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Cankles Away!

Gawker Media presents the Croatian Edition of Jzbl.

Prommie’s Wild Ride [Jezebel, “disemvoweled”]

Prommie wins Worst Comment of the Day [Jezebel]

Jamie Sommers: “Yep.” [Stinque]


I can’t believe after all we have been through you misspelled ‘cankles’. For shame Promnight. For shame.

I shall now bump my comment from the previous thread up here, for it reflects the thinking, I dare say, of many among us.

[clears throat]

Jamie Sommers: Our dear friend Prommie will take pleasure in this:

But what do you expect from a commenter called “promnightdumpsterbaby”?

Nothing more, and nothing less. Outfuckingstanding, sir.

(P.S.: swmpsw? Brilliant.)

BTW: the story which instigated Prom’s incursion and the criminal use of the word “yep” by Jamie totes deserved a slam. I mean, don’t you think you can make a feminist critique on the back of a story that doesn’t involve MAKING A NINE YEAR OLD IN HER LAST DAYS HAPPY?

Jesus H. Christ: how many little girls in Make-a-Wish want to go to Disneyland and hang with Cinderella (post-extreme-makeover, natch) for a while? Nope — grab your sign and hit the pickets with Eleanor Smeal.

To be fair: there was some dialback in the story itself, but it shouldn’t have gotten that far… as in, it should have been shelved from its inception as an idea. Point being that Jezebellers have got to calm the fuck down. We knew this, but it bears repeating.

I could not be more proud of everyone involved. I get so tired of the overly earnest, whiney-assed babies at Jezebel having a tizzy over crap that does not matter and giving real feminists a bad name that I could scream. Those girls need to take a Midol, have a drink, get laid, and calm the fuck down.

For the record, Vnn Wht was later disemvoweled, but I saved the Early Edition for the punchline.

And for those totally lost: Apparently Gawker Media now “disemvowels” naughty posts as a “warning” to wayward commenters, prior to banning them. It’s jaw-droppingly silly, and one more example of how they’ve completely lost their mrbls.

oh the glee the GLEE! welcome welcome my dear friend to my world:
banned by the jezz! and it only took me one long comment too!
a badge of honor, indeed. i only wish i could go over one more time to continue your thoughts. they have my old avatar somewhere with a skull and cross bones. be proud as i am!
why do i now feel like i’m in 4th grade. i want everyone to go over there and get banned. join us! prommie, i tip my hat, sir.
karma in action….they need a spanking so bad…and not in a good way

i posted the above comment twice on two posts.
i’m so confused. mentally put it where it belongs.
meds kicked in.
g’night! xoxo

nojo: Gwkr cn sck n my hry blls, bt thy wld hv t fnd my cmmnt frst.

My other favorite comment from the 15 seconds I could stand to poke around on the Jez was from the article where Susie Bright gives sex advice. One of the questions was about how a woman could get her boyfriend to do doggie style (it creeps him out – no, I don’t know either so don’t ask) and she suggested ways to sort of playfully trick him into it. A comment, which several people agree with, was:

Word. If a man suggested a dude do something like that to his girlfriend, there would (rightly) be an uproar. Consent, it’s a good thing.

*slams head on keyboard*

I think we broke Jez. I cannot get Prommie’s Proudest Moment (WCOTD) to load. Victoire!


[Grey Poupon waiter disrobes and mounts, but does not complete The Journey Home.]

“Pardon me, but may I thrust into your person? Thank you.”


There’s one way to make the physical act of love last more than five minutes. Not ideal, but still.


Thank the FSM; I was almost embarrassed to admit that I couldn’t read Prommie’s post, like I’d missed the secret kool kidz code.

Is that what a Croatian blog looks like?

@homofascist: He’s not an ass man? Even so, seems like he could still throw her a bone (get it?) every once in a while.

Prommie: extremely well-played, sir.

We’ll see how long this lasts…

Always knew that backup account would come in handy some day.

@nojo: Question: What are “dlgcl” and “gnrnc”?

Two more nominees for TT:

“Unfairly harsh.”

“Totally uncalled for.”


1) Feminazi (something) bitterness. I didn’t think to screencap the page before disemvoweling. Then again, I’ve never seen disemvoweling before.

2) Ignorance.

@Hose Manikin: The next TT has been a lock since early afternoon. Although the “swmpsw” guessing is a contender.


