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The car represents the economy.

SMU unveils plans for the Bush Library, featuring a “Freedom Plaza” at the entrance:

The George W. Bush Presidential Center will tip its hat to the former president’s home state, from the Texas limestone and pecan wood paneling inside the complex to the wildflowers, bluebonnets and prairie land outside.

“I applaud the work… in designing a building and landscape that will capture the dignity of the office of the presidency, while at the same time being warm and welcoming to visitors,” former President Bush said. “Laura and I were thrilled with the plans.”

We’re sure the design is lovely, but we still prefer our original artist’s conception, which included rolls of the Constitution conveniently provided in all visitor restrooms.

Bush presidential library at SMU has distinctive Texas flair [Fort Worth Star-Telegram]

Nice looking outside – too bad once you get inside, all words in the books have been crossed out with black marker. Well, the ones that aren’t coloring books, anyways…

a building and landscape that will capture the dignity of the office of the presidency

which god knows needs to be recaptured after 8 years of you douche bag.

The first ever library that doesn’t have any books?

They have prairie land in Connecticut? Who knew ….

TJ for Chainsaws’ ever-growing Taser File: 10-year-old girl Tasered by Arkansas cop after mom gives cop permission to do it. Hello, Child Protective Services!

@blogenfreude: As a native Texan, I thank you for that comment.

@SanFranLefty: The accent was fake, the chimp walk was fake, and the ranch was a prop.

Is it too late for to submit its own design proposal for a Jeff Gannon Pavilion?

I thought that was pictured. it would just need a urinal.

I’m consoled by the fact that the construction budget will spiral wildly out of control by at least a billion dollars, which will then bankrupt the donors and leave them giving blowjobs for cash at the Dallas bus station.

Or–as the Republicans call it–“Thursday night.”

@FlyingChainSaw: Larry Craig needs a urinal named after him. Also – The Mark Foley Children’s Library.

Speaking of Texas, did the anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment passed by voters outlaw ALL marriages?

Way to go, jackass Republicans in the Lege, with your poorly written proposition.

Stinquey Lawyers, weigh in!

@SanFranLefty: Yeah. They done screwed up. This is what they should have written:

“Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state.”

What they wrote defines marriage in subsection (a) and then declares it invalid in subsection (b).


ADD: Oh shit. I think this makes me a bastard now if that status can be considered retroactive. Ex post facto bitch, if you will.

@Jamie Sommers: No retroactivity unless the legislative body included such a provision in the law. You still legal.

@redmanlaw: I’m strangely disappointed by that news.

@Benedick: “(Deprivation of ) Liberty and (In)Justice for All!”

Wow, the most secretive admin in history, and here is there library. W being who he is, this will be the first library in history dedicated to hiding papers and records and preventing access to them.

This goes back, but when Bush left office as Tejas guv, there was a minor too doo over the fact that he, apparently illegally, took steps to sequester all his gubernatorial records by finding a friendly custodian.

Is this why its SMU? Because these are the people he trusts to go along with his plans to have a show-library, while actually using it to prevent access to the documents?

@Jamie Sommers: Kinda like the time I found out that I’m not a bastard just because my parents’ marriage was annulled. The Catholics, they think of everything!

@Promnight: To their credit, the faculty at SMU were pretty opposed to the lie-berry being placed in their midst.

@Jamie Sommers: I was hoping to send out a message to my born-again classmates from grade school that they were no longer married and that Baby Jeebus was crying about their bastard children. Glad your interpretation of the amendment matches mine. I remember that a group was pointing this discrepancy out but they were denounced as trying to “confuse” voters.

I’d rather be doing something much more fun than visiting the Bush Lie-berry…

Like having my fingernails ripped out in Falluja.

@mellbell: Give the church a miniscule amount of credit, they do not blame the children for their parents’ issues.

I am so sorry to hear that about your parents, though, annulment is so hard core, a complete repudiation that it was ever a marriage, yikes. But for those who feel they truly need the church’s approval for such things, its something they do so they can remarry and still be real catholics.

I hope it wasn’t ugly, for your sake, so sad.

