Fox Holds Telethon to Hire New Video Librarian

As you can see from the clip, Fox News invited Sarah Palin to fire up the volunteers manning their phone banks—

Hold on… The audio’s now coming in, and apparently it’s Gregg Jarrett saying how Palin is “continuing to draw huge crowds while she’s promoting her brand new book. Take a look at — these are some of the pictures just coming into us. There’s a crowd of folks—”

Wait, wait… our producer now tells us that the footage we’re seeing is actually campaign B-roll from 2008, used to illustrate today’s large crowds.

Won’t you please give generously? Fox can’t get their library catalogued soon enough.

Fox News displays old campaign footage to claim Palin is getting ‘huge crowds’ at her book signings [Think Progress]

Update: Fox reports…

“This was a production error in which the copy editor changed a script and didn’t alert the control room to update the video,” Michael Clemente, senior vice president of news at FOX, sad this evening. “There will be an on-air explanation during Happening Now on Thursday.”

…you decide.

FOX rolls wrong video, heads may roll [Chicago Tribune]

Faux reminds me of a more malevolent yet hapless raging Anti-commie Les Nessman as he builds up the “suspense” and over does describing the crowd coming to see the infamous Turkey Drop.

First they have to find a qualified librarian who is A) straight and B) conservative. Good luck with that. My profession is alternative lifestyle central.

Okay, friends, I don’t broadcast it, but, my job involves consumer protection law, as of right now, my greatest expertise in life is cooking, coming a close second, consumer fraud class actions. I am on the wrong side, I am not a litigator, just a policy maven, but I know all the ins and outs. I have to analyze class action trends, and the coolest thing is, I know the arcana better than most of the plaintiffs lawyers, and if I ever get the boot, I have several class action theories in my back pocket I can retire on.

Someone’s gotta sue these fuckers at Fox. This is fraud.


Hm. Speaking as a layman, wouldn’t you have to prove some kind of ill intent or the intent to procure some illegal gain for such a suit to go forward?

In general, I would hope so.

And if that is so, wouldn’t that particular bit – the intent- be nearly impossible to prove?

Seriously, after Stewart nailed Hannity for just this sort of thing, you’d think these douchebags would be more careful.

I fully expect Fox to show us stock footage of the Neuremberg rallies next time it does a report on a Palin book signing:

And here comes Sarah Palin now, descending through the clouds in her Junkers JU52… and here she is now being greeted by crowds of enthusiastic young blond girls in pigtails… and now she’s addressing her fans in this massive, massive stadium

@Serolf Divad: Victory of Faith and Triumph of the Will indeed.

Update above: Fox blames a production error. But you already knew that.

@nojo: Fox News’ entire existence is a production error.

Fox is espectacular. It is to news what CH 41 soaps are to Heartbreak House. We don’t need to sue them. You think most people don’t know what they are? They have a tiny market. They are the unpopular PBS.

Please. The only reason we spend so much energy on Fox is because the rest of the newspack wants a day off and so reposts nonsense from Hannity et al. They mean nothing.

Today’s big story is the police raid on NYT plus other fishwraps. It seems that the mafia is in control of the print room. Oh noes. If you’re gonna rip the corruption out of the print room don’t stop there. Go ahead and bring down the theatre reviewers too. Then go after the restaurant reviewers. The NYT is a sink of incompetencecorruption.

I’d pay a dollar to see Talibunny fly into a rally in an ME262 and have sex with a moose in an airplane hangar as long as I get to sit in the plane and take pictures of the bestial encounter. How can we inform her of this important opportunity?

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