Tricking a guy into doggie-style? Someone’s been reading my college diary.

@Original Andrew: In college it usually just took a six pack and a bong hit.

First Wonkette, now Jezebel. One request from me – no going after Jalopnik. That’s where I draw the line.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YESFUCKINGYES! I was a true Jez devotee back in the olden days, but now, not so much. That disemvoweling business is truly ridiculous. I’ve seen that crap on Gawker, too. But I haven’t been back often since they changed the comment style. Too annoying.

TFF…..I especially enjoy how prommie corrected the way to disenvowel “cankles”.

But jeez Noj’, are you really prepared for the cyberstorm that QueensElvis is gonna bring? I mean, she does still keep one anklet in the game over there, right?

@nabisco: Bring ’em on. I have 738 gigs of unused traffic allowance this month.

@nojo: hee hee.

Oh, and so proud of Prommie that he allowed himself to go down in the refreshingly innocent guise of the Snorg Girl.

@nojo: So who else can we piss off?

Jumping in a taxi – back on in 30 (need to stop for vodka).

@blogenfreude: Airline food. What’s up with that? And have you ever seen a spork? Why can’t it make up its mind?

Airline food? What of it?

And yes – I have seen a spork, but not since I was a wee lad.

@nojo: Ha ha! And thank you dearest nojo and prommie for defending my (utter lack of) honor.

A round of applause, high fives, terrorist fist bumps, and bewbie hugs all around!!! This has been a great day of hilarity here at the Stinque.

@blogenfreude: I think we’ll have to wait for our next target to appear. Today was completely spontaneous, and the result entirely unpredictable.

I don’t understand much of it but I’m all for it. Yay! Cankles! I don’t know what that means! I never did. Prom is my hero. Boogaloo!

Males and Females of Stinque, your humor has been brilliant today. Prom, can we nominate you for next Governor of Louisiana, since the incumbent will certainly get lost and go missing at Disney World this week?

Ya’ll are too kind, it deserved better, a long set-up, a post that started innocuous, feigning basic agreement, than careening off into a diatribe of the most un-PC possible invective. But I enjoyed it still.

I still cannot believe Jamie was banned for saying “yup.”

Just for clarity, I also corrected my use of the phrase “elephantine Kankles,” it should have been “Pachydermatous cankles.” I think “pachydermatous” is more apt to invoke the folds of skin hanging down over the ankles like an old pair of 80s legwarmers.

And I was trying to tweak our ex-mommy who abandoned, even turned completely against us, over the CP rebellion.

I was captivated by the question to Susie Bright in which the poor girl was considering letting her guy come in her mouth, but was afeared of the splooge, afraid that it came out with the force and volume of a firehose.

As to the doggie style girl, whose guy did not want to do it that way, thought it gross, the only appropriate response was “dump him, he doesn’t like chicks.”

The comedian Mitch Fatell does a bit about doggie style, he says chicks don’t understand the emotions of a man who looks down at his lover while doing it doggy style, he says “you can’t see it, but we are crying; its like the feeling you get when you see a beautiful sunset. And when someday you meet a woman and doggie style is her favorite position too, and she becomes your wife.”

Not a real music guy, but I realize that a song sometimes captures whatever emotions I feel at the moment. Even a Dilbert Type like me enjoys the rip roaring of punk.

This song sums up what I feel after finding out that I just survived cut number 17 (since I joined my employer 8 1/2 years ago) which are damped severely by my feelings toward the execubots I work for.

The unmotivated led by the incompetent for the ungrateful.


Man, SFL is going to be pissed that she missed this.

Mistress Cynica: SFL is on vacay in New Zealand. I think she’ll manage, don’t you?

@nojo: You forgot the comments upthread. HILARIOUS stuff. Observe.

I see that the Worstie has enrolled in the Rush Limbaugh School of Feminism.

Well, the worstie’s name made me laugh. But I have to say, boo and put down the haterade, yo!

[“Haterade, yo?” Someone actually wrote that. On purpose.]

Right! I am a Gawker refugee and I have to say, I really love how much the conversations here are basically the same as a one I might have at a good party. People need to recognize and respect the rulz. Also, yay besties!

Go besties! But how did the worstie know that my only weakness was my “fate aswompusyw with lophentin knukles” – truly the only thing keeping me from landing a man! Although knuckles is clearly spelled wrong.

What the hell is a swampass?

