A Day in the Life of Fox News

Math is hard!

We’re not sure whether NPR’s Mara Liasson has started her Clockwork Orange marathon yet, but the good folks at Fox News are already threading the projector for her.

Let’s start with this wonderful poll graphic that ran last Friday on Fox & Friends, showing that Americans are, um, 120 percent against global-warming lies. That’s the kind of can-do spirit that built this great nation, and will soon send it over a cliff.

How did Fox’s cup runneth over? Media Matters explains:

Fox News’ graphics department added together the “very likely” and “somewhat likely” numbers to reach 59 percent, and called that new group “somewhat likely.” Then, for some reason, they threw in the 35 percent “very likely” as their own group, even though they already added that number to the “somewhat likely” percentage. Then they mashed together the “not very likely” and “not likely at all” groups, and threw the 15 percent who were unsure into the waste bin. Voila — 120 percent.

Comparisons to the Climategate researchers using “tricks” to tart up their own data are just sour grapes.

Mara might also want to check out the latest Glenn Beck news — seems his constant shilling for a gold company (one of the few sponsors still with him) is raising eyebrows among his employers. While Fox allows Beck to do some gold-whoring on his show, it’s supposed to be limited to “live reads” — clearly presented advertising — and not offered as “news” that the dollar is going to hell in a handbasket:

Like other news organizations, Fox News prohibits its on-air personalities from making paid product endorsements. But it makes an exception for its commentators who are also radio hosts, who are allowed to perform live reads, says Joel Cheatwood, senior vice president for development.

Of course, we really don’t care whether anyone is shocked — shocked! — to discover that Glenn Beck lacks integrity. Instead, we’ve taken this very long walk just to observe that the Fox News senior vice president for development is named Joel Cheatwood. Our inner fifth-grader is cackling up a storm.

Fox News fiddles with climate change polling [Media Matters]

Thar’s gold in them shills! Fox raps Glenn Beck’s endorsement deal [Daily Finance, via Think Progress]


Um, it’s okay if you’re a GOPer. So there.

Wrong question. Scientists rarely falsify to fortify a thesis. They selectively sample all the live long day or avoid techniques that could contradict their working theories. Weeding this stuff out of grant applications is part of the work of NSF and NIH reviewing committees.

@FlyingChainSaw: That’s the deeper story — that the Rasmussen poll was so poorly worded, the results are unusable. (And the deepest story remains that Climategate doesn’t reveal shit.)

Dodger says hi. He’s at the clubhouse because his intertube connection won’t let him come out and play here.

What the fuck, if evolution is not a fact after 150 years, global warming will never be a fact to the pigfuckers either. God made the billion year old geological strata 6,000 years ago, complete with fossils, and the liberal conspiracy of lying scientists made up global warming. If we had only deregulated enough, and cut taxes enough, also, then we would be so incredibly prosperous, all of us rich beyond our wildest dreams, and if we would only do away with all programs to help the poor, then poverty, which is caused by government anti-poverty programs, will disappear.

And the check is in the mail, and I will untie you if you say the safe word, and I won’t come in your mouth, too, also.


You almost got it – but who put the fossils in the ground? Could it beeee… SATAN? ;)

Bill Hicks had my favorite bit on this:


@Prommie: And I am faithful to my wife and that dress does not make you look fat and size doesn’t matter and yes, we can.

Re: evolution … I just finished a book that eviscerates the ID nutjobs in a fact filled and entertaining way. It’s called “Only a Theory” by Ken Miller. I highly recommend it.

What none of them have explained is why 99.999% of climate scientists would be lying: what’s in it for them? We know why the deniers lie: Exxon-Mobil.

Wait. Did I just answer my own question? I think I did. Here it is in two words.

George Soros.


Straight people come in other peoples mouths? Good Lord!

It’s much better on toast points….

. . . and more people (polled) believe in guardian angels than that man has a role in global climate change. ( Ex. ___, Why Palin will be elected in 2012). The ignorance of the people is no accident.

@al2o3cr: Bill Hicks is the fucking man.

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