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We haven’t been a regular Letterman watcher since the early days of the CBS show — his best moments were on NBC, and even those started to, er, peter out near the end.

So we don’t really have a take on his admission — in the face of a $2 milliion extortion attempt — that he had a self-described “creepy” habit of diddling the staff. Some are comparing it to Monica Lewinsky, although Dave’s not the President of the United States (hell, he’s not even a senator), and there’s no indication yet that any of the women were interns. Others are saying that fucking the help is bad news, whatever the circumstance.

Looking for a compass, we thought we’d check in with Jezebel, which we haven’t visited since The Great Panty Raid of 2009. Sure enough, blogger Anna N. is in High Dudgeon over Letterman’s “Abuse of Power.” But the commenting Jezzies aren’t so sure — doesn’t this attitude just victimize women, who as adults are fully capable of making their own decisions?

All we know is this: As long as Colbert remains a good Catholic, we won’t have to deal with it. Although we’ll probably never look at Worldwide Pants the same way again.

“Office Romance”? No, Letterman’s Affairs Were An Abuse Of Power [Jezebel]

It doesn’t sound like he called her on the office phone and asked her to get her pussy into his office for a savage fucking immediately or face summary dismissal.

You didn’t go over there and get disenvowelled again, did you Nojo?

It’s not a good idea to fish off the company dock.

He did an admirable job of dishing, give him that.

TJ: Attn. Chicago Bureau, ChainSaw & Bloggie:

ValleyWag has a new post on your girlfriend Drue Kataoka.

@SanFranLefty: Damn you. I have takeout Indian on the way, and now I cannot eat for fear of puking. I suppose I can put the masala and paneer in the freezer.

@blogenfreude: I haven’t watched her new video of interpretive dance about Net neutrality. About to do so. It may be just what I need to leave the office early for the weekend.

Golden flute makes its first appearance at 1:45!! Where’s Chicago Bureau?

ADD: It appears to be Pancho Villa Taqueria, my favorite burrito place in San Mateo, at 3:41.

@blogenfreude: C’mon, click on the post and watch the video. She’s commenting over at VW, too.

@SanFranLefty: I got about a minute in … and had to stop. My onion kulcha is getting cold. I blame you.

@SanFranLefty: CB’s trapped behind the firewall. Well, if he’s working late. On a Friday.

@SanFranLefty: Why doesn’t Drue just take yoga so she can perform cunnilingus on herself and get it over with?

Hey what the fuck, you all are biting at the pigtardfuckers spin of this, that Ensign is no worse than Letterman? Isn’t showbiz all about wanton pestorking? Non-scandal.

@Promnight: Who’s biting at what? The Clinton/Ensign comparisons aren’t coming from here, but they’re worth mentioning, given the subject matter of late-night humor. Nor is discomfort with Letterman solely a pigtardfucker phenomenon — I went to Jez to take the pulse, not Team Sarah.

Whatever you make of it — and me, I’m standing on the sidelines — the story itself is legit.

@nojo: The story is being pushed by repugtards as a direct comparison to Ensign. I don’t like to see any recognition of a valid comparison.

Letterman fucking staff is to me not at all comparable to the situation of office relations between staff and executives, and I think the fact that its showbiz is a valid point of distinction. There aren’t any innocents in showbiz. Starfucking and bossfucking are two different realms.

@Promnight: I don’t think we’re obligated to stand behind Letterman just because repugtards are running with it. And there’s a legitimate case to be made that showbiz isn’t a defense for abusing a power relationship. I’m not going to be the one who makes it, but it’s valid enough to put on the table.

@nojo: Do we need to send commandos over the firewall to rescue Mr. Bureau of Chicago? Has the child not heard of a thing called an iPhone?

@FlyingChainSaw: We had a cat who used to comfort herself by sucking on her own hindmost nipple, meanwhile purring very loudly and kneading a leather glove (she was an unusually long-bodied cat, I don’t think yoga had anything to do with it). We had named her Margot (after Fonteyn, for her balletic exercises as a kitten) but probably should have nicknamed her Kinky later on.

how about bob barker? remember when he was sued for harassment or palimony by whassername, the one pointing at the prizes for him? that was scandalous because he denied it for a long time. i guess dave was paying attention, seeing how THAT worked out, he copped right to it.

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