Holy shit ya’ll. Went to worsties profile page and he/she made some recent comment on wonkette about how tapes of women getting their clothes ripped off in clubs is “pretty damned funny”

I have no earthly idea what that last bit is all about. Context is everything — something that appears to be completely lost on this crowd. Which is not surprising, because they all happen to be TWELVE, yo.

@chicago bureau: Plus my favorite: String Bikini Theory accusing me there of “wan fratboy humor”. Well-played, sir.

@chicago bureau: Or this exchange:

5:23 PM

@disco2000: If they are banned from commenting on jezebel, are they banned from posting on all gawker sites as well?
aubonpam @ disco2000 : If they are banned from commenting on…

@aubonpam: I don’t know… I hope so. When you’re as big of an idiot as this worstie proved themselves to be, you need to be silenced across the board.

Pay no attention to SBT. He has issues.

I must confess I didn’t share in the pleasure from the goings-on of today vs Jez.
Am I wrong or did it accomplish less than a freshman panty raid (especially since it involved some questionable ad hominem attacks)?
Please feel free to pillory me if I missed the point.

@Ewalda: As for me, it was purely for personal amusement, no deeper meaning or intent at all. And I was disappointed, I meant to anger and annoy, and judging from the responses, I came no where near the impact I hoped for.

Blame Jindal and Obama, obviously. OBAMA (terrorist) speaks of credit, and yet he still owes 1200 AMERICAN DOLLARS to Amrican Express, and $5om to the IRS. It’s hard being an Obama prostitute these days.

@Ewalda: Cheap thrills. And if we’re lucky, we’ll get a troll out of it.

@Ewalda: The demons keep hacking the account. Blame Iran.

@nojo: As long as the troll can mix and serve properly, then OK. Otherwise, not worth the aggravation.

Barkeep, I’ll have a flagon of what SSS is having tonight.
Seems to be totally incapacitating.

@Ewalda: I read it as a send-up of Jamie’s seemingly arbitrary banning, the only attempt at an explanation for which came not even from the admin who banned her, but from a Jez commenter, and was simply that her one-word comment didn’t “contribut[e] anything to the discussion.” Is that really a standard to which they want to hold themselves?

@mellbell: There are “discussions” on Jez?
Huh. I thought the sole function of the comments there was to allow bored privileged women who know not whereof they speak to tear each other to shreds.
Silly me.

@Promnight: Does your bartender take paypal ? If so I want to stand you a drink!

BF doesn’t like it doggy? I bet the girl didn’t mention her “Property of the Pagans MC” tramp stamp. I know *I* sure hate when that happens….

Well, I guess you’re officially a Hero of the Glorious Revolution now.
Enjoy your Oak Leaf Clusters with Dingleberries. Wear them proudly.
We salute you!

@nojo: And sure enough, I’ve been disemvoweled and banned again. It’s like burning draft cards.

So, what did I say this time that was so abusive?

Worstie revealed!

Y’all have been the target of a prank stemming from the banning of a commenter earlier today for a single-word response: “Yep.”

Many of our readers are former Jezebel readers who have abandoned the site amidst the Plague of Earnestness that afflicts it – the post in question, and the editor’s hamfisted response to criticism, being a case in point.

And hey, where’d Moe go? Oh. Right.

Commenter Moderator Hortense, I salute you.

i just realized it’s only jamie, prommie, nojo and me who are jezz banned.
c’mon we can do better. next time we’re bored, or someone alerts us to a particlar comment that needs addressing, we will address their issues and add to our numbers.
CB, yes, they are 12 on the short bus…and we are 14 in the AP class.

and a gold medal to jamie for getting banned with one word.
*standing ovation*
i was banned for a long rant about how idiotic they all are, i’ll take the bronze.
prommie and nojo share the silver.

@baked: I just get an assist. Prommie scored the goal.

And Jamie sets a high standard to beat: Not just one word, but three letters. A commenter suggests she was banned for a “me too” post, but that’s bullshit — it was craven retribution for not agreeing with everybody else.

It makes me miss the exciting early days of executions: sheer arbitrariness. That was a standard I could applaud.

i wish there was a way (is there?) to post the comment that got me banned. it was so harsh, they banned me before they finished reading it.

@baked: Looks like it was deleted.

All that’s on record are your Megan wake posts, plus a couple of Heaths.

near the end of the game over at w*****te, i was banned there too.
finally, i’m at home and at peace. you can’t take me everywhere.
i do not suffer fools gladly.

oh fun! thanks! i can be so delightfully obnoxious!

