Sarah Palin is a Writer

PalinSignsSarah Palin is a writer, because that’s what unemployed governors do. Sarah Palin’s memoir is titled Going Rogue, because Going Maverick was apparently a tad too derivative. And, good news, readers! The book will be coming out early because Sarah Palin wrote it fast. This is probably either because she is such a great writer, or because it’s going to be a color by numbers book, to ensure that it is enjoyed by the majority of her supporters. Anyway, literature!

Sarah Palin: “Going Rogue” Hits Bookstores Early [The Christian Science Monitor]

How many times can she say “You betchya”?

I guess the dumbasses who buy her “book” are going to find out.

maybe its a typeo and its really “Going Rouge”

I read a lot of wingnut shit, but I don’t think I can make it through this thing. An audiobook? Not if she reads it.

I was hoping you’d use the photo of her signing the special needs baby (not hers).

Glenn Beck has finally denied the allegations … sort of.


Funny how he uses the WIPO to handle the case; apparently international law is bad unless it helps Glenn Beck.

@al2o3cr: When Michael Moore was on Keef the other day, they both acknowledged the absurdity of their situations: Keef works for GE, while Moore’s movies are distributed by Viacom. You works with what you got.

@blogenfreude: This sentence is a thing of beauty:

We do not have a declaration from the president of the international association of imbeciles that his members are blankly staring at the Respondent’s website wondering “where did all the race baiting content go?”

It is true that one chapter is just a series of Xerographic copies of her breasts pressed up against the glass flatbed?

TJ: funny picture – could Cooter with the microphone look any MORE inbred?

Also note an early appearance of both the “X is communism” and “X is the Antichrist” memes now so popular among teabaggers.

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