Meghan McCain is No Marge Simpson

Slurpees for all!

“All I am trying to be is a young, cool Republican woman for other Republican women,” Psychogeezer spawn Meghan McCain told Politico in April. Perhaps too cool:

Republican firebrand Meghan McCain’s skimpy pajamas have her conservative followers all atwitter, forcing the daughter of failed 2008 presidential candidate Sen. John McCain to apologize for posting a racy photo of her décolletage.

After linking the photo to her Twitter account Wednesday night, some of Meghan’s 60,000 followers didn’t care for the whacking material. She threatened to pull a Miley and quit tweeting, but ultimately decided to “apologize to anyone that was offended by my twitpic.”

Offended? Well, yes, anything that reminds us of Daddy’s pestorking prowess can do that.

Meghan McCain twitter photo backlash leads to apology [Daily News]

She didn’t even pop out of her top like Janet Jackson.

Sounds like some of those 60000 followers of her need to:
a) get some
b) get out of the closet and learn to like who they are
c) get some

ETA I’m no stylist, but that look isn’t Meg’s friend.

Is that black fingernail polish? Is girlfriend going goth on us?

@Pedonator: No goth girl worth her angst would wear a push up bra like that. My FSM, are her tits practically touching her ears?

Looks like she’s got that cadaver shit implanted in her top lip.


@JNOV: That too. Total trout lips. And did she snap this in the mirror with her camera phone, since the book’s wording is backwards?

@SanFranLefty: Right. Warhol and Edie are spinning in their graves.

@SanFranLefty: My understanding is that the built-in camera on Mac notebooks takes mirror image pictures like that.

What’s funny is the “slut shaming” going on over at the Jiz Jez over this teapot tempest. Amazing how only Democrats are entitled to their support for showing some bewbage.

@Jamie will regret that chorizo in the morning: WTF happened to Jez?

ADD: Yeah to the macbook camera thing.

@Jamie will regret that chorizo in the morning: @JNOV: I have a MacBook and had no idea. Too bad I don’t have bewbage or black fingernail polish.

@JNOV: Gawd, who knows? I skimmed most of it but there seemed to be a sizable portion of comments theorizing that she was basically asking for it because she posed in an outfit that didn’t come up to her neck and smiled like a whore.

@Jamie Sommers: Did Hortense weigh in? Or Anna or Dodai? They used to be pretty good at calling the commenters out on that bullshit. I haven’t been there in months, shit, probably over a year. I dunno. Something bizarre happened to that site.

@Jamie will regret that chorizo in the morning:

You know, I floated “Tempest in a D-Cup” over on the W, but nobody thought it was funny.


Excuse-moi, but why en le monde should anyone apologize for celebrating their lushalicious breasteses? Good FSM, 100% g-a-y here, and I can’t stop staring at those grande tetons.

Perhaps this is the next step in the Junior Anti-Sex Brigades’ “Sex is for FAGS!” campaign.

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches: That IS good.

Boobs are magical, wonderful things, and I should not have been surprised that Maghans were as mesmerizing as they all are.

Literally, mesmerizing, they overpower the will, turn men into living zombies.

I would love to see a film that shows the strippers’ view, in a strip club, of them men sitting in the seats right around the dance floor, the slack-jawed faces, empty of any thought or emotion except “boobies, boobies” repeating in their brains. Those who yell and holler are only resisting the power. Its in the dive strip bars where the dances take place in total silence from the audience, so absolutely rapt are they.

Its a good thing.

I thought it was Divine at first. How much is that doggy in the window ?

@SanFranLefty: It’s in Applications, a program called Photo Booth

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches: I think you’re fabulous and witty, darling. Don’t throw pearls before swine.

@SanFranLefty: Some speculate that the trout lips were caused by the effort of sucking in the throat-chin area, yaknowwadimean?

@Mistress Cynica: I could live on lentil soup, I really could. Beans are fantastic, but lentils are my favorite lentils because they cook in 20 minutes, unlike the hours required for other beans, and because, well, I notice no flatulent side effects from their consumption.

I love them all, the plain old grey supermarket lentils, the beautiful little green puy lentils, the split red lentils, all of them. I like them as a porridge, as a soup, with greens, onions, celery, and there must be ham, or even better, portuguese chouriso, but they also go with lamb and curry and yes, seafood, shrimp, especially, this is something I have discovered that I have not seen on any menus or cooking shows, shrimp love legumes, just a little, shrimp in a lentil, garlic, and saffron broth, here is the simplest way to put it, take raw shrimp, and pour your favorite lentil soup over the top, just to cover, in a baking pan, and put it under the broiler till the shrimp are done and the soup is delightfully browned, and then spoon onto a plate next to some Israeli couscous, lentils and pasta mix perfectly, too, oh, lentils, I love them so, almost as much as boobies.