@mellbell: @baked: @Ewalda: @nojo: @Promnight: et.al.

I’ve got to admit, over the course of the day I was laughing to the point of tears and, for the life of me, I couldn’t say why. Which led me to ponder why anything so inane could be so fucking funny.

At the risk of crossing the line into pretentious horseshit, some thoughts on this merry band -and please – Put the following whiskey fueled diatribe firmly in the FWIW category.

This was just about throwing a monkey wrench in the gears. Because sometimes, that is all you can do – heave one in there just to see what happens.

The intertube/web started out as an anarchic – anything goes – wild west – no rules – communication wilderness. Or maybe it never was that way. Maybe the interweb has been granted a mythic cultural historical status like the “Sixties” , which, as near as I can tell, only existed for a few hours in Golden Gate Park early in 1967.

Regardless, now the non-retail web is dominated by MSM annexes like MSNBC, conventional publishing constructs transplanted into the web like Politico or Dentonesque/Gawker “edgy” communities (within the moderated guidelines of what does/does not contribute to the discussion) cultivated primarily for commercial gain. Nothing wrong with any of that. All entertaining and informative as far as they go. But – not what the web was or what we thought it was gong to be.

So here we are – A self selecting identifiable community that has migrated more or less intact across three (or more) blogs, moving each time as a reaction to an imposition of arbitrary and inane rules/decisions from the site host. Now comfortably ensconced behind the Stinque facade – creating the illusion of a conventional political/humor blog – which isn’t even close to what this thing is. Some of you probably have a better sense of this than me, but I feel I have a better understanding of what we aren’t than what we are. What is the common thread to this group? A sense of amused appreciation for the absurd? A common hyper-sensitivity to arbitrarily idiotic actions like banning a commenter for “yep”? I don’t know. Whatever it is – that is what made the Jezz posts funny.

How about this for an analog – Ken Kesey’s merry pranksters riding a dayglo bus across the country in the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test. Anyone on board is there for the journey and for the company and to fuck with convention (soon to be a major motion picture btw).

You are on the bus or you are off the bus.


(I just know I am going to regret reading this in the morning. out)

Okay, now Amazon’s scaring me: They’ve put “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” in my thumbnail box.

I wouldn’t be what I am today without that book. It’s the spark that ignited everything else.

And only rarely do I tell anyone else about it. It’s, um, weird.

Bezos, it wasn’t me who laughed at you the other night. It was someone else. Back off.


wait wait WHAT??? the header said jezz, but those comments were made at cynics party. it said “this user is disabled.” i’ve been banned at THREE sites???
i deserve a cake.

aren’t i well behaved here?
“water seeks, and finds, it’s own level.”
i think that sums up what hose said.

@Hose Manikin: We’re a community, plain and simple. Back in the day, we would have haunted alt.something.something.something for shits & giggles.

The medium may be new, but the phenomenon isn’t. I’ve spent my entire life in media: newspapers, radio, magazines, zines, websites. Literally from birth, since my dad worked in circulation at the local rag.

Communities form around publications, at least the lucky ones. You have a devoted readership, a devoted listenership, what have you. And with the web, you have a degree of interaction unvailable to previous media. This is different than just being a member of an audience: I enjoy Battlegeek, or South Park, but I’m not part of their communities.

The wise publisher or editor (I use print terms because that’s my original background) understands this phenomenon, nurtures it, knows not to violate it. Your community is a precious thing: The moment you take it for granted, you’ve lost it. I was very personable as a classical-music jock — I was bringing people into the room with me, using my voice to create a context, a place, not just “announcing.” It’s a form of projection, and it’s amazing how it works.

And so here we are. And while it’s fun to see 5,000 pageviews on a post, what really interests me is bringing more people into our community, people who would add something interesting to our party. Only I don’t know how to find them — they have to find us. And to find us, they have to know about us. And that’s where publicity comes in — guerilla marketing, in effect. Hey, look at us! Come play! Par-tay at da Stinque!

Oh, and Kesey? Local boy, natch — Lane County, same as me. We get it.

@baked: One Gawker account fits all. You’re not banned from a site, you’re banned from the network.

@Hose Manikin: creating the illusion of a conventional political/humor blog

I like that. Sneaky bastards we are.

that just made my day!!!!!
in my mind, I banned THEM first!
viva la STINQUE, love, yes, love you.

