The First Casualty of War is Truthiness

Talibunny supervises low-tech memory hole.

Sarah Palin, who deserted her post as commander-in-chief of the Alaska National Guard, has some choice words for Barack Obama:

“There’s been a lack of acknowledgement by our president in understanding what it is that the American military provides in terms of, obviously, the safety, the security of our country,” Palin said during an interview with Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren. “I want him to acknowledge the sacrifices that these individual men and women — our sons, our daughters, our moms, our dads, our brothers and sisters — are providing this country to keep us safe.”

It’s understandable that Palin might have missed this, and this, not to mention this, what with her preoccupation with riot-proofing her tour bus. But her sock-puppet masterpiece has sold 700,000 copies, and as Stephen Colbert wisely observes, the ultimate arbiter of truth is the free market.

Sarah Palin: Obama not acknowledging troops [Politico]

But she reads EVERYTHING!??! So she would know, right?

Fist of Death forming. Must control self.

Oh dear FSM. From NPR:

President Obama announced on Tuesday that he intends to “finish the job” in Afghanistan and that he’ll announce his troop plan for the country on December 1 in a prime-time address. While he did not talk troop numbers, he hinted that the force would be large enough to “dismantle and degrade” the enemy and ensure that “Al Qaeda and its extremist allies cannot operate.” McClatchy is putting the troop number at 34,000, and General Stanley McChrystal could be in Washington as early as Sunday to help roll at the new plan.

Yes, that worked out SO well for the former USSR.

is the guy in the background flipping her off?

meanwhile, back at the village:

Yes, she can: Palin has a shot at the presidency
By Matthew Dowd
Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Considering the frequency with which this woman lies, it’s really not news when she does. You could devote this entire website to her lies (although I believe that is currently being handled by Andrew Sullivan).

Now, when and if she decides to tell the truth about something, that, my friends, will be newsworthy.

@Capt Howdy:

Nope, those are turkey feet. That’s from her ill-considered press shoot pardoning a turkey in front of a giant turkey-bleeding station.

Video here

@flippin eck:
apparently not. no memory of that at all. and I am ok with that.
I guess I was not paying much attention to her last thanksgiving.
those were the days.

I think Ill pass on the video. but thanks

@Capt Howdy: Shorter Dowd: “Don’t be yourself.”

@Capt Howdy:

The best bit is about 30 seconds in, where she talks about being “friend to all creatures, great and small”. Methinks the wolves shot from the helicopter might disagree with that description a bit…

in this case probably sage advise.

all creatures great and small. right next to the mashed potatoes.


I liked this part:

You don’t need to “tweet” quite so much.

I instantly thought of this T shirt

@Capt Howdy: Sorry if that came off harsh. I lose perspective because we’ve been obsessing over Talibunny ’round these parts since she was just an obscure beauty queen GILF.

@flippin eck:

looking back it is a little hard to see how I missed that.

@Mistress Cynica: I’m with Charlie Rangel on this. If Hopey wants to surge in Afghanistan, than bring back the fucking draft, no exceptions, for boys and girls ages 18-30, to get some fresh blood to spill for oil and natural gas and nationalistic chest-beating. I’m sick and fucking tired of the poors and the blacks and the browns being sent overseas and have their minds and bodies broken for a bunch of asshole rich white chickenhawks who are helping their buddies’ corporations get rich off of these wars.

Support our troops, my ass. Have any of these assholes who are so eager to throw exhausted soldiers into the maw ever had 3 am phone calls with a sobbing 22 year old whispering into a phone from the Kunar Province of Afghanistan about seeing his friend blown to bits on the road in front of him?? I have, unlike the chickenhawk warmongers, and it’s not something you easily forget.

@SanFranLefty: A friend posted on FB the other day “I actually MISS Iraq.” My boy apparently is quite crazy.

@redmanlaw: I want to go home and have a martini, listen to a little James McMurtry, chop chestnuts for stuffing, and not think about the SURGE! or the Court of Appeal brief that is not writing itself.

Not crazy.

“The rush of battle is a potent and often lethal addiction, for war is a drug.”
quote from “War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning”

I highly recommend theChris Hedges’ book if you haven’t read it already.

Also recommend the movie “The Hurt Locker”.

@SanFranLefty: I can haz conscientious objector status plz?

@ManchuCandidate: War correspondents often get caught up in it and seek it out. I guess it’s a heightened state of existence. Hunting is like that, except that the prey in most cases is not trying to kill you unless you are going for what is called “dangerous game”.

Seriously, when you are in the woods moving without a sound, rifle at the ready, controlling your breathing, stopping with almost every step to look and listen for Mr. Mule Deer YOU ARE FUCKING ON. It is addicting and I love it.

@mellbell: Your Quaker is showing. Yes, you can be a TSA agent or AmeriCorps/Peace Corps worker instead.


Newsweek published the shirtless and wet Obama pap pic in its mag this week with the Palin quote calling their cover of her last week sexist and degrading.

@Jamie Sommers:

Noozweak: Now filling the void left by Weekly World News.


Or they may not have a brother who was once a somewhat functional member of society, but who’s now a broken-down, unemployed, PTSD-wracked alcoholic after spending 15 months in Iraq (unlike some of us, cough, cough).

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