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We think it's real.Now that Sarah Palin’s ghostwriter has demonstrated her climatological qualifications on the Washington Post’s op-ed page, Michael Steele wants some of that sweet denialist action:

Q: Global warming, you say the earth is cooling. Michael how do you know for sure?

STEELE: I don’t! I don’t! But apparently neither does anybody else! Ok? I don’t. All i know is every morning I come on, I turn on channel 13 and I’ll see what the weather man tells me okay?

Steele knows from snow jobs, of course. Although he might want to get his story straight with James Inhofe, who says global warming is a Weather Channel conspiracy.

Asked How He Knows The Earth Is Cooling, Michael Steele Says ‘I Don’t!’ [Think Progress]

Reminds me of Jon Stewart’s comment about Glenn Beck:

“Finally, a guy who says what people who aren’t thinking are thinking.”

@al2o3cr: Perhaps:

“Finally, a guy who says screams what people who aren’t thinking are thinking feeling.”


Anyway, why worry? The weatherman’s big CGI schlong will shelter us from the storm. At least if we live in Ohio.

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