@Hose Manikin: So here’s the trick: you have to hide all that folderol under the guise of simplicity. We’re just a blog, doing bloggie things, never mind us.

Only we don’t do threaded comments because it balkanizes the conversation.

And we don’t have a bulletin board because it balkanizes the conversation.

And we don’t allow comments over at Flickr because it balkanizes the conversation.

You wanna talk? You’ll talk here. That keeps us all in the same room, chatting with each other, bouncing off each other’s thoughts and ideas. The magic happens in the interaction — After Dark was the direct inspiration of some late-night flirtish behavior in a thread.

(“Salon” may be the most pretentiously named site on the web, but it had the right idea.)

As far as being on or off the bus, you have to be very careful there — you quickly turn your community into a dictatorship if you don’t watch it. But here’s where that self-selecting nature of the web does us a favor: You don’t need me to tell you whether you belong. You’re quite capable of figuring that out yourself.

Some friends of mine way back when understood that, and taught me the lesson. Whenever they needed a new roommate for their house, they’d put a strange ad in the local paper. No rules, no preconditions — just odd. If you responded to that ad — if you got it — you were the roommate they were looking for.

Never failed.

word of mouth.
it’s always the best way to draw attention.
i have so far invited 2 friends who are brilliant and hilarious to read us.
i’m hoping they continue to grapple with the in jokes we barely are aware of at this point, and get to know the players. and join us.
it’s the only kind of marketing that will be effective for us.

@baked: And to play out the party metaphor — which is always the one I return to — lurkers are the folks surrounding us, enjoying the show (or they wouldn’t be lurkers), but not yet ready to jump into the conversation.

Which is just fine. I’ve been at both the center and edge of parties. Depends on the party.

In terms of our running gags — the in-jokes — I’m making a mental note to gin up a Glossary some day. (Soon as I do the Legend…) I love the idea of a page of annotated entries like “Yep” and “Below the Timestamp”.

all the way from israel, where it’s hailng and i’m staying in bed all day,
it’s good to be a “usamerican, such as.”
thank you miss south carolina.

@baked: SBT still has a live account, but we can’t ask folks to immolate themselves for the sake of our amusement.

Not yet, anyway.

I was happy to burn both of mine because with Seth gone from Defamer (and Defamer gone itself), they’re worthless to me. But we still have some Deadspin/Jalopnik types around here, and nobody’s carping about those sites yet. Although from what I understand, maybe we could start a flame war about Stutz Bearcats and see what happens.

@nojo: Seems I have a couple of live accounts still. But I can’t possibly monitor all the lunacy over there, so if someone is willing to tip me off I’ll be glad to troll. ‘bisco out.

@nojo: @baked: @Hose Manikin: What a nice read this morning. I often check out early and check in before you others are up on the left coast. And I often learn much that’s useless.

A few years ago I was in a production of And Then There Were None (don’t ask what the original title was but it involves the ‘n’ word) by that über hack Agatha Christie. To act in her plays is like being trapped inside the TV Guide crossword puzzle. The great and only fun of the piece was retiring to the green room after one was murdered to join those who had gone before where we all sat about and jeered at those left on the stage trying to act that crap whose voices reached us over the tannoy. There’s a similar spirit here. A banding-together to mock the absurdities that surround us. Plus I think the balance of man/woman, gay/straight/generational is interesting and the kind of mix I sometimes meet at work but I wonder how much the rest of us do. And there are vivid personalities who often post amusing things.

I think the key to it is scale. There has to be enough of us posting to keep the conversation going (God knows we don’t need much by way of stimuli) but not so many as would – what? – make the place impersonal?

@nojo: I still have a gawker account, but I need it for io9 and deadspin. I used to read crappy hour at jez, but not for a while now and have not commented there since forever.

@baked: As someone who has flood irrigated fields from a ditch with a shovel, I can tell you that water is opportunistic. It finds its own way.

@Hose Manikin, nojo: The Electric Acid Kool-Aid Acid Test was very influential for me. Also, anyone else read Allan Sherman’s “The Rape of the APE (American Puritan Ethic)”? I remember it as being pretty funny and insightful.

@Benedick: (don’t ask what the original title was… “Ten Little Indians”, I thought. I started reading books when an aunt unloaded all of her Christie paperbacks on me as a kid.

