Levi’s Competition

D'oy vey!

Marge Simpson makes cover of Playboy [Reuters]

I suppose Lois Griffin came in second (even if you take out all the repeat votes from a Mr. Q. of Quahog).


Lois is way hotter. But this makes me smile, even if it is 10 years too late; way to go, Playboy, surfing the outwash of pop culture.

How low can playboy go?


Giggity to Lois. Or Wilma. Or Betty.

Nojo, couldn’t you get a pic of the centerfold?

@Pedonator: I just know that little minx has a passionate hot streak just waiting for the right man to set it free.

@Pedonator: Oh yes, good Xtian Ned is hungry for some hot man love.
TJ: May I vent? The houseguest from hell–a “friend” of Mr Cyn’s, i.e., some guy who hung out in a bar with him–arrived with 1 day’s notice on Wed to stay with us for A WEEK. He’s eating my granola directly from the container, and probably drinking milk straight out of the jug when I’m not looking. He’s using our car to tour around while we’re both at work, then we come home and cook for him or take him out to eat and he doesn’t so much as rinse a dish or even make a feint at picking up a check. Or put gas in the car. Then at dinner tonight he starts grousing about how hard it is to get a job when you have a felony conviction. Oh. My. God. I’m up in my bedroom because with him sprawled all over my chair, there’s nowhere to sit downstairs where I can put my legs up after a hard day. If I weren’t leaving for Seattle tomorrow, I’m afraid I’d snap. Thank you for listening.

@Mistress Cynica: Mr Cyn had better be a damn good fuck. Or have other astronomical redeeming qualities.

Some acquaintance is sprawled all over your chair? Time to brandish the whip, Mistress!

@Mistress Cynica: If I didn’t have a place to put up my legs after a hard day, well, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near me!

@Pedonator: Oh, he will owe me big time. You can believe I’m not washing a dish while the chair hog is here. Meanwhile my flexeril/xanax/dry rosé cocktail is kicking in and I’m feeling no pain.

@Mistress Cynica:

Perhaps we should break out the “medical” MJ instead of going to the Pike Place Market tomorrow ; )


Speaking of Ned, remember that bachelor vid that Homer made of Ned for a dating website? Everything below the washboard abs & bikini line area had to be pixelated because of his inappropriately gigantic !$%&.

@Original Andrew: A co-worker just posted some insane pictures of chocolate from a place called “Chocolopolis”—are you familiar? I could use a serious rush of chocolate endorphins right about now.

@Original Andrew: I always knew Ned was packing significant heat. He’s the very imprint for my occasional obsession with suburban Daddy pron. Xtian soldier creds are just bonus.

Playgirl can be gayer than eight guys blowing nine guys – I will totally ogle those pics of sweet, sweet redneck.

@RomeGirl: ‘Playgirl can be gayer than eight guys blowing nine guys’ may be the best thing I have ever read. Were I not so modest and reserved this may be my Facebook status for the rest of my life. As it is I think it will be my new favorite saying for a while…

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