Mourning in America

It's the Twitpocalypse!

  • AP: “Miley Cyrus quits Twitter, deletes account”
  • MTV: “Miley Cyrus Deletes Her Twitter Account For Liam Hemsworth”
  • NJ Star-Ledger: “Miley Cyrus quits Twitter because of her boyfriend? Make your own decisions, Miley”
  • Sawf News: “Miley Cyrus: ‘I didn’t quit Twitter because my boyfriend told me to'”

  • People: “VIDEO: Miley Reveals Why She Quit Twitter – Through Song”
  • Reuters: “Miley Quits Twitter, Raps She’s ‘Done Tryin’ to Please'”
  • AP: “Billy Ray Cyrus urges Miley to return to Twitter”
  • Access Hollywood: “Billy Ray Cyrus’ Twitter Plea To Miley: ‘We R Countin On U'”
  • E! Online: “A World Without Miley Tweets Is a World Without Sunshine”
  • PC World: “Miley Cyrus Quits Twitter, World Ends”

Now that we’ve gotten Mylie off the intertubes, can we also kill Twilight?

My kidz are of the age to be fascinamacated with Miley. Her show is actually a decent update of the standard sitcom format – think “Roseanne” or “Three’s Company” – so for that I am grateful. But I can’t stand Billy Ray; I had to show them a clip of him doing “Achy Breaky” from the early 90s to illustrate the depth of my disgust. G’head, google it…

Ultimately, she might be worse than Parasite Hilton. Honest.

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