@Benedick: Among the many delights available to me because I religiously lurk and sporadically comment here are your comments. How I love reading things like “that uber hack Agatha Christie.” [sorry about the missing umlaut in uber, don’t know how to accomplish it]

@nojo: I love Jalopnick, but I never comment, so its still all good.

I think everyone’s comments about the many positive and rare attributes of this “community” are accurate, Benedick you sum us up in a way that made me feel warm and tingly. But there is one thing about this place, which I think may be almost unique (come on, NOTHING is reallky unique, its all been done, everything, has been done) is that there is amazingly little pressure to conform to any particular style-ideology-tone, there is very little of that very thing which I hate in most other places, the groupthink.

I am talking about when you said this, Nojo:

“As far as being on or off the bus, you have to be very careful there — you quickly turn your community into a dictatorship if you don’t watch it. But here’s where that self-selecting nature of the web does us a favor: You don’t need me to tell you whether you belong. You’re quite capable of figuring that out yourself.”

There is so little of that here, and I think that our intolerance for that kind of intolerance is the common thread among us.

There have been a very few eruptions, god knows, animals are sacred, but the only overt censorship in this group came from Moe herself, and as I said, my whole Jezebel foray was half-motivated by lingering resentment over the banning of “cankles.” I am Irish, and nurture grudges until they become like old friends, its always convenient to have one handy when you need one.

@redmanlaw: Hey, I read The Rape of the Ape! I remember the “sexual revolution,” which seemed to last from 1967 to the advent of herpes, and its kinda amazing how even among the most progressive of people who are mildly amused by all arbitrary rules, its demise has been total and complete. But for a few years there, every single aspect of the whole value system was seriously questioned, and often abandoned. Watch Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice now and you think you are watching some product of an alien culture.

@nojo: Now I have to hunt down this “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.”

I still have hopes that this strange community will literally turn into a commune. It will become economically necessary for families to start sharing housing soon. We are as family as family. I sure don’t want to live with my brothers and sisters, they all think I am a wierdo.

@Prommie: Wikipedia has an entry at bicameralism expounding the theory put forth by Julian Jaynes in “The Origin of Consciousness . . .”

I also have an un-immolated Gawker account, but like you, Nojo, it’s useless to me now that Defamer has been thrown under the bus as well. So if there’s a call to arms anywhere on the network, I’m your gal!

And can I just say that the funniest thing about this whole incident to me is the possibility that swampsow and cankles just may enter the Gawker lexicon again? Megan would be thrilled.

@nabisco: The original title, after the English version of the nursery rhyme, is Ten Little N**s. I think it’s now known as Ten Little I**s, because of course that’s not offensive. But thinking of the original title of novel one cringes every time the island on which the whole farrago takes place is described as looking like the eponymous head of one of those being maligned by such a classically English racist sticking up out of the sea. The head not the racist.

@lynnlightfoot: ta very much.

@Prommie: I think so long as we spread the offensiveness even-handedly we can avoid the huffiness that seems to infect the comments sections elsewhere. This is the only place I post.

@Benedick: Oh, the possibilities are endless, 10 fucking wogs, 10 grasping hebes, 10 drunken micks, on and on.

@Benedick: I was William Henry Blore in high school. Also, I lost my voice the weekend of the performances so I was extra awful.

@lynnlightfoot: Fascinating. The theory is compatible with my own theory, which is that for the most part, we are not in fact conscious, not at all, of our decision-making processes, and that consciousness is actually a narrative made up by our mind to explain why we are doing what we do, something we do in order to give ourselves the ego-enhancing illusion that our conscious mind is in control, which it is not, of course. So, we no longer hear the voice of God telling us what to do, but finding silence uncomfortable, we fill the void with rationalizations for why we do what the brain tells us to do.

Maybe. Something like that.

Get out of my head.

I’ve always suspected that the subconscious is more powerful than our “conscious.”

How do we decide the people we like or dislike?

That damn “gut” instinct…

@homofascist: You poor baby. If I had a heart it would go out to you. Mind you, at least you were spared the final scene which must rank as one of the most preposterous dénouements ever put on a stage. Why the audience doesn’t rise up as one at that point and shout WTF? is beyond me. And the fact that her crap means box-office is the stuff of nightmares.

@Benedick: Yes, by that point I had been put out of my misery by a falling statue that was actually a cardboard box filled with broken glass so it would make lots of good noise.

