No Means No, Orly

Bam! Bam! Bam!Soviet Puppet/Shrub Appointee Judge Clay Land spent seven pages today smacking down Orly Taitz again, after Wednesday’s 14-page whack didn’t get the message through. Let’s listen in!

Instead of seriously addressing the substance of the Court’s order, counsel repeats her political diatribe against the President…, accuses the undersigned of treason, and maintains that ‘the United States District Courts in the 11th Circuit are subject to political pressure, external control, and … subservience to the same illegitimate chain of command which Plaintiff has previously protested.'”

You’re out of order! The whole trial is out of order!

Simply put, the motion is frivolous… Counsel’s conduct violates Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and sanctions are warranted.


Accordingly, Plaintiff’s motion for reconsideration is denied, and counsel for Plaintiff is ordered to show cause why the Court should not impose a monetary penalty of $10,000.00 upon Plaintiff’s counsel for her misconduct.

We’d be pissed too if you interrupted our lunch break to waste our time.

Judge To Orly Taitz: Why Shouldn’t I Fine You $10K? [TPM]

Warm Up The Bus [Chicago Bureau on Orly & Rule 11/Stinque, August 4]


Sua sponte, honey.

She has 14 days to respond to the rule to show cause. That might be the funniest thing ever filed in Court, like, ever.

Nojo, that means basically that he did fine her, he has ordered her to show cause why he should not. He he he. She forgot some of the canons of ethics.

Its the same thing I have mentioned before. A civil society depends entirely on respect for the decisions of whatever that society appoints as the decision-makers.

Plainly and simply, its sportsmanship, you try your best, and you accept the outcome. Period. You do not blame the refererees. The same decline in sportsmanship that has the victors doing victory dances and the losers crying about bad officials, that same decline in sportsmanship, is the change in our values that now has the losers of elections denying the legitimacy of the winners, the losers of lawsuits blaming activist judges.

A civil, stable society with a stable and orderly transition of power, something that, I must say this, is rare in the world, depends on sportsmanship, and of course integrity and honesty on the part of the decision makers.

@chicago bureau: Is she in the US, or still in Israel? There is no question, she is gonna be disbarred soon.

CB pointed the bat at center field back in August, and his prescience been appended to the post.

nojo: Well, not quite actually. See — I really thought that she only had one suit in the pipeline… the one she filed in Santa Ana seeking to depose Hillbot based upon the faked Kenyan birth certificate. But she’s got two cases? Good Lord — she may have more that have not reached the GTFO ruling stage yet.

You know what would be funny — if the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (filled with the judiciary’s version of the Justice League, in charge of reassigning identical cases in different courts to a unified judge and docket) decided to MDL all of Orly’s suits to a single judge. That judge would be officially and irrecovably punked.

But for the honors… I thank you. (If I recall, there were other hands on this as well, at least in the embryonic stages. SFL, for one, at least. The Rt Hon F.C. Saw also had some input, as did many others.)

@chicago bureau: I just like the fact we have an archive we can draw from.

There is a downside to this, though.

The $10,000 pricetag for Orly is fairly hefty for a sanction, historically speaking. Yes, it’s totally merited here. But… this might give her grounds for an… oh, dear, I can’t even say it without throwing up a little…

…an appeal.

We ain’t done with this yet. Not by a long shot.

@nojo: Can I massively threadjack, Nojo?

The friday night sex thread tradition died, after the inauguration, I actually think its related. But it did indeed die, from genuine lack of interest, and lack, for a while, of JNOV, and lack of ragingmmonk.

So be it. But I want to propose another lighthearted social oriented regular feature, a music topic, which invites people to talk about, and post links to, the music we are listening to. RML, myself, you, lots of us here are really into a diverse range of music, I know I would like to hear the suggestions and favoristes of all you all, and I think many would enjoy this, music TJs happen all the time here.

Whatcha think?

@Promnight: Also a lack of subject matter. Once you’ve done necrophilia, there’s not much left.

Promnight: I tried to make it a regular post (filed under “Music Nerding”), but never got off of Post No. 1 (in re Kristin Hersh). That was six months ago. Also.

If someone else wants to pick up the torch, be my guest.

This is very funny. Awesome sideshow.

Anyway, who fucking cares if our President was born here? That’s only something from the Constitution, which we all know is just toilet paper.

