Facebiter Bachmann & Fox News Calling Out Brownshirts to Storm Congress and Kill the Health Insurance Reform Bill

Batshit Insane Bachmann Goes on NaziNews to Call Out Brownshirts to Terrorize Congress

Batshit Insane Bachmann Goes on NaziNews to Call Out Brownshirts to Terrorize Congress

Barkingly insane, facebiting fucktard Michele Bachmann (R-Cookoo’s Nest) went on Fox News to howl commands to the GOP methhead militia to attack Congress tomorrow in order to ensure that health insurance rates continue to increase by 20% per quarter and that Americans can experience the joy of having their coverage canceled after decades of premium-paying for belching loudly after a meal. Ha. Haha. Hahahahahahahahaha.

Psychobitch Bachmann announced the brownshirt assault she is planning for tomorrow on the Gretchen Carlson festival of hate and rage today on Fox News. The twisted Congresswench from Minnesota stared at the camera with quivering eyes and her demented grin and commanded her shock troops to storm legislators’ offices at High Noon tomorrow, “look at the whites of their eyes of their members of Congress and say, don’t you remember? I told you don’t take away my health care!’.”

The cackling hyena from Minnesota attempted to dress this up in the usual ultra-rightest psychobabble, in order to make it appear more like the same old snarling rhetoric, instead of the clear call to violence to advance the psychoconservative nihilist agenda of transforming America in a 3rd world theocratic dystopia, ruled by jesufascists and gangland industrialists. The NewsHound people characterized her lathering rave precisely.

“This is the Super Bowl of Freedom this week because socialized medicine is the crown jewel of socialism. This will change our country forever,” Bachmann continued, in what sounded like a reading from a well-rehearsed script. “Socialism?” Even if you believe that the Public Option will set us on the slippery slope to a single-payer system, all that means is we will end up like Canada, or Germany, or much of the rest of the industrialized world. But Bachmann wanted us to Be afraid. Be very afraid.

This hillbilly freak is clearly hoping her methhead militia will cause all manner of mayhem and murder tomorrow, which should earn her the censure of her peers. However, as this is unlikely given the general spinelessness of the Democratic legislators, regardless of their majority, Stinque.com will have to respond to Bachmann’s call for thuggish assaults on Congress with some Stinquing fucking activism of its own.

Just to remind Bachbitch what a horror life is for people who have been raped and sent into homelessness by a financial sector (yes, the health insurance business is risk management, so that’s their slot) allowed to run fucking wild, abandoning all consideration of underwriting quality and human decency, do take the opportunity to drop by her office tomorrow.

If you’ve been made homeless or living in transitional quarters – like your car or a friend’s sofa – or know someone who has been – remind this cackling psychopath that increasing numbers of people don’t get to shit inside a house they can call her own because of her brand of lunatic laissez-faire psychocapitalism.

Take a savage dump on her desk and tell her to enjoy the Stinque.

Fuck you, Michelle, you neonazi ballsack sucker!


Strangely enough, her Chief of Staff quit today.

@ManchuCandidate: Yes, I saw. You think she wants to be around when the meth head militia shows up and gets angry that Bachmann won’t blow them and starts shooting?

@JNOV: It’s a picture from her freshman year in Congress.

I will disgree on one thing, FCS, the medical insurance industry is not in the financial sector, and its not really insurance, either.

It is a monster that has taken over healthcare, that now controls all access, and all pricing for healthcare, it has taken over the practice of medicine, and taken over the people’s access to medical care. It has become simply a middleman, a re-seller of health care, taking its 40% skim off the top of every dollar spent on health care. And because it controls who gets paid and for what, it controls everything, the power of the purse.

My take on it is a story of mission creep, slow incremental change which happened slowly enough that noone noticed that what had truly been an insurance product, became something completely different, and difficult to describe, but it sure isn’t insurance anymore.

I remember back in the good old days, the 60s, when one had “major medical” or “hospitalization” coverage. That was insurance, it covered major, unpredictable, costs, beyond what one could afford to pay out of pocket. One paid for the occasional doctor visit occasioned by the random minor illness out of pocket. That was possible because an office visit cost $20.00.

That was in the day before lifestyle illnesses and eternal prescriptions.

It almost seemed as if the medical insurance industry and the pharma industry developed into what they are today in some kind of symbiosis. The med insurors must have seen that they were making a profit off of major medical, why not expand to all medical, and take a cut of every dollar spent. The doctors, and pharma, saw a source of funds, and came up with chronic illnesses, and chronic prescriptions, so as to milk the coverage everyone now had. Now you see the doctor on a regular schedule, because he has to monitor your high cholesterol, your restless leg syndrome, your whatever one takes prilosec for, your erections, your vaginal moistness, so he could re-prescribe the prescriptions that, once you started them, you had to take forever, instead of the good old days, when you got a prescription when you were sick, and stopped taking it when you got better.

Everyone demanded better coverage, so they could afford chronic care and eternal prescriptions, and the inusrance companies thrived, big pharma thrived, employers and those paying their own insurance costs were squeezed, and doctors were squeezed, so that they had to become care factories to make money.

About the same time, what had once been a non-profit medical insurance industry (blue cross was once nonprofit, remember?) became a for profit industry, and hospitals, too, most all of which were once non-profits, built with public and charitable money, were all somehow turned over to money-making operations. Gee, this have anything to do with rising costs?

We still think of an old-fashioned idea of health care, going to the doctor when you are sick, taking a pescription until you get better.

Its turned into a medical industry dominated by the med insurance industry and pharma, and all research now seems to be focused on inventing new chronic ailments that require 6 times a year doctor visits and eternal prescriptions, and thus, now everyone needs “insurance” justs to live, and the “insurance” industry controls what care is given, and what is not, while the pharma industry is constantly engaged using the best minds in medicine in coming up with new ailments to treat forever.

Its not medicine anymore, I don’t know what it is. All I do know is that while we spend 100 times more than we did when I was a lad, we live about 2 years longer.

The only good thing is, I have a drawer full of unused Lortab prescriptions, and oxycodone prescriptions, enough for Rush Limbaugh to have a good weekend. I have xanax and even methamphetamine for my ADD, I am living like Elvis, under this great new system, back in his day, you had to have a crooked doctor on full time retainer to have such an array of chemicals to take you up and bring you down.

@JNOV: I think that image on t-shirts could raise some major coin for Stinquey servers.

Inspired by my fellow Stinquers, this was my original comment on the “Superbowl of Freedom” line:

“She’s right – it’s just like the Super Bowl. A totally artificial spectacle, bought and paid for by massive corporate interests!”

BTW, good job whoever hit the switch on the new sidebar ads. Eddie Izzard and Afro Samurai seem a considerable improvement over the SarahPAC drivel that was there before. :)

I know in her heart of hearts, she wants Michelle Obama to sit on her face.

@FlyingChainSaw: Uh. Eww? I was talking about the World Series which we just lost. But if you could get some Yankee faces to cave in, I’m all for that!

@JNOV: Only if we get to cave their faces with D cells

Hey guys – just squeezed in a day of deer hunting out in “Red Dawn” Country out east of Las Vegas NM. I was thinking today up on the mountain how glad I was not to hear the phrase “referendum on Obama.” Now I have to prepare for spending tomorrow on the local judicial nominating commission. I’m the governor’s rep, so I can’t look like an idiot. I’ll catch up later.

@Promnight: No kidding. Quoth the adorably wonky Ezra Klein:

There is a simple explanation for why American health care costs so much more than health care in any other country: because we pay so much more for each unit of care. As Halvorson explained, and academics and consultancies have repeatedly confirmed, if you leave everything else the same — the volume of procedures, the days we spend in the hospital, the number of surgeries we need — but plug in the prices Canadians pay, our health-care spending falls by about 50 percent.

Wish I could embed images, because those charts tell the whole story.

Her insanity is truly breathtaking. She is openly organizing a riot. TPM has a report from someone who listened in to the conference calls con ducted yesterday to “organize” this thing. She went on Fox and she breathless and gleefull, so excited at this mob she is fomenting and how they plan to “storm” Congress. Thats her word, “storm.” Jesus, this is insane.

@Prommie: Yeah, she is so fucked she is impossible to hyperbolize.

@FlyingChainSaw: “A man with a bullhorn is calling for a sit-in at Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office in the Cannon Building, at 1:45 p.m., to read the 1,900 page bill aloud page by page. “We’re going to have a sit-in,” the man declared. ”

There are 2 or 3 thousand; they are insane and/or very stupid, and angry, and I am certain some are armed.

This could very well be it, FCS, the Bunker Hill of the war for cannibal anarchy.

@Prommie: It is exactly what she wanted. Next she has to figure out how to blame the Democrats when one of her Democratic colleagues is gunned down by one of the meth head militiamen.

It is not legal to “occupy” the capital, or a congressional office, disrupt the work going on, and refuse to leave, yet this seems to be their intent. This could be bad, and not because some people are gonna get tazed, this could get bad because if these people are not all severely beaten with truncheons and gassed with mace and hauled off to jail, then tomorrows “rally” will be worse, and the one after that will be worse. Seriously. Sure, noone is going to let this turn violent, but the only way to keep it from turning violent will be to allow it, to allow this fucking crazy carnival of fucktards to have their way, and conduct a “sit in” of the speakers office. And if they get away with this, they will just do it again,. and again with more and more of the raving, until it finally does become necessary to shoot their fucking asses.

The fucking hippies may have tried to levitate the pentagon, but they were not allowed to invade the speakers office, not ever, they would have been shot.

@Prommie: Bachmann and the methhead militia is betting on one of their neomedievalists getting killed or killing someone and being ‘illegally indicted for murdering a terrorist’ (read a Democratic member of Congress) in order to produce a martyr and a figurehead for their cult of fear, hate and rage.

@Prommie: If they could find one that was as articulate and engaged as Wessel, sure. Likely, they’ll end up with a meth head who will stand trial for firing, say, a flare gun or throwing a molotov in a Democratic legislator’s office and killing someone and hold 24 hour vigils around the courthouse, decrying the prosecution of a ‘super patriot whose only crime is killing a commie!’

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