@homofascist: Oh dear god, I’d forgotten the falling statue! How it made us all laugh.

@Benedick: I got some good laughs too. Mostly because I imagine the audience was glad I was dead so they wouldn’t have to listen to my voice screech and crack and break anymore. The butler walked out on stage at one point with a glass of water for me.

And as I think of this I realize that it was over half of my life ago. And I still remember the name of the character and how I died.

@nojo: I still have an active Gawker account and would love to go out in a blaze of glory. Add me to the Jez kamikaze squad.

I also have an active account, even though I directly told Denton he fucking sucks on his little page. Go figure. Maybe ‘Yep’ is the way.

@homofascist: Perhaps a “yep-bomb” is in order. Someone comment on one thread or another, and we all pile on with a simple “yep”of agreement.

We could become the “Yeppies”.

@Benedick: I didn’t know that.

@nabisco: Perhaps a “yep-bomb” is in order.

I am in awe.

@Prommie: the only overt censorship in this group came from Moe herself

You mean Megan? I thought she brought the hammer down on cankles and swampsow.

I didn’t have a dog in the cankles fight, but her objection to swampsow really irked me, since it usefully referred to Hillary’s practice of wallowing in political muck, and had nothing to do with appearance.

And, of course, being told what not to say just festers resentment. Especially when next thing you know, the people giving the orders disappear.


SBT still has a live account…

I can’t read that site, It’s like when Mrs. SBT has control of the remote and starts watching Dr. Phil or the View or something similar and I have to leave the room. It triggers an overwhelming sense of dread as I feel time slipping away and see myself rushing headlong toward my ultimate demise.

I wouldn’t care much if I was banned, but just think it is more fun to keep it active for more subtle subversion should the need arise. I was banned at RedState in 2006 for pointing out that Nixon was Commander in Chief when we bugged out of Vietnam. I don’t think they actually ban you at DailyKos, but I think I have been put on “super commenter police double secret probation” or whatever it is they do there. Oh, and I’ve also been threatened with castration by other Kos-kid commenters.

Plus, who knows? At some point I may give in to the impulse to unleash a rant about – oh – maybe the “above the stamp” posters here focused on beating the rotting corpse of a dead elephant, while Barry continues to find ways to consolidate and accrue even more power to the executive branch than Bush/Cheney could ever hope for. I guess we have to wait for Talibunny to take the office before anyone will notice what is going on there. You know – something like that might make me unwelcome here. Then I might need that account to slink back to brand “W”.

It could happen.

@String Bikini Theory:
Can’t happen soon enough for me.

@ManchuCandidate: @nojo: @nabisco:
Obviously, it should be “Yp”.

@Jamie Sommers is unfairly harsh!:
If you ever feel the need to slip back under the Jez wire. I’ve no doubt that SBT would be happy to loan you his account.

@nojo: It was the muck and the locale (ie the swamp).

@String Bikini Theory: You keep fantasizing that pointing out how Barry isn’t the Great Progressive Savior is going to get you into trouble here, or that our continued amusement in the antics of powerless politicos (while ignoring everything Barry is doing between the lines) will somehow make you unwelcome.

You presume, in effect, that there’s some ideological enforcer in these parts.

I have yet to see evidence of that, and I’m the one with my finger on the button. I honestly don’t know what would get someone into trouble here, but it certainly ain’t going to be a contrarian view. Especially a well-expressed contrarian view.

Remember, dude, I’ve got a master’s in philosophy. I love bullshitting.

(Hell, I even let people argue with themselves using multiple accounts…)

He’s a Paultard. What do you expect? He see’s things.

Sun’s out. Time to get in a round this afternoon. Later.

@Hose Manikin: Paultards — those we’ve seen — are mindless followers, and deserve our amused scorn. As do libtards. As do wingnuts.

There is an honest argument to be found in libertarianism, but most libertarians I’ve experienced are only too happy to jump the shark. They, and their idiot analogues of other persuasions, fall into the trap described by Sherwood Anderson:

It was the truths that made the people grotesques. The old man had quite an elaborate theory concerning the matter. It was his notion that the moment one of the people took one of the truths to himself, called it his truth, and tried to live his life by it, he became a grotesque and the truth he embraced became a falsehood.

We’re all prone to that, because we’re all human. Some of us are just more vigilant about walking around the tarpits instead of into them.