Beyond that, does anyone care about the continual affronts to the notion of Justice by the Obama administration? Does he even talk to Eric Holder? Does it even matter?

Maybe someone from Goldman Sachs can weigh in on the issue.

I voted for a Constitutional Law expert as President. Does that mean he just knows how to find the loopholes in the Bill of Rights?

@chicago bureau: Well, here is a band I just just just discovered, I heard one song three days ago, and had that moment the Replacements were describing in “Alex Chilton,” whats that song, I love that song, and I forgot the name, had to search down the sirius playlist for that day, just found this now, the band is Locksley,

Try the one called “My Kind of Lover,” best punky power pop beatelsy birdsy music I have heard in forever.

@nojo: Beating dead horses.

Necrophilia AND Beastiality.

I am also going to throw out some stinque lifestyle questions.

best wine under $10 a bottle?

Best box wine?

Best vodka for sipping as vodka on the rocks?

Is The Hangover really all that funny?

Best teen growing up comedy movie? Divided by generational cohort?

Bruce Sprinsgteen, Meh, or God?

The Beach, hot, salty, sticky, awkward place where one feels ashamed of ones pudgy pasty body, or the be all and end all of existence?

The Kindle, yea or nay?

@chicago bureau: I fucking loved Throwing Muses in the ’80’s. Haven’t kept up with Kristin, but I venerate her as a goddess. Still looking to replicate that first (?) album with the “rabbit” song…(?) I had it on cassette, lo those long years ago.

Wish I could buy it again on iTunes.


best wine under $10 a bottle?

Marques de Caceres Rioja

Best box wine?

not sure, but I encountered some interesting and okay-tasting boxed wines in Salt Lake City’s state stores

Best vodka for sipping as vodka on the rocks?

Mr. Pedo would say Skyy, I would probably say Belvedere

Is The Hangover really all that funny?

Haven’t seen it, waiting in Netflix queue

Best teen growing up comedy movie? Divided by generational cohort?


Bruce Sprinsgteen, Meh, or God?

Bruce is genuine, occasionally sublime, but overall…meh

The Beach, hot, salty, sticky, awkward place where one feels ashamed of ones pudgy pasty body, or the be all and end all of existence?

Depends on the beach

The Kindle, yea or nay?

The Kindle on the iPhone rocks!

@Pedonator: I would not flat out disagree on anything you say, all open up areas for further discussion.

Do please listen to this:

Thats some sublime happy rocky stuff.

@Promnight: I love that whole ’80’s vibe of trying to recreate the early ’60’s vibe. That was good. Even better if it’s being re-invented for NOW.

The kids these days, they don’t know what for.

@Pedonator: On cheap bottled wine, Kenwood has put out a downlable that sells for 6.99 or 7.99 thats amazing, for that price, but mostly I haunt the spanish wine aisle, Tajas, in particular, but lots of nice Bordeaux-ey wines for around $7.00.

I adore Blevedered, thought it the bees knees until I blind tasted it against Stolichnaya, for half the price, and you know what, the stoly rules, but triple distilled Smirnoff is good stuff, and for less money, Three Olives.

Teen comedy? I am of the Animal House generation, and also Caddyshack, but Dazed and Confused is the most accurate depiction of my own experience, really, amazingly, accurate.

@Promnight: Also, check out Mew for a Danish reinvention of prog-rock. Not anything like Sigur Ros, which I love, just very out there and groovy. But you have to be patient.

@Promnight: Well, there you go. Friend and I are a year older than Linklater, and we both thought Dazed missed the mark. We figured at the time that the year made all the difference.

Heathers, on the other hand, is The Only Teen Movie That Matters.

@Pedonator: I think its gone beyond imitation, I think that rock has matured, simply the span of time it now covers, it means that the youths of today look at the old music differently from the way we do, these bands, this Locksley, is working in the same general sound and genre as early 60s, but for these guys, its not nostalgia, like it is to us, and like it was to Marshall Crenshaw in the 80s, to these guys, this is a new discovery, and it makes the way they treat it much more vital, than the way someone who knew it when they were young would treat it.

For a little while, I was weirded out by the fact that Cheap Trick is going around performing the entire Seargent Pepper album, beginning to end, live, but then it hit me, its like that album has attained the status of a symphony, worthy of being recreated live, on its own merits, as a work of art, without regard to who is playing it. Rock began as a genre dependant on the personality of the artist, there was a cult of personality element, but now, the works are starting to be played as works of art, independant of the performer. Wow, you know?

