How to Recognize Living Under Nazis & Communists

Dave Weigel takes one for the team.

  • Gay flavored-dip bans
  • Urban chickens
  • Cursing edited from “live” broadcasts before they reach your time zone

  • Socialized stadiums
  • Jay Leno
  • Palm Pre girl hypnotizes you into running red lights, thinking they’re green
  • Elective wars
  • Local cable company abruptly stops carrying East Coast feed of Comedy Central
  • Large gatherings of angry stupid people
  • President Sarah Palin
Fear of Fascism, ‘Gay Agenda’ Dominates Conservative Kickoff for Midterm Elections [Washington Independent]

A few more:

5 irrefutable signs you’re living under Communism:

1) Black President.
2) Brake pads that only lasted 40k miles not covered under warranty.
3) PITA neighbor hasn’t mowed yard in weeks.
4) That little fuckweasel Marlon just got a raise.
5) Aged Chinese lady doing 50 in the LEFT GODDAMN LANE!

5 irrefutable signs you’re living under Nazism:

1) Black President
2) Kid crapped his pants just after you picked him up from daycare.
3) Got a letter from homeowner’s association about your “unkempt yard.”
4) Little shit behind the counter at Starbucks with the eyebrow ring and black lipstick insists you refer to a large coffee as “Venti’.”
5) Toyota in NASCAR.

@Serolf Divad:
I experienced communism this Sunday! Sign 5.

I’m thinking that A Fish Called Wanda is more brilliant than I’ve given it credit for and that Kevin Kline deserved the Oscar for his portrayal of Otto, who appears to be the fictional embodiment of every RW loon (not all RW are loons etc.)

“Apes don’t read Nietzsche Readers Digest”
“Yes they do, they just don’t understand it.”

Facism/Communism in any other color but white would be even more oppressive.

I think perhaps you missed the most obvious one:

Being forced to hold a lecture in a space called “Le Cafe.”

TJ: this just up on Yahoo News – “Just four months after the deal was announced, Sarah Palin finishes her 400-page book”. (probably afraid her colored marker pens would dry up before she got finished with her 1200 word book with pretty pictures. pg 1. I am smart. pg2. I like Jesus pg3. I like guns. p4. Trig is mine. pg5….)

Nojo, you sure are bitter about losing your East Coast feed of Comedy Central.

@ManchuCandidate: One of the greatest scenes ever, “Otto, the central tenet of buddhism is not “every man for himself.” But even better is when she is describing Otto to Cleese: “He’s so dumb, he thinks the Gettysburg address is where Lincoln lived.”

happy rabies day

it was actually yesterday but whatever

I had to walk through Rockefeller Center today and I was appalled that I had to look at Communist/Nazi art. It should be pulled down or covered up. Much like the Diego Rivera mural.

I am still trembling from this experience.

I can only imagine the trauma caused to innocent tourists from Oklahomo whose eyes are entirely unprepared for such an assault.

@Capt Howdy: Oh fuck, not that button! Hang on, everybody!

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