@nojo: I think he thrives on the idea of rejection/persecution. Yearns for it even. Libertarians are gluttons for punishment. If someone made a film about that it would make ‘The Passion of the Christ’ look like ‘The Little Mermaid’.

I do like that Hose Manikin though. Seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

@homofascist: “See, thats what I’ve been going on about. Come see the repression inherent in the system!”

@homofascist: There does seem to be a Persecution Complex going on there, since certain rejection is an ongoing theme of his. It’s like he’s waiting in the field with his cross, begging for somebody to nail him up.

“Help! Help! I’m being represssed!” comes to mind. Followed by “You like me! You really like me!”

But you’re right about HM. Good people.

@Prommie: Fucking great. Another mind-meld.

@Prommie: You, me, and Chicago Bureau in a three-way.

nojo: Naw — you two have fun. I’ll be over there, hiding.

@chicago bureau: Just don’t get between me and HF’s camera, or I’ll be very pissed.

I still have an active acct, but I can’t log in or even lurk from work now that we’re on complete interwebz lockdown and aren’t even allowed to use our PDAs or personal laptops in our office space. Seriously.

But I am happy to relinquish my username and password to someone who wants to wreak some havoc. Just let me know.

@String Bikini Theory: SBT, please stay true to your beliefs. The last thing we need is for these fucking namby-pamby liberals to self-congratulate themselves into irrelevancy (as happened in the 70’s).
Yours in revolutionary zeal.
Ewalda Trotsky Clodagh Rodgers.

@Mistress Cynica: Damn straight I’m pissed I missed it. I would have found a way to ban myself in defense of Sister Jamie’s honor.

Enjoying my first martini in two weeks on the couch, as I approach the 43rd hour of Feb. 28 (crossing the International Date Line is so weird when you think about it).

For our true believer people who are concerned about Obama’s not being liberal enough, please understand, we know he is not a socialist commie and that he is going to be a very practical president, We know he is not perfection, he is not even particularly liberal, we know, we know.

We just don’t care. He is better. Way better. Way way way better than anything in the last 29 years, he’s better than Clinton, not as good as Carter, ideologically, but better in effectiveness, leadership, intangible skills, by far, than even Carter.

I am so happy with good, I am not gonna rend my garments just because he isn’t perfect. he’s good. Thats all I hope for anymore.

@Promnight: The enemy of the good is the perfect. That’s what I tell my teammates on the soccer team who agonize over setting up a perfect goal while I embrace my “trash goal” nickname on the team (it’s one point either way, who the fuck cares) or having a perfect brief filed with the court.

Jebus! You guys went all warblog on the Jez and didn’t wait for me?

That’s what I get for going on vacation.

@Tommmcatt A Go-Go: It’s been one of those weeks — way too much fun to get any work done.

@Promnight: @SanFranLefty:
This is where I pay the price for my sporadic Stinquey habits. I don’t notice comments that demand a reply until weeks later. Who knows what else I missed?

“I am so happy with good, I am not gonna rend my garments just because he isn’t perfect.” – prommie

“The enemy of the good is the perfect.” – lefty

I am not even sure what logical fallacy this is, but I am sure it has a name. I am not saying he is worse than Bush. Far from it. He is far better than Bush. Stipulated.

I am talking about the executive branch he inherited, and what his administration is going to leave for the next president.

I hope you are both as sanguine about the continuing expanding power of the presidency when the office that the Black Eagle leaves behind is held by a Romney, or a Palin, or even – god forbid – that the fears I have seen expressed repeatedly here are realized and Joe Biden inherits the Obama enhanced Bush/Cheney unitary executive.

@Trotsky Clodagh Rodgers: Indeed. You fly your flag. I’ll fly mine. We will meet again my old nemesis, in some future post. [cue heavy foreshadowing music]

@homofascist: @homofascist:
It is even worse than you think. He is a life-long Chicago Cub fan and much of the damaged psyche you have diagnosed can be traced to the emotional scars left by the late season collapse of the 1969 Cubs during a vulnerable and formative time in his youth.

@SanFranLefty: Double yay. Did we ever launch a “yep bomb”, because that appears to have been my last original thought in these parts.

Nice to see Ewalda’s comments more or less en vivo.

Jezebel is shutting down. Revenge is ours!

@nojo: And, the desiccated husk of Jezebel sold to Paste. No, not the rendering plant. The publication.

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