The Aristocrats!

Flight of the Stumblebee.Propmaster Sarah Palin protects her children’s privacy like a stage mother:

Ahead, on my right, I saw the Alaska Right to Life (RTL) booth, where a poster caught my eye, taking my breath away. It featured the sweetest baby girl swathed in pink, pretend angel wings fastened to her soft shoulders.

“That’s you, baby,” I whispered to Piper, as I have every year since she smiled for the picture as an infant. She popped another cloud of cotton candy into her mouth and looked nonchalant: Still the pro-life poster child at the State Fair. Ho-hum.

Well, I still thought it was a nice shot, as I did every time I saw it on its advertisements and fund-raiser tickets.

We went hunting, but alas, we can’t find the Piper Poster online. But our favorite move remains shoving Bristol in front of the cameras as an abstinence advocate. We can’t wait until the kids hit 21, when they can write their own books.

Piper Palin, Superstar [Washington Independent]

She popped another cloud of cotton candy into her mouth and looked nonchalant: Still the pro-life poster child at the State Fair. Ho-hum.

But can she bevel?

This how the Lindsey Lohans of the world are made.

want to hear something hilarious. I posted a link to that Kill Obama tshirt in an open thread and they all started squawking and flapping about dare I suggest Palin would do such a thing.

you cant make this stuff up. seriously.

@Capt Howdy: Did you read the stuff she just came out with about Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories? She’s for ’em cos God told ‘er so.

You know, were I a producer, I would seriously be talking to her about playing Mammie Yoakum in a revival of L’il Abner. With Carrie Prejean as Daisy Mae. But who could play Abner?… Hmmm… T’is a puzzlement.

@Benedick: God told me she’s full of shit, and also to take my lovely and talented wife to lunch today.

but wait. I totally missed the part that she is opining about Israeli settlements.

god help us. seriously.

@redmanlaw: Good for you. Salutations to the distinguished Mrs RML.

@Capt Howdy: It’s part of that whole christocrat bullshit re Israel. That it is profoundly anti-semitic is the least repulsive aspect of it. You can read about it at I’d post a link but nojo doesn’t let me. He’s very strict. But having attended school in Limeyland I respond well to strictness and the occasional slippering.

These people should not be allowed to call themselves Christian. They shit on the very central ideas of the faith, that which made it revolutionary and makes it precious now. And I write that as an atheist.

@Benedick: I think she and Prejean and Bristol should do a three way film. “Mommy! Mommy! Jesus wants you to sit on my face, doesn’t he?”

@Capt Howdy:

“but wait. I totally missed the part that she is opining about Israeli settlements.

god help us. seriously.”

as if there was one to help. cap’n, i just spent 8 months in jerusalem.
winks won’t get her past airport security there., but i agree. her opining about the middle east is like my dog explaining string theory.
(my dog is really dumb)

abner: max baer jr.
is he still alive?

@baked: I have no idea. I was thinking more that Cheyenne Whatisname who’s in the revival of How’s your Father.

Oh, and your dog may be dumb but at least he’s pretty.


people say that to him about me all the time.

@baked: Jethro is alive and well and wearing a really bizarre mustache in his home in Vegas.

Nakey hockey boy is Abner, of course.


you know way too much about what goes on in vegas. or do you actually look these things up?

@baked: Thank you for that. You made me laugh a lot after a somewhat stressful reading of the Post.

I know, I hear you cry “But why? Why would anyone read the Post?” Well, it was one of those seductive linquey-clickey things that noje won’t let me do. And like a fool I clicked on it and was treated to a long admiring piece (written in the most atrocious style imaginable) about some self-proclaimed ‘bishop’ in DC wailing on same-sex marriage. One expects that nowadays – they got to raise cash somehow – but one does not expect to see such a person treated with such open admiration in the Post. So of course I had to write to them because I don’t have enough on which to waste my time. I now believe that the arguments being used against gay men and women are most like old-fashioned anti-semitism and the nonsense beng spouted on the right is our equivalent of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. That insight and ten dollars might buy me a martini.

@Benedick: Didja see the Politico article quoting a Palin supporter in Michigan saying he lurves her because she will “put the homos back in the closet?”

Oh, oh, I have discovered something fabulous, please, a question on taste, and home decorating, I have to ask you, how can I not buy this wonderful thing:

@Prommie: That’s the stuff of nightmares.

It most likely comes alive at certain conjunctions of moon and stars and rips the throat out of men with a single male child while they sleep. That’s just the vibe I get. Could be mistaken.

Thanks for the heads-up on Politico. I’ve had sufficient homoizing for one day.


an X of mine had a stuffed Whippet in a glass case. I wouldnt let him keep in in the house.

a piece of its tail had broken off and was laying on the bottom of the box.


@Benedick: A shame they couldnt mount Baer’s dead ex.

about your purchase I think it would only work if you got the whole diorama in which it is displayed. the pipes the trash bag over the window the over crowded extension cord.

@Prommie: What a very sad story. I didn’t know it was possible to stand in that position.

@Capt Howdy: Good enough reason he’s an ex, I would imagine.

seriously. Whippets are not really attractive animals when they have not been dead for 30 years.

@Benedick: Sad story? Baer’s girlfriend’s suicide? The sad thing, the tragic thing, about that was, she shot herself in the chest; in the chest, I tell you; did you see that chest?

@Prommie: Wasn’t real. Tupperware, surely. So shooting herself there takes on some kind of almost tragic dimension: she got the funbags done but it still wasn’t enough.

@Benedick: I will cease with the faux insensitivity, its not fun, its not funny. Baer, by the way, is known to Vegas watchers because of his plans to open a Beverly Hillbillies themed casino, and I am not sure whether that is horrific, or somehow, perfect. The obvious witticism, of course, is “but I thought they all were.”

Now, to go on to the amazing beautiful miracle that is all existence and all life, the mere contemplation of which raises ones mind fromthe gutter and despair and brings back hope and meaning, get a load of these photographs, all microphotographs of cells and tiny creatures, and all amazingly beautiful, I recomend number three, a film of a cell doing some cell-related activity that boggles the mind:

how can you not be aware, when you get in your cups, we are laughable as an organism with talent, and despair so. the cells give you away.
come tour my garden, you’ll believe in a purpose. a purpose we cannot be aware of. watch the sun come up on silly creek or your westies smile, and believe.

on the other hand, let’s compare to your average human. i will never forget JAMIE’s contribution yesterday. oh how i wish they would have outlawed all marriage. that made my day. if you are reading this you are a moron.
can i get that on a bumper sticker?

@Prommie: I thought it so sad that she was still alive when the police got there and was conscious enough to be able to tell them she shot herself. Made me think of Joe Orton who was bludgeoned to death by his lover who then took an overdose and died first. After being hit repeatedly in the head with a hammer I can only hope that Orton wasn’t conscious.

And hey! Beautiful images and such as. Now I’ll never get any work done. Did you look at Howdy’s link to Mandlebulds yesterday? Also really kewl.

i LOVE the post! i’m looking forward to the men in black 3 to be reading it for leads.

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