Similarly, the young artists now who delve into older styles, its not done in the way we would do it, re-creating a lost time, they are simply using every element in what has become, during our lifetimes, a palette of styles available to new artists, to be combined and developed and changed and used to create something completely new. I truly believe the art form is developing into a mature art form, or maybe more accurately, a pop phenomenon previously dominated not by art but by personality, has acheived the depth such that the art now is more important than the personality. Just saying.

@nojo: Is it maybe because I went to high school in the south, where the social groups and divides happened to be exactly as portrayed in Dazed and Confused? Is there a regional thing to that? I do love Heathers beyond words, by the way, but it does not describe my experience.

@Promnight: I was raised on Animal House, Caddyshack, Monty Python, Spinal Tap, etc.

But you Stinquers slay me with your quotes and such, ’cause I just can’t do that shit. ‘Specially when you whip out the Blazing Saddles stuff.

@nojo: I hear THEY are considering a remake of Heathers. Shudder to think.

@Pedonator: Sacrilege!

Besides, I thought Tina Fey already did it.

Footnote: If Laugh-In was the first comedy that made me blow snot, Blazing Saddles was the second.

@Promnight: Well, my friend was a star high-school placekicker. In Pennsylvania. In York. So he was much closer to the Linklater vibe, and it didn’t reach him.

On the other hand, I can attest that the majority of Eugene audiences watching Slacker discovered that our town had a soulmate.

@Promnight: Yeah, but some people are actually making very good “rock” music now, and, I think, they always will.

Or whatever you want to call it, rock, pop, soul, etc. I don’t keep up on it like I did in my ’20’s, but once in a while I really connect with something.

I have a feeling my Mew fascination may be fleeting, but even if I’m “middle-aged” (an optimistic designation), I don’t wanna be like my uncles and aunts who insist pop music reached its zenith with Steely Dan’s Aja.

@Pedonator: I know every single word to Caddyshack by heart, and most of animal house. I enjoy those movies immensely as comforting old friends. But I am always looking for better. I never felt the American Pie stuff came up to that level, but there was a newer movie I just saw, I forget the name now, that I loved, I will come back to that.

We have a book club, but you know, we should have a movie club, we all watch the movie and compare notes.

Now here is one I love, and noone else I have ever spoken to likes it, Welcome to the Doghouse. I think that movie has insights and observations about the human condition that are more profound than a lot of developmental psych I have read, and it also speaks to the develelopment of abusive relationships and codependency, and so many pathologies, its a painful movie, but it is so fucking true. Weinerdog in the end has a boyfriend, but their relationship is something like consensual rape, because the girl cannot accept that a boy would want her, and the boy cannot admit that his desire is based on true affection, and they both hide their feelings and feel more secure viewing the relationship as one of domination and rape, rather than affection and love, and it shows the earliest stages of this pathological view of sexual relations, which later develops into the frat boy rapist and the willing sexual conquests who feel that their degradation is the best chance they have at being wanted and loved. I found the movie chilling to the core, for all these reasons. I think it developed and presented insights into the pathology of modern sexual relations among young people that are truly valuable, if extremely uncomfortable to acknowledge.

@nojo: I blow snot whenever I hear the phrases “Nina Totenberg” or “SCOTUS” on the NPR mainline drip during the morning commute.

Do ya think Mel Brooks is pleased or horrified that his parody of racial tensions has come to life?

Best drag name evah: Miss Rachel Tensions!

@Original Andrew: We need Mel Brooks to create a musical about the Teabaggers right now.

@Promnight: My mom likes Caddyshack. Me, I just consider it the nail in the coffin of American comedy that Animal House provided.


9 to 5 is my life. In college my friends and I would drive around listening to the movie on tape.

FSM help us when we discovered the Sexist, Egotistical, Lying, Hypocritical Bigot edition.

AND the español subtitles: “!Me dispero a dentro de mi bolsa!”

Is The Hangover really all that funny?
A: I haven’t seen it yet. Enjoyed Old School though

Best teen growing up comedy movie? Divided by generational cohort?
A: Heathers. Breakfast Club. Top Gun… oh you mean intentional comedies.

Bruce Sprinsgteen, Meh, or God?
A: I’m more agnostic about the Boss. He’s got some good stuff, but I’m not a fan of all of it.

