Adkisson Brigades Amassing Cadres of Neonazis in the GOP’s War on Reason

The Heart and Soul of the 21st Century GOP: Neonazis, Snakehandlers, Psychopathic Theocrats and Neomedievalists!

The Heart and Soul of the 21st Century GOP: Neonazis, Snakehandlers, Psychopathic Theocrats and Neomedievalists! A Party for the Totally Fucked!

The GOP’s monstrous miscalculation in courting snakehandlers, neonazies and neomedievalists over the last 30 years is coming home to roost with rising cadres of the twisted, disenfranchised outcasts forming up into massive, ultraviolent Adkisson Brigades, a raging stormfront of barking madness, hate and unquenchable racist fury, a recent report has found.

The Southern Poverty Law Center released a report this week that found neonazi outfits has grown by more than 54 percent in the last eight years, whipped into face-biting frenzies, no doubt, by declining economies in the American heartland as well as the right wing media and hatecaster community’s frenzied fear mongering and veiled white power booyahs on behalf of the Republican Party.

SPLC found the number of neonazi cults at 926 in 2008, up more than 4 percent from the 888 groups in 2007 and far above the 602 groups documented in 2000. Check out this interactive map of to find one near you to monitor.

After 8 years of relentless looting and mismanagement, with America’s economy accelerating to a catastrophic and permanent collapse and, finally, cannibal anarchy, the once retreating ranks of hate groups are exploding in size and in psychopathic virulence. Jobless, toothless and hopeless, they have little to distract them from the barking fury that the GOP and its media minions work so hard to cultivate and rationalize.

Rush Tells Me What to Think!

You’re poor because of Marxists in Washington and Islamomarxist controlled media! Right?

The Magic Negro will take your guns and money and carry of the women with his Taliban friends! Yes?

Welfare queens are reproducing non-stop and spending your money on  crack! Right?

Brown-eyed people are overwhelming American borders! Lou Dobbs can’t be wrong, can he?

It’s time to take America back from Obongo and his Marxist hordes! Hannity and Rush can’t be wrong, can they?

The SPLC reported in its Intelligence Report this week: “Barack Obama’s election has inflamed racist extremists who see it as another sign that their country is under siege by non-whites,” said Mark Potok, editor of the Intelligence Report, a quarterly investigative journal that monitors the radical right. “The idea of a black man in the White House, combined with the deepening economic crisis and continuing high levels of Latino immigration, has given white supremacists a real platform on which to recruit.”

The Heart and Soul of the GOP !

The incursion of barking mad snakehandler crazies has driven who knows how many from the GOP. When Sarah Palin spoke about ‘our America’ and ‘small town America’, she knowingly, near erotically, was sending  clear signals to the neonazi crowd during the general election campaign. It was a rallying cry for the white supremacists, a call to arms. She all but raised her fist and shrieked ‘white power’. What say you, Stinquers? Can the GOP survive as the party of white power and Jesus power?  Will Palin be carried on the shoulders of the Adkisson Brigades to lead the GOP ticket in 2012?


I hope so. So they can be marginalized for the next 50 years.

They aren’t already?

What has always amused (if one can use that word in this context) me about skinheads/racists is they feel they are losers because of FILL IN THE BLANK RACIAL group.

I once had the displeasure of lifeguarding a pool in a complex that had its own racist skinhead gang of four losers. I left a less than subtle hint of walking around with an aluminum baseball as I did my job. One guy tried to explain to me why I was a blight on Canada City society and I laughed harshly at his pretty stupid explanation.


Canadian racists? I never even imagined that there was such a thing.

Are they all “we’re so sorry, eh, but we want you to move out of our neighborhood, along with your humuhsekshal friends too, eh.”

The biggest diff seems to be that Canadia doesn’t have a political party that caters to right-wing fringe groups per se. The Canuck Conservatives seem to be almost exclusively of the country club/passive aggressive variety.

