Out of Control

Diyup mashup:



Does it make me a bad person if, having watched this video, I’m now against any sort of FDA regulation of chewing tobacco? Fuck, let the megacorps sell these idiots dip mixed with fiberglass if it increases profits and CLEANS OUT THE GENE POOL.

@al2o3cr: I was thinking the same thing yesterday about those people (Glenn Beck et al.) who are against H1N1 vaccinations. Fine with me. Let’s let nature take its course and get rid of the whole lot.

Let the swine flu be the chlorination in the American gene pool.

In high school I ate a huge plug of dip for $10.00. Six hours and one bag of popcorn later, at the movie theater, I puked like I’ve never puked before in my life. Stuff was coming out my nose.

Lesson: there’s $10.00 to be made out there for the right entrepreneurial thrill seeker.

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