The Beach, hot, salty, sticky, awkward place where one feels ashamed of ones pudgy pasty body, or the be all and end all of existence?
A: Mostly Ashamed. In my early 30s, no. All that gym time and running paid off…

The Kindle, yea or nay?
Nay. I prefer the tree killing, dioxin creating paper.


I am also going to throw out some stinque lifestyle questions.

best wine under $10 a bottle? Norton Malbec, $9.99

Best box wine? Don’t do box wine.

Best vodka for sipping as vodka on the rocks? Have not had vod on the rocks since forever.

Is The Hangover really all that funny? Damn. I missed it. I can tell you, however, that X Men Origins: Wolverine WAS FUCKING AWESOME.

Best teen growing up comedy movie? Divided by generational cohort? No opinion.

Bruce Sprinsgteen, Meh, or God? Well, like I said before, I really dislike Brucie’s music, but having seen him in communion with 19,000 people on Good Friday in Denver, I have to say that he is a top notch entertainer and deserves his rep as a god of live music. Dude turns 60 real soon, too.

The Beach, hot, salty, sticky, awkward place where one feels ashamed of ones pudgy pasty body, or the be all and end all of existence? I forget about being self conscious when I’m crashing the waves with my boy. Every time we go to the beach I want to move to Cali.

The Kindle, yea or nay? I am totally into the public library.

Dying for a martini but I have to pull my rifle and pistols out of the locker first. Spent the evening inventorying my stocks of ammo before spending a rainy weekend reloading, hopefully. I have to look at that crap, too, to see what I have on hand. If the weather clears I’m the landscaping crew at my mother in law’s this weekend.

Saw “9” tonight. Left me puzzled.

Afraid I have to answer N/A to most, but for the record…

Bruce Sprinsgteen, Meh, or God? Certainly had some Brucies among my college crowd, but I was just discovering Pink Floyd at that moment.

The Beach. I’ll pass on SoCal Spring Break beaches, but there was a time in my life when Oregon beaches were my only refuge. Walk one direction until your mind floats away, then walk back.

The Kindle, yea or nay? I have a deep suspicion I’m going to be seduced by Apple’s mythical iTablet.

@ManchuCandidate: Top Gun is just gay porn. There really is no other explanation for that movie.

I thought reading books on my iPhone would be onerous, but actually it’s pretty good. To the point where I don’t think I need to buy a Kindle. Srsly, folks, I had books stacking up all over the place until I embraced the e-shit.

Now I just read it all on the phone, and I get most of my books that way. I know, it’s new-school, but it’s good for the environment, yes?


I have a deep suspicion I’m going to be seduced by Apple’s mythical iTablet.

I’m waiting for that too.

@Promnight: Well, since we have no girls represented, I’ll chime in.

best wine under $10 a bottle?
La Vieille Ferme, $8.99 (red and white). And yes, it’s French.

Best box wine?
Haven’t had any.

Best vodka for sipping as vodka on the rocks?
I never think of vodka as a sipping drink. Last vodka I bought (for Xmas morning bloody mary’s) was Crater Lake, made in Oregon.

Is The Hangover really all that funny?
I don’t find hangovers remotely amusing.

Best teen growing up comedy movie? Divided by generational cohort?
Nothing tops Heathers. My high school revenge fantasy realized.

Bruce Sprinsgteen, Meh, or God?
Mediocre adulterer. I never got it.

The Beach, hot, salty, sticky, awkward place where one feels ashamed of ones pudgy pasty body, or the be all and end all of existence?
The ocean always makes me happy. I even like Miami Beach.

The Kindle, yea or nay?
Haven’t tried it. Can definitely see the appeal for travel.

ADD: back on topic, may I say how much I heart Rule 11?

@Mistress Cynica: The absolute best thing about the Kindle, even though I don’t have one, is that you can get a book right now. Instant gratification.

OK, maybe that’s a scary thing. But I love being able to read all the Percy Jackson Greek snuffalufagus stuff right away, on my phone. It’s much better than using the phone to actually talk to people.

@Pedonator: And you can have it taken away just as fast. But Amazon promises not to do that again.

@nojo: I know, it’s pathetic that Amazon controls my ability to read. I expect them to deliver my book list to Eric Holder or his minions. I only hope that Obama himself will observe my torture and then look forward not back. America First!