@Original Andrew: That was Preston Manning’s Reform Party, which became some other party, and then was folded into the current Conservative Party of Canada, where they had to tone it down in order to win seats in Ontario and Quebec.

And I dunno if I’ve become more of an intolerant libtard with age or what, but it seems like I used to able to read an Op Ed with a conservative bent (pre-Bush II) and think “Ok, I don’t agree, but I can see why they think that.”

Now it seems like conservative “intellectuals” are a bottom-of-the-barrel joke, and they’re just childish and deranged. True?

@Original Andrew:
Yeah, they’re there, but kept way on the fringes. In the neighbourhood I live in, being a racist will get your ass whomped by the ethnic gangs.

The “old” Con party was made up of the “country club/passive aggressive variety.” The “new” party has A LOT more “Dittoheads” thanks to the “Reform” wing, but Harper has done his best to weed as many of the pigfuckers out or keep away from microphones at the very least.

@ManchuCandidate: What about that tall lesbianish Deborah Gray?

@Original Andrew: Before the mid-1980s-early 1990s or so I could agree on the facts with any crowd in the party – and then the GOP just became a covert operation masquerading as a political party. Objective is all, facts and ethics be damned. In the end, the biggest blowback effect of the states’ vast military-intelligence plexus has been US politics itself. Ike, hear our prayers. The guys you see on the OP-ED page are just the stooges who will stand in front of the bank while the real bad guys are looting it.

CON REPLY: She’s not lebianish! She’s, uh, uh, um, er, uh, just not found the right guy yet.

I have to admit the guys in the picture above sure have themselves some snappy matching t-shirts. Is there a catalog for those?

Hey, I see from the map that my town has its very own American National Socialist Workers Party and there’s another branch office right across the river in Louisville. The hilarious thing about these bigots is they’re screaming about encroaching socialism in this country without noticing the very name they’ve adopted for themselves.

Why do these pictures remind me of the old days on Wonkette with the pictures of the Late Night Shots crowd?

@Dave H: And in the spirit of the old Wonkette… You see the last pic above? the wee black and white one? You see the guy on the left raising his hand in a nazi salute? well… I’d hit it.

@Benedick: I can’t help wondering if this was taken at Liberty University and these guys are now attorneys in the Justice Department. Maybe at Yale during a Skull & Bones meeting. It’s also possible these are cadets at the Air Force Academy.

@Benedick: I have a feeling he’s now working in musical theatre. Somewhere in Omaha. I could teach him so much. About musical theatre. I could teach him about the box step and such as. We must all ask ourselves: is our children learning. And if not, why not?

Fascinating interactive map. I find it amazing that there were no hate groups to track in Eastern Orygun. Are they just attending meetings in Idaho? Hell, there’s even one in Eugene. I was encouraged to see that there’s a category I hadn’t heard about: the Neo-Confederates who are in favor of secession. Very strong in SC and GA. We should definitely encourage them in taking their toys and leaving this Islamofascist-Obamarxist nightmare of a nation. Keep that inbred southern blood pure, boys!
Also: NM, only 1 hate group, when all your neighbors are in double digits? You’re just not trying.

@Mistress Cynica: I’m too scared to look at the map and, in any event, I’m pretty sure it’s unnecessary. The leader of the GOP in the AZ state legislature is BFF with a local neonazi fucktard who’s (unsurprisingly) a precinct committeeman in the state party.

My fellow stinquers, are you all familiar with Billy Bragg and Wilco’s recording of a song they crafted from lyrics never recorded by Woody Guthrie, called “All You Fascists?”

I think there is a lesson in it, and HOPE.

In the day to day trenches, the best lack all conviction, as Yeats said, because the best are people with some modicum of humility, and given to extend the benefit of the doubt until forced to give up. Real, progressive liberals do not kill for a cause, they will not lie and cheat and steal just for a cause. They retain hope in the system and the rules.

