Hell Freezes Over

Nittany pickers.We’re sure that State College, Pennsylvania, is a wonderful town, and its parking-lot parties are almost as fun as the Stinque Tailgate, but when six inches of snow obliterates 20,000 parking spaces for the Penn State-Minnesota game, we just can’t help ourselves.

Then again, maybe their parties are more fun, what with the local Fox affiliate calling them “infamous tailgating”. Perhaps that drunk-driving “risking catastrophe” incident last month has something to do with it.

Tailgating banned at Penn State after snow buries several lots [USA Today]

pfffft. Folks on Mt. Nittany are always clamoring for a “whiteout” to dazzle their opponents, they finally get one from Pa Nature and tailgating shuts down?

BTW – Lefty, Jamie, et. al.: WTF with the Horns? They’re D seems to have more holes in it today than Strykly cheese. They better score on this set of downs…

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: This is the one day of the year when I pull for Oklahoma. Boomer Sooner!!

@Mistress Cynica: Well, UT most certainly is not playing like a #3 team. Oh, there’s Bevo!

this game has been an absolute joke. this is what happens when OU is beat to hell from injuries (no Bradford or Gresham) and Texas decides not to play anyone serious out of conference.

6 inches of snow? I smirk at you, State College.

In other news, Purdue upsets THE Ohio State University. Apart from Iowa — stick a fork in the Big Eleven, for they are done.

@chicago bureau: Hey you. We haz the sad that you missed our stinque-up last night! I saw your message–apology accepted, but work is hardly an excuse to miss drinking with fellow stinquers! I’ll be sure to hound you for next week’s meet-up with SFL!

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: I couldn’t begin to tell you. I have a tendency not to closely watch the RRR anyhow due to years of heartbreak. Today, however, my excuse is that my real alma mater’s game is being shown on the teevee so that’s what I’m watching. Should give the network a boost to a whopping 1.4 rating.

I dunno nuthin’ bout US Sport, yet I know all ’bout English rugby star Ben Cohen.

Yessir, this one’s for you, cubbie!

Mrs RML’s Texas tech Red Raiders knocked the snot out of Nebraska, 31-10.

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