She Will Never Go Away


Villager Mark Halperin has a list of things in Sarah Palin’s “book” – I’m more interested in what’s not in it:

* Don’t look for hefty policy prescriptions.

* Once source who has seen  “Going Rogue” says it does not include an index.  That would give Palin a subtle revenge on the party’s Washington establishment, whose members tend to flip to the back pages and scan for their own names. If they want to know what Sarah Palin has to say about them, they will have to buy the book—and read the whole thing.

More proof she’s just a grifter ….

What’s In Sarah Palin’s Book [Time]

Wait till she starts her own Reality Series: Hockeymoms of Wasilla.

@IanJ: I can only think they’re trying to avoid the tax issue.

I’m inclined to agree with Benedick.

How do you spell Angel Mormoni? M. O. N. E. Y.

From TFA: “written in Palin’s own voice, despite the involvement of a collaborator”

The ghostwriter should get an award if this is true – it’s pretty hard for a normal, sane person to channel teh crazee and teh stoopid simultaneously at the levels required to accomplish this.

And hey, if there were *really* 2 million people at the 9/12 rally, the 400k copies for the publisher to break even should be no problem, right? :)

@Benedick in mourning: @ManchuCandidate: Ok, but if that’s the case, why is any involvement in politics acceptable? I thought it was involvement, not just anti-gay-rights involvement.

@IanJ: I like it. Maybe we should start talking coalition with the Family Research Council to demand the revocation of their tax status.

@al2o3cr: If the book truly reflects Palin’s voice, it will consist of one 400-page sentence.

Is Halperin unaware of Amazon’s Search Inside!™ (the exclamation mark is trademarked, seriously) feature? I mean, it’s available for Renegade and True Compass, just to name some recent political non-fiction (though it’s perhaps generous to characterize her book as non-fiction).

Mark Halperin is a huge bag of douche.

OK, here is a serious question for youse stinquers in the journalism and having access to the corridors of power: Is this puff piece in good faith? Does Halperin really admire, like, Palin? How, how can any intelligent person find anything redeeming about Palin, she is all thats worst in both our popular and our political culture. Her statements, every one she ever made, are meaningless, as Wittgenstein would define that. She does not think rationally, she is one whose thinking is “magical.” Say the symbolic words (precious freedoms, take back our country, family values) and they have no rational meaning, they are magical incantations which evoke emotional states, they are not discourse, they are not, well, they are not anything, they are shit.

Are there professional journalists on Halperins level who think this shit has value, is in any way a reality based position, worthy of credit and consideration as being in any way relevant to the realities of the world and the issues of how to govern and what to do, in the real world, with legislation and governing?


Honestly, I can’t figure out the end-game for our nation’s establishment nooz editors.

They keep treating totally insane psychopaths like Palin and her ilk in Congress as if they were leaders with actual policy differences, while they simply spout nonsense and hateful lies.

It must be a complete mystery to them why their noozpapers and magazines are failing.

@Promnight: @Original Andrew: It’s a total mystery. It’s impossible that they take her seriously unless one is viewing the political life of the country as Sport. She then becomes a cheerleader – which is, of course, all she is, as was Bush – which seems to be widely regarded as a role with merit. Do O’Reilly and Limbaugh, really believe the stuff that comes out of their mouths? I have no clue. They’re like that Arthur Kade guy: is it a hoax? Is he for real? Almost impossible to know.

@IanJ: I think the anti-gay stuff took them national. They are usually content with organizing Utah’s politics. The anti-gay campaign got them much more attention and, perhaps, scrutiny. Of course they shouldn’t meddle at all but one of the organizing principles of their faith is community which inevitably means politics.

I just had a epiphany listening to Tweety drone on while I fed the dogs about how Palin is some kind of female Reagan. so sick of hearing this btw. Palin is no more the female version of Reagan than I am. thats obvious. but the horror that just dawned on me is that Palin IS the female equivalent of George Bush. and lest we forget George won the same number of terms in the WH as Ronnie did.
Im frightened.

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