They get walked over by those with no morals, no compunctions, the lunatic true believers and the sociopath demagogues, the humanistic liberal forgives, understands that they are only evil because they come from a sick background, they are ill, they are unfortunately just dumb.

But personal experience tells us that the rage of the milquetoast, when it is finally roused, can be fearesome. Those who are reasonable and bend over backwards to accomodate, those who get walked over by the more ruthless and aggressive, when those meek people are finally roused to real rage, they are formidable.

The rage of those who are always angry, who define themselves by their hate and rage, their rage is a weak thing, with no staying power.

The day that Adkisson brigades do truly commit some significant atrocity, then the rage of the till-then passive will emerge.

I truly believe that the liberals and the great majority of non-ideological just regular folks, will have had enough the day some confederate palin-worshipping fucktard shitstains try to actuall kill people.

I think a furious anger will be unleashed. Its there in that song, All You Fascists. Thats an enraged pacificist finally forced to fight, there.

These monsters are exactly the crowd that Palin was talking to in her campaign appearances. The skinhead GOP might stand her in 2012 but they’ll probably murder her before the election. If there are elections.

@FlyingChainSaw: It will be the collapse of the economy, not the adkissons, that precipitates the cataclysmic collapse of civilization. This year.

Unemployment claims spiraling upward, its hyperbolic, this curve. A wave of mortgage failures just starting to break that will be just as bad as the first, and the commercial real estate developments that have been coasting for 18 months on financed carrying payments, they are not going to be able to string it out much longer, oh, what is happening is nothing short of the complete collapse of the finance industry, and its going to get so much worse. The economy died in September, the 15th. its just been twitching since then. Oh, this is a free fall, its epic, its really like, on a level with the collapse of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Dark Ages.

Except its happening a thousand times faster, we will get to see in a year what took 200 years for the Romans. It was such a gradual decline, for them.

@Promnight: Cut it the fuck out, as they say. I’m freaked out enough.

@Promnight: It won’t be a collapsed economy that sets cities alight, detonates oil and gas tank farms. Or sets free tens of millions of insane cannibals who have been trained to view America as a corrupt land of marxist mongrels who are little better than domesticated animals. It won’t be a collapsed economy that will burn telephone central offices and tear down telephone lines and cell towers. In the end, it’ll be the last bastions of civilization, holding onto their books and ideals against the tens of millions of cackling cannibal Rushbots, listening for commands over shortwave from Field Marshall Sarah Palin of the White America Expeditionary Force for Jesus. It will make the Dark Ages look like a day at the beach.

what a relief to be sitting here 20 miles from gaza, with armadinnerjacket on the other side test driving his new unmanned toy that is going to incinerate me. and bibi foaming at the mouth, finger twitching on the button.

The Stephanie Miller Show has been putting on an increasing number of Nazis and right wingers since the election, primarily for the amusement of the host and a misguided idea of what makes good radio. One “Aryan” guy yesterday did the “blame the Jews/my heroes are David Duke and George Lincoln Rockwell” thing. I have really begun to hate the show now . . . drifting back to sports talk more and more when the RWNJs call . . . So, Dodger, how ’bout Manny comin’ back?

@Mistress Cynica: The could call the audience of 50,000 770 (K)KKOB-AM a hate group (Rush, Hannity, Savage, plus local RW programming).

ADD Assault Weapons Ban 2.0 Coming, AG Holder Says.
Great. That really helped the Dems in 1996. Now I can’t show my face or avatar around the gun stores and gun blogs for a while since.

AND: Domestic Partners Bill Goes Down in NM Due to “Gay Marriage” Fears and Catholic Church Pressure

And just for shits and giggles, today we learn that GM’s own management is having doubts that it even has a snowball’s chance of hell of surviving, last quarter 08 GDP has been revised to -6.7%, and today the Dow will go into the 6000s, yippeee!

Start learning them Hobo songs, and make a collection of all your best recipes for human flesh.

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