This is the Last Time I’m Going to Explain …


Are they willfully ignorant?

Main Entry: weath·er
Pronunciation: \ˈwe-thər\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English weder, from Old English; akin to Old High German wetar weather, Old Church Slavic vetrŭ wind
Date: before 12th century

1 : the state of the atmosphere with respect to heat or cold, wetness or dryness, calm or storm, clearness or cloudiness
2 : state or vicissitude of life or fortune
3 : disagreeable atmospheric conditions: as a : rain, storm b : cold air with dampness


Main Entry: cli·mate
Pronunciation: \ˈklī-mət\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English climat, from Middle French, from Late Latin climat-, clima, from Greek klimat-, klima inclination, latitude, climate, from klinein to lean — more at lean
Date: 14th century

1 : a region of the earth having specified climatic conditions
2 a : the average course or condition of the weather at a place usually over a period of years as exhibited by temperature, wind velocity, and precipitation b : the prevailing set of conditions (as of temperature and humidity) indoors
3 : the prevailing influence or environmental conditions characterizing a group or period : atmosphere



I don’t think it matters to Faux News – at this point, Jeebus himself could show up on the set and say, “Seriously guys, knock the CO2 the fuck off.”

They’d accuse him of being a commie for wanting to take away their “God-given” right to drive an H2 to the corner store…

Are they willfully ignorant?

Executive summary: Yes.

@nojo: What you said.

By the way, did FCS see this. And no, I have no idea why I can’t post links. I try to be a good person but clearly the hamsters are not impressed.


don’t you see benedick? noge is much nicer to the newbies than us?
we, who fought two wars together with him, are old news!
he’s knows us too well and, dare i say, is sick of us?
he wants new blood!

the most exciting thing in my life, at the moment, is the possibility of you and your play showing up on my island. anything new with that?


my computer dropped dead right in the middle of our delightful webcamchat last night…you look adorable in your “stinque” hat.
i blame nojo.

@baked: We shouldn’t be too hard on noje, he’s in the middle of a voyage of personal discovery on the musical link and you know how that can go. When all my links fail I just try to remember all he does to keep us amused as the sun sets on Imperial America. I forgot all about that person there. I will email him again.

@blogenfreude: How do you do that?! And the embeddening! Magic.


i keed him because i love him.
i did march into hell for a heavenly cause with him after all.

@Benedick: Linquing works like this:

You type:

<a href=””>This is a linque to Stinque</a>

And this comes out (use the Preview button to confirm you got it right):

This is a linque to Stinque

The second line of the TAG HELPER text above the message box contains a suggestion to help you remember how it works. That <a href=”…”>text</a> sequence can go anywhere in the text, as long as it’s the complete sequence.

@IanJ: Thank you for that. I was typing… well, you don’t need to know what I was typing.

@Benedick: No problem, I am glad it’s helpful. The whole HTML thing can be tricky, mostly because it’s so very very particular about the syntax. If you don’t get all the angle-brackets and quotes and such in the right places, it just mocks you.

@IanJ: You do understand I won’t remember for more than a half hour but at least I will have known how to do it once!

the easiest way is to copy and past that little helper line and replace the URL and the LINK TEXT with, well, the url and link text.

Gentlemen, the scales have fallen from my eyes. I don’t know why noje had to keep this from me. I shall try to not take it personally.

@Benedick: I could not deprive you of the revelation.

I hate when my eyes have scales.

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