What About Midwestern Youth?

OK.  There were issues previously raised herein by Comrade Nojo regarding The Audacity of Condiments (and Miracle Whip in particular). And there may be something to connecting Walt Whitman with blue jeans (given, I suppose, the whole Whitman, um, thing).

But this is just ridiculous.


Snaps for exposing America to homoerotica, ad geniuses. And yet, regardless: STOOPENDOUS FAIL.


ADD: The comments on the Youtube page are — I’m not sure what the word is — “enlightening” does make one want to return one’s dinner to its sender, violently.

(1) Some local teevee types edited out the guys kissing. Obviously. This is America, after all.

(2) We got a couple “this ad makes me feel proud to be an American” comments. Notwithstanding some Americans thinking this ad would make you catch the gay.

(3) Claims of Nazi imagery in mid-ad debunkified. So there.


Commenter A — “Stupid Hipster bullshit.”

Commenter B — “walt whitman is neither stupid nor hipster… we’d be lucky if more commercial ads had poetry”

No, we would so fucking not be lucky.


(A) It’s 28 degrees (Fahrenheit — centigrade is EUROPEAN) in Denver, and the Phillies and Rockies each have a home run to their credit. Unreal. (Incidentally — PHI 5:4 COL, Mid 6th.)

(B) Item:

NFL Players executive director DeMaurice Smith on Saturday made a move to solidify the union against a bid by conservative talk show radio host Rush Limbaugh as part of a group that aims to purchase the St. Louis Rams.

In an e-mail to the union’s executive committee on Saturday specifically addressing Limbaugh’s bid, Smith said, “I’ve spoken to the Commissioner [Roger Goodell] and I understand that this ownership consideration is in the early stages. But sport in America is at its best when it unifies, gives all of us reason to cheer, and when it transcends. Our sport does exactly that when it overcomes division and rejects discrimination and hatred.” [See, e.g., Donovan McNabb, Colin Powell, etc. etc. etc. -Ed.]

Limbaugh and St. Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts are among six potential ownership groups that have discussed buying the Rams. League sources say the current sale price has ranged from $700-to-$750 million but that there did not appear to be an imminent transaction.

Well, that’s nice. The union should be standing — WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD PAY 750 EXTRA LARGE FOR THE RAMS?

@chicago bureau: Let Limbaugh buy it and have the team throw every game in dementedly farcical style until he sells at a massive loss. Then they can go to Limbaugh’s estate and take a shit on his lawn.

FlyingChainSaw: Funny. Bill Ford shoulda done that with the Lions. He hasn’t, for some reason.

@chicago bureau: Thereby giving lie to the meme that NFL players wholeheartedly embrace conservatism.

See that JNOV’s pitcher go down? Yikes. It’s insane to be playing – or watching – a game in that weather.

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