Little Coffee Shop of Horrors

It's horror-movie day!

In addition to darkly observing that federal judge Clay Land is a penny-ante Microsoft and Comcast investor, Orly Taitz’s defense against his $10,000 contempt fine noted a suspicious meeting between him and Eric Holder — only the version of her filing we posted Saturday was missing the crucial evidence. TPM has the affidavit signed by Robert D. Douglas of Alma, Georgia, which we provide here in full, carefully preserving the spelling.

On the day of the hearing for Major Stephen Cook before Federal Judge Clay D. Land, Columbus, Ga., my wife, my wife’s sister, her husband and I had entered the little coffee shop directly across from the Court House while waiting for the doors to open to the public. I was sitting in the small seating area, set aside for their customers, while facing and looking directly at the entrance to the shop. All persons entering had to pass withing 8-10 feet from where I was sitting.

I looked up and immediately recognized an individual entering and approaching the serving counter, due to his well know TV displayed distinguishing features: his trim upper lip mustache, not large of stature and general olive complexion. I new instantly it was none other than Eric Holder, the current Attorney General of the United States. I called this to the attention of those present and all agreed it appeared to be who I readily recognized. He entered unguarded, no accompanying entourage and probably thought he would not be recognized.

Red flags went up immediately in my mind the questions remain, as yet. Why does the Attorney General of the United States need to be present in an obscure hearing well off his beaten path? Could it possibly be, since Holder did not present himself in open court, he may have had a little “whisper in the ear” to a Federal Judge in order to bless his judicial vision and adhere to the Presidents agenda of obstruction?

Only Judge Clay D. Land can answer those questions.


Was the typo/grammar mistake in the original?

/the best snark I can muster right now.

He forgot about the ‘unmistakable, diabolical smirk of a satanist day dreaming about the savage ass-fucking he is about to deliver to a federal judge in exchange for an attack on a patriot’

Wow, how much will this one set her back, I wonder?

ADD: And I love the Drama: “Only Judge Clay D. Land can answer those questions.”.

It’s like she writing an old-time radio serial.

@SanFranLefty: I was retyping fast, but “withing” and “new” are definitely in the original.

How exactly did he let ‘all present’ know, by shouting ‘Nigra approaching the lunch counter’?

I’m not a lawyer, but all this proves is that Holder was in the coffee shop. Maybe not even that, considering the source.

“Trim, upper lip mustache?” As opposed to a bushy lower lip mustache? From the guy’s description, sounds more like Don Ameche, just back from Palm Springs…

@WaltTrombone: Exactly. And Don Ameche was a well-known Afrosupremist and reputed to have led a voter drive with ACORN. Ha! Haha! Hahahahahahahaha! Orly, hear my prayers!

Lawyer’s motion admits Birthers seen as ‘batsh*t crazy’

The de facto leader of the “Birther” movement has launched an all-out attack against a federal judge in Georgia, accusing him of colluding with the US attorney general, comparing him to racist Southern judges of prior eras, and alleging “pervasive bias” in his rulings against her.

And in one passage from her filing, Lawyer Orly Taitz says the term “birther” is a “pejorative appellation … often coupled with more colorful epithets such as ‘batshit crazy,'” and denies that her client in the lawsuit is part of any political movement.

@WaltTrombone: My Dad used to refer to the telephone as “the Ameche,” a phrase that was popular in the 40’s after Don played Alexander Graham Bell in a movie. I use this occasionally and no one knows what the fuck I’m talking about.

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