@Promnight: The old school Old Testament blames the kids “unto the third and fourth generation.”

@SanFranLefty: I SOO wish I had fundie friends who were married in Texas, cuz I would totally be preparing condolence notes on behalf of all their little bastards right now.

@flippin eck: I’m fighting every urge right now. You’re not helping. But composing those notes to them, bless their hearts, would be so damn enjoyable.

@Promnight: It was, or so my siblings tell me, but I was too young to know what was going on.

@flippin eck: I haz a massive sad. Even Marx said “religion is the opiate of the masses, and the heart in a heartless world.” People leave out the second part, and they also gloss over the fact that opiates were, at the time he wrote, not considered bad, they were considered a miracle drug that alleviated suffering. But thats all beside the point, religion is peripheral to my sad.

I haz a massive sad because I just watched some mainstream TV press reporting on the progress of the Palin-Joan of Arc world tour, and saw some interview footage of people explaining why they lurves the Palin.

Its the stupid that has me all sad. The fucking stupid, the blazing raging stupid, the stupid, like a force, entropy, just amazing, incredible stupid, in such numbers.

Ron White said it, you can’t fix stupid.

And a sad revelation I had. The stupid is good at opposition. The worst combination on earth is riled up angry stupid. Stupid and hate can’t push forward a positive agenda, they can’t make what they want happen. They are too stupid, and besides, they don’t know what they want, can’t articulate it, thats for sure. But they are great at opposing smart. They are just amazingly good at opposition, hating, and frothing against things they don’t understand, for reasons they don’t even understand.

Anyone still interested in an Ark? Or maybe will some place in europe take us in?


Unfortunately, Europe’s not exactly short of stupid either – witness the ridiculous police-state nonsense going on in Britian, or the “three strikes” measure they’re trying to get the whole EU to pass.

Honestly, given the other signs of the teabaggers turning into the brownshirts of the future, Palin scares me a little. She’s the kind of candidate that gets selected as a nominee over the objections of the adults in the room, whose supporters aren’t afraid to start torching polling places in unfriendly precints.

In short, she could end up the face of fascism in America.

RE: the Texas marriage amendment – that’s what you get when you have knuckle-dragging fundamentalist mouthbreathers writing shit into your constitution. I’d have been only marginally more surprised if they somehow managed to misword it so that ONLY gay marriage was legal. Would you let a mechanic work on your car if he didn’t believe in the laws of physics? Same deal here – people who don’t believe in representative government shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the levers of democracy.


Mr. SFL and I were discussing the concept of an Ark tonight, due to some really stressful shit I’ve been going through and our horror about the hand basket in which our country is traveling. What’s the going price on a small cruise ship? What’s the monthly outlay for staff/gas/repairs? How do we make any income, besides off-shore hydroponic pot growing? JNOV won’t be able to knit sweaters fast enough to keep us in gas, so how can we supplement that?

@Promnight: When cannibal anarchy descends and the stupid are beseeching their gods for deliverance, you can be comforted by the fact that theirs will be the first soft skulls that the vast swarms of starving neonazi militia will sing their teeth into.

we will figure it all out. necessity being the mother of invention and such.
in my mind, it isn’t even a joke. i genuinely fear for my loved ones in the the not too distant future. what kind of world will my baby grandson inherit?
humans are crafty, the upside to the pesky reptilian brain we suffer with. if nothing else, we will sail, stinquers, we will sail the ss molly ivens and produce musicals and find a way. you betcha.
anyone mind the skull and crossbones flag? you understand we will be pirates, right?
@Jamie Sommers:
that might be the funniest thing i read today. (wording making all marriage illegal…helarious. your government at work folks!)

Hey, kids, count me in on the ark. Will werk 4 fud.

@karen marie: The best prospects I have been seeing are research vessels in the 200 foot range, kinda spartan but often got for less than a million and could house maybe 15-20 families. There are some nice old cruise ships in the 4 to 5 million range, with literally hundreds of cabins.

I would know nothing of costs, lots and lots of diesel, is what it comes down to.

if only we could get bill murray!!!!!!

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