Bringing up the rear on the female front:

best wine under $10 a bottle?
Archeo 2006 Nero d’Avola Italy $4 – for those near a Trader Joe’s

Best box wine?
Haven’t had box wine in years (one must have standards and mine is 4 bucks at Trader Joe’s)

Best vodka for sipping as vodka on the rocks?
Don’t drink vodka straight. That is what scotch is for – speaking of scotch – Laphroig – the peetier the better

Is The Hangover really all that funny? Haven’t seen it but a trusted source says pretty funny.

Best teen growing up comedy movie? Divided by generational cohort? Heathers definitely, but fond nod to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Bruce Sprinsgteen, Meh, or God?
I have both loved and hated Bruce. There have been times in my life that hearing his music was like nails on a chalkboard, and other times that I thought he was Michael to Bob Dylan’s Gabriel. What I’m sure about is that he looks as hot in those jeans at 59 as he did in 1975.

The Beach, hot, salty, sticky, awkward place where one feels ashamed of ones pudgy pasty body, or the be all and end all of existence?

There is nothing like swimming in the ocean. I don’t want to sound hippie-dippie California about this, but ocean swimming connects you with the planet in a way that standing on it doesn’t. Ok, fine, it’s like returning to the womb. So, yes, on land I can be self-conscious about my body, but in the ocean I could give a shit.

The Kindle, yea or nay?
I stare at a computer screen all day long. I like the physical sensation of a book. Not to mention, libraries have always been my refuge. I used to skip school and go to the downtown library. So nay on the Kindle, though I can understand appeal.

Like the idea of a music thread…

@CheapBoy: Huzzah!

@nojo: York, PA: Our Nation’s first capital.

@Pedonator: Yes to all (esp Springsteen) except I like Ketel One.

@JNOV: Fuck y’all under the English flag. The first capital of New Spain north of Chihuahua was tha Indin village of Okeh Owinge in 1598 30 miles north of where I sit drankin the Tanquery.

And: here’s “I Will Follow” by U2, 1980. Bitchez. Been a fan since then.

@JNOV: Since I have crashed and burned there, no. OTH, I would not just buy any one’s cockatoo.

@Original Andrew:

mel brooks is really a serious, sensitive and smart guy, furious about racism of any kind.
i saw an interview during which he teared up, and said that exposing, pointing and giggling was the only way to survive. hitler, in particular, provoked such grief in him, his only escape was to mock. to laugh. not very different than what we do here. mel’s been appalled for some time, and there is no end in sight.
i think sacha baron cohen is heir apparent.

Best wine under $10 a bottle?

I’m a sucker for Columbia Crest, out of Washington.

Best box wine?

No such thing.

Best vodka for sipping as vodka on the rocks?

I don’t do vodka, really. Whiskey for me. Bourbon is better. Maker’s Mark is my favorite.

Is The Hangover really all that funny?

Didn’t see it. There’s an SNL guy in it. That’s the Good Housekeeping Seal of Suck right there.

Best teen growing up comedy movie? Divided by generational cohort?

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” holds up well, doesn’t it?

Bruce Sprinsgteen, Meh, or God?

Neither. I don’t think he would want to be referred to as a god. Wouldn’t be like him.

The Beach, hot, salty, sticky, awkward place where one feels ashamed of ones pudgy pasty body, or the be all and end all of existence?

The Beach is a total pass. (A) I am not Brad Pitt. (B) Every time I have a stray eye or two land on a pair of bewbies, I feel shame.

The Kindle, yea or nay?

C’mon, people. Print newspapers are dying, and you want to buy a book with no pages to turn? Jeez.

@Original Andrew:

max bialystock: “that’s exactly why we want to produce this play. to show the world the true hitler, the hitler you loved, the hitler you knew, the hitler with a song in his heart !!!”

@chicago bureau:

no kindle for me…such a delight to carefully open the cover…
reading every word even on the copyright page, savoring, anticipating.
the feel of the paper, the sweet aroma of a book that’s never been opened before, it thrills me.
i was telling prommie that as a very small child, 2 or 3, i was obsessed with text that i hadn’t yet learned to decipher. i drove people crazy–i just HAD to know what EVERYthing said. i wanted a rosetta stone.
he told me, “oh, you’re mildly autistic, aspergery, with OCD and ADD”

the kindle is really kinda awesome, but the mentally ill among us will continue to worship Book.

Late to this party but before I start my work day thought I’d chime in:

Best wine under $10 a bottle?

