit in the basement and wouldn’t let us sniff any of the undergarments in the collection.

Given what I’ve seen of Aretha in the trade press, I’d speculate she was wearing some kind of parachute, or a modified Quonset hut or perhaps a deflated zeppelin.

@SanFranLefty: I’m guessing they didn’t include more Blazing quips because all the good stuff is too politically incorrect to air.

As for the Queen, I’ve decided not to look at what she’s wearing anymore. Nothing will ever top the gray bow hat. Nothing.

@Jamie Sommers: That was the scene I was thinking of! Aretha was wearing something that looked like a cross between a sari, a Mimi, and a tent. With lots is sparkles. Her hair was stick straight in what looked like a “Rachel cut” with two toned dye job. I’ll look for a photo on the tubez.


THIS is why there weren’t more blazing clips…too close to home.



Oh. My. FSM > it’s TRUE!!! Life is a Mel Brooks movie.

And the McCain/Palin Reign of Error would’ve been Spaceballs.

“Oh shit, there goes the planet…”

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