Texas Mystified by Failure of Abstinence Education

The eyes of Texas are upon you. You cannot get away.

Report sharply criticizes sex education in Texas schools [Fort Worth Star-Telegram]

I believe this picture has something to do with Sport and/or porn. It’s the land of the pink, white and blue.

Texas probably has more sports-related T&A per square foot than anyplace else. Good luck with that abstinence shit you dumbasses. I expect nothing less from a state that twice sent the Dear Leader to the governor’s mansion and propelled him into national politics. Fuck Texas.

Soon summer will be here, the season of high-school cheerleader carwash fundraisers, the happiest time of the year!

If Tejas wants to improve abstinence all they need to do is make a poster of a pic of Rush Limbaugh with the caption “I had sex in High School.”

Speaking of which and a very cheap laugh Rush wonders why women hate him:

Nojo: are you saying that the woman in the photo practices abstinence? I think she practices something else.

a phrase i would have sworn could never pass my keyboard:
you go mississippi. we may have to let them back in the union for this.

texas: the loon star state

i’ve been muttering to myself all day since n.dakota passed a bill giving full rights to blastocyst americans. really shook me. this makes it a wash.

@baked: Its gonna be OK, don’t panic, North Dakota has been doing that since the 80s, they keep doing it and the laws keep getting struck down.

comment edit is fucking with me….sorry.

it pisses me off that they keep doing it.
it’s like the vatican taking a few centuries to rub their chins and say, ya know, maybe galileo had something there after all.

DEVELOPING: Norm Coleman wants to re-run the election.

Do it, Minnesota. Fucking do it. I haven’t had a good laugh in weeks.

I’ll bet that the voters screw with their ballots on purpose just to fuck with people. They should.

I wonder. If the state promoted promiscuity, would an increase in abstinence be the result? I’d like to see the the Pulic Service Ads for that campaign.

I haven’t seen one of those in years. Looks just like I remembered it.

“I thought I was no longer capable of being surprised by the ignorance among our students,” Wiley wrote in the report. “Then last year a sincere male student asked aloud, ‘What is my risk for cervical cancer?’

You can’t make that shit up. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

ADD: I mean, really. It boggles the mind.

Day Brightener/Schadenfreude Alert:
WaPo has an extremely bitchy account of Joe the Dumbass’ “book signing” at the DC Borders.

@Mistress Cynica:
JtD reminds of Spinal Tap, except funnier.

Marquee at next JtD Event:


Joa THE Dumber”

@Tommmcatt A Go-Go:
Bobby Hill?

Shakes head. I wonder if that guy also complains about menstrual cramps.

@Hose Manikin:
the state does promote promiscuity. first ammendment baby.
advertisers take full advantage of this right.every single ad on tv, or in print is designed with overt sexuality.
i was shocked at the mojito commercial, it’s x rated. ya know the one i’m talking about. the bartender slamming the mortar and pestle in beat with the grinding asses? and even the ones not so overt have sexual undertones.
sex sells everything. even kids toys.

@baked: Mohito commercial?

One good economic indicator – they continue to bring us pizza on Thursday. Of course I’d gladly give up the perks to keep the job.

@baked: @blogenfreude:
I loved that ad! Stopped me in my tracks every time. I don’t even like mojitos, but after that ad I found myself compelled to order one at a bar. It was not as satisfying as the commercial.

EDIT: oops. wrong link. fixed now.

@Mistress Cynica:
Most likely a book with big font, wide margins, small words, lots of platitudes. It’ll probably start showing up on remainders tables in 3 months.

As for Texas, the conservatives figured out that the best way to build their base is to keep them ignorant and reproducing.

We have our first nominee for tomorrow’s twitter.

@Hose Manikin: I can’t really nominate myself. I just invoke Executive Privilege.

Abstinence Education: Stop Giving it Away.

i’m kinda surprised anyone in Texas can spell either abstinence or promiscuity

@Jamie Sommers: A few days ago, to be honest. It’s been pretty fun so far. I’ve been whoring myself all over the internet.

Ignorance Only Edumacation: If we don’t tell the kids about S-E-X, they’ll never figure it out!

@Prommie: North Dakota has been doing that since the 80s, they keep doing it and the laws keep getting struck down.

I think you may be confusing it with the southernmost Dakota, my native state. :D And as soon as I say that, I have to point out that the first SD abortion ban was passed by the legislature but struck down by voters in a referendum, and the second one was an initiative that didn’t pass. This may be obvious to Stinquers, but every time “Dakota” and “abortion” are mentioned together on the Internet, someone starts talking about how South Dakotans are all uneducated misogynistic yokels, so I’m defending them pre-emptively.

As far as I know, all ND has so far is a “trigger ban” that would automatically go into effect if Roe v. Wade happened to be struck down.

shortsshortsshorts: It’s a fucking valuable thing. It’s fucking golden. Etc.

@shortsshortsshorts: Well then. You came to the right place. Welcome!

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