So I’m on a job from which I cannot post.  But I took a cell phone photo from WFC1 on Columbus Day, and this is it:

1012091201There’s a ship making its way toward Ellis Island at the middle right of the photo.  It just staggers me – this is the ship.  A replica, but so strange to see a 15th century bit of wood among all the freighters and ferries.  Amazing.


Isn’t there some movie where some dude dumps a bucket of red paint on Mt. Rushmore? I’ve thought about doing the same to a certain statue near Penn’s Landing (but I kind of don’t want to go to jail).

TJ: Reporting in from flippin eck’s in Chicago. That is all. Carry on about your business as usual.

Promnight, fetch your eyepatch and put a parrot on your shoulder, matey — there’s our Ark!

@IanJ: How are the bunnehs? How is Chicago? How are flippin, HomoFascist, and ChicagoBureau? Are you getting them in shape for my trip to Chicago Stinque HQ next week?

The bunnehs are cute as hell, check my FB profile for pics. Already taken some Gotham-esque pics from our dinner-time jaunt as well. flippin is doing well, but I haven’t met with HF, BRB or CB yet. That’s Friday, when we’re meeting up at the Turkish restaurant. (with a side of Georgian, flippin reminds me).

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