@SanFranLefty: They are not all swine, over there. Half a dozen or so of us are frequent commenters, and you know well there are commenters who remain there that we would welcome. And Newell isn’t bad at all, he has an eye for irony and the less evident hypocracy, it flies over a lot of heads, but he can be good.

And the swine can throw out an occasional pearl themselves, I did steal the observation that Megs is sucking in her chin fat.

@Promnight: Newell isn’t bad at all, he has an eye for irony and the less evident hypocracy

As well as theft.

@nojo: I seem to recall commenting on that, yes? Jon Stewart seems to be too close for comfort, too, sometimes. But don’t doubt my loyalty, Nojo, I have followed you everywhere you have led, and always will.

@Promnight: Not merely commenting — you scouted it.

And hey, Jim’s definitely a nice kid. But that was the third heist that’s come to my attention, which makes me wonder how he gathers material for the rest of his posts.

Not that I read them. I only visit Wonkette when I’m curious whether their audience has died yet.

@Promnight: Too many asshole fratboys and I’m sorry, but any blog that has the first ten comments of ….


….I just can’t read it. Or I can only read “above the date” to quote someone. That’s why I can only peruse Above the Law once a week, whereas it was the Article III Groupie who introduced me to Brand W all those many years ago. (three? Haysus Cristo!)

@SanFranLefty: FIRST!!!!!111!!!

Has it come to that? Really?

nojo: Their audience will never die. I mean, our exodus annoyed Layne for all of fifteen seconds. And then he came with another Peggy Noonan joke.

He’s on a free roll, really. Ana Marie Cox built it, and he’s living off of what she created. Which is nice work if you can get it. There’s no need, thus, for creativity — if you can get pageviews, you can beat a horse to death. Also.

@nojo: Last time I checked. I think it was purged in the last round of executions. But the fact that you have to go to that step…

@chicago bureau: Hey, where have you been? Drinks at your place next Friday?

@SanFranLefty: If they acted, I’ll give them a pass. The Plague of Firsts can happen to anybody.

@Promnight: A good lentil soup recipe, please. Please.

@cassandra_said: What Prom wrote sounds delicious. I cook em with carrot and onion and celery and whatever. Use a veg or meat stock and finish with chopped parsley. There is a wonderful recipe for a lentil and goose soup in E David’s French Provincial Cooking and Claudia Roden has several spread across her books. I always go for the little green lentils that Prom mentions. But all of them are good. And the mess of pottage for which Esau sold his birthright – otherwise known as mjeddrah, served with yoghurt and cucumber sauce – is so delicious you will not be able to stop eating it. You will sell your birthright, too.

As to this person pictured above: why does everyone say she’s fat? She’s what used to be known as plump. It’s a state that has been popular with men since before Sport. Why is OK for Palin to display her ignorance but not OK for Megs to display her tits?

@cassandra_said: A whole onion, 2 or 3 stalks of celery, 2 or 3 carrots, all diced, and a piece of ham the size of a hockey puck, also diced, saute all this in a little oil in a pot, and when translucent, add a quart or 2 of say, chicken stock, and a pound of lentils, maybe. and cook till the lentils are tender but now mush. somewhere in the middle of that you can put in greens; kale or mustard greens or any old thing, I buy a lot of spring mix, and it always gets gooey before I use it all for salad, and you can throw that stuff into a soup by the handful any time at all. And yes, Benedick is right, parsley last, and salt and pepper, not much more needed.

Oh, a forgot the bay leaf, 2 bay leaves, in their from the beginning to the and, or if you are fussy, a whole bouquet garni.

Oh, and then there is lentil salad, green peppers and red onions and great quantities of parsely and a standard classic french vinaigrette (no relation whatever to supermarket Four Seasons or even Newman’s Own Vinaigrette) and oooo la la.

@Prommie: How would you do that without the animal protein? It sound delicious but I’m afraid it would be missing some flavor as a vegi version.

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches: I only do veggie. You don’t miss anything. Just use a vegetable stock and cook with veggies as Prom says. If you’re vegematarian check out mjeddrah. I am on my knees imploring you. It is one of the most delicious things you will ever put in your mouth. And if you don’t do dairy you don’t have to have the yoghurt sauce.

@Prommie: @Benedick: Thank you! I think I have that David’s French Provincial Cooking. Yaay! Heading over to the huge Indian market down the street from me tomorrow.

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