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“Olympia Snowe has sold out the country,” fumed RedState’s Erick Erickson after she cast her “historic” vote for the heathcare bill that she promised to historically take back if needed. And to demonstrate the awesome fury of the base, he told everyone to buy a bag of rock salt from Amazon and ship it to her office. “It’s time to melt Snowe,” he said, after what must have been an exhausting pitch meeting.

Poor Erick. We think it’s time to show RedState some love, and our Amazon Kickback Link makes it convenient and fun. Here are a few gift suggestions we know they could use at the office.

Gift Purpose
towelie Crying Towel Prevent your bitter tears
from nourishing the souls
of your opponents
angry Anger Management For Dummies Don’t everybody reach for it at once.
Sharing is caring!
dopey Operation Who needs socialized medicine?
Learn how to do it yourself!

scary Sarah Palin Mask Get one of these for everyone
you know, and you’ll never have to
look at anyone else again!
leaky Depends Just in case you see someone
without a Palin mask
asplodey Scanners Watch somebody else’s head explode
for a change!
puppy! Pup Tent At the rate you’re going, you should be able to fit the entire Republican Party
into one of these next fall


Beautiful, NOJO, but don’t forget also:

The Temper Tantrum Book. No explanation needed.

How to Make Friends. Maybe if those Red Staters just had a friend they wouldn’t spend their days stewing in their idiocy. And a friend would surely take away their keyboards when they’re drunk with blind rage. Friends don’t let friends make an ass of themselves on the internets.

Atlas Shrugged OTOH, this is so much fun, why not egg them on to write more insane shit and make us all laugh even harder.

@Serolf Divad: I stumbled into a Borders last night after many post work coctails, and found myself face to face with Atlas Shrugged.

I think I may get one of those Palin masks for Ma Nabisco for, um, Halloween, yeah that’s it.

“Everyone Poops”, because eventually he and the rest of the Red State gang has to.

I get it!!!! Rock salt: snow melt – SnowE melt!!!!1!

Wow. I did not get that till now. How dumb am I?

Nojo, you bastard, the primulas. I’ve got ten in a flat outside waiting to be planted. I’ve managed to ignore them for a week or more but now there’s a pic on the screen I suppose I’ll have to go put them in.

I think a Chia Obama might be nice.
you could wrap it in this

@Serolf Divad:

Atlas Yawned

The sequel, in which the productive members of society return, set up a publishing house, then proceed to bore everyone to death with 1000 pages of exposition and pontification.

Society never recovers.

@Mistress Cynica: “And I suppose Jeffrey Dahmer was involved in dinner-time arguments” was awesome.

If only there were a way to harness the massive sanity/anti-sanity explosion that would occur if wingnutz ever came into contact with reality.

@Benedick: As usual, my shipment from White Flower Farm arrived at the worst possible time. The phlox have to be planted immediately, but the bulbs are just gonna have to wait.

@Mistress Cynica: We have snow. I look outside and it’s snowing. Alright, slight exaggeration: sleet. I look outside and it’s sleeting. I was going to plant bulbs and start the big clean up. That’s not gonna happen.

I recently called WFF to order a bunch of bulbs but the shipping was $54. In a mood of uncharacteristic thriftiness I went to our local (good) nursery and bought everything there. Apart from alliums and thalias. I might just have to buy from those fascists in Litchfield.

We used to live quite near the nursery and I’d go there in peony season. Nice.

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