I’ve been buying delicious Argentinian wine which hovers around that price. Though I do tend to think if it ain’t Franch it ain’t wine.

Best box wine?

Pardon me?

Best vodka for sipping as vodka on the rocks?

My preferred way to drink vodka. Favorite would be Tito’s – first bought at a Trader Joe in LA. It’s reasonable and delicious. Skyy and Finlandia not bad. Stoly gives me a headache though it does make a good Blood Mary.

Is The Hangover really all that funny?

No idea.

Best teen growing up comedy movie? Divided by generational cohort?

Les Enfants Terribles. Just kidding. Um. That 70s Show. Wonderful writing – of its kind – direction and performances.

Bruce Sprinsgteen, Meh, or God?

No idea. But, let me say, RML in a sideways kind of way turned me on to my current fave, the counter-tenor Phillipe Jarrousky. Gorgeous voice.

The Beach, hot, salty, sticky, awkward place where one feels ashamed of ones pudgy pasty body, or the be all and end all of existence?

Don’t have the patience any more to lie on a beach. But I’ve always enjoyed taking my clothes off in public. Indeed, when I was in my gym hunk phase I could hardly keep them on.

The Kindle, yea or nay?

I like to hold a book. When I don’t like what I’m reading I like to throw it across the room.

@baked: I find him so brilliantly funny and so undisciplined. The idea of The Producers is quite wonderful but the part of the director is hideous, there is no excuse – Brooks always had that profoundly homophobic attitude (The French Mistake) common among New York TV people in the 50s. And once the bimbo shows up the movie is in the tank till the show itself. And then there is the casting of the profoundly unfunny Dick Shawn as Hitler. One has to hold one’s hand before one’s eyes so as not to see. My favorite, and I think his most coherent fillum, is Young Frankenstein. Particularly because of that haunting score by Johnny Morris who wrote for all his films. A very under-rated composer. But the other movies are best quoted from, I think.

@Benedick says Keep on Fucking that Chicken:
i have never even SEEN wine in a box, let alone drink it.

you think he’s homophobic? i read his “fagelah” jokes in the same context of his skewering every other stereotype, he leaves no group unturned.
(compare to baron-cohens lounge act:–“throw the jew down the well”)

my 2 fave brooks musical numbers:
“we’re men! we’re men in tights!” and of course, “puttin on the ritz”

@Promnight: Guess I’m late to the game.

best wine under $10 a bottle?
Rosenblum Winery’s Chateau Le Paws pinot noir, on sale for $9.99 at TJ; or Benziger’s Sauvignon Blanc at $8.99
Both California wines

Best box wine?

Best vodka for sipping as vodka on the rocks?
Tito’s Vodka made in Austin Texas
I think the best vodka for a martini is Smirnoff, believe it or not.

Is The Hangover really all that funny?
Is that a movie?

Best teen growing up comedy movie? Divided by generational cohort?

The Breakfast Club
Say Anything
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

(can you tell in which decade I was a teen – I guess Breakfast Club and Say Anything weren’t comedies but they had some hilarious scenes)

Bruce Sprinsgteen, Meh, or God?
He’s an amazingly talented and disciplined musician. And I’m with Cassandra, still looks hot in those jeans at 59. But not God.

The Beach, hot, salty, sticky, awkward place where one feels ashamed of ones pudgy pasty body, or the be all and end all of existence?
I love the Pacific Ocean beach – pounding surf in the north; warm sand and cold water in the south. I’m not as big of a fan of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico beaches.

The Kindle, yea or nay?
I think it will be obsolete like the Palm Pilot (remember those?) in another two years.

@baked: I probably shouldn’t use the H word but yes, I do find his benign contempt offensive in the extreme and for me it really pollutes Producers. There is simply no reason to portray the director in the terms in which he’s presented plus there is no reality whatsoever in his ‘boyfriend’ or indeed in his career: if he’s so terrible how can afford that house? But those joke jocks, which is how he began, are as macho in their attitude as jazz jocks. I daresay the man has moved on – and he is brilliant in small doses – but still. I didn’t see Men in Tights because I anticipated a lot of mincing about and limp-wristing and I get enough of that at work.

Mel’s two best movies were collaborations: Saddles with a Gang of Five (including Richard Pryor), and Frankenstein with Gene Wilder (whose idea it was). Creative tension becomes him.

@cassandra_said: Ooh, yes, Laphroig. