Team Sarah Reporting for Duty

Yes, we watched all six hours of the Python doc.

Nancy Pelosi is expected to release the House version of the death panel healthcare bill this morning, and the good folks at Team Sarah are ready to crowdsource pages 1 through 1880 for signs of socialism. “Please ONLY report items that are truly egregious or Red Flags,” the leaders remind the troops, and for assistance, they’ve provided the following taxonomy of egregiousness:

  • rationing
  • privacy
  • ethics
  • quality of care
  • educational
  • abortion
  • military/guns
  • immigration
  • financial
  • other

We, of course, will follow our usual plan of action for momentous morning events: Sleep through it. But if you hear a strange noise coming from your computer, it’s probably Team Sarah “utilizing the ENTIRE INTERNET BLOGOSPHERE for maximum exposure to the American public.” Especially if they find the secret provision that keeps guns out of emergency rooms during immigrant abortions.


There are people on Team Sarah that can READ? Who’da thunk it?

I have a confession to make. (No, not that kind of confession, you perverts) I would call this a T/J but since it is of interest to me it surely must be the topic. Right? I was going to post this yesterday when there were remarks about the difficulty of getting rid of offensive ads. Which is when noje remarked that he got nothing from Google for hits. All this time I thought I might have been depriving him of income because I use Camino which can BLOCK ADS!!!!! Not everything, but almost. I mention this because others might want to give it a try. And we could always make it up to noje in other ways; eg, a special fund to get him the deluxe Sarah Brightman sings the complete music of Andrew Lloyd Webber boxed set on 54 CDs with liner notes by Elton John for example.

Oh, hey everybody: 3Q GDP is 3.5% WIN. Yay, Stimulus!

Good luck with that, Team Saruh Dumbasses.

I still think SaraPak sound like something you would apply to a hemorrhoid

TJ: Man opens fire on people arriving for morning prayers at LA synagogue. Naturally I see this story two minutes after getting an email from the Southern Poverty Law Center asking for a donation to pay for increased security for the staff because of the uptick in death threats against their attorneys.

if you want a giggle check out the bunched panties I caused over at talkcleft by ragging on Palin (and linking here)


pumas live

@SanFranLefty: Tommcatt, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you!

@SanFranLefty: That is totally fucked up.

/back to work on appeal response

btw – won a big tribal court child custody case against a former tribal chairman in Montana today. Martinis tonight. Justice for mom!

@redmanlaw: That’s great – congrats! Maybe even a stogie?

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches:
Jesus? I thought you went for Asian guys, not Latinos.
/tip your waitress, two drink minimum

Check the sandbox. I’m in your neck of the freeways in a few weeks. We need to have an El Ay Stinque-Up.

Oh yes we do, particularly since I missed the last one.


Bet that makes up for not bagging a turkey. Serioiusly, though, congrats….

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches:

hey was it you who said you were a horror fan?

see horror comment

especially wondering if you have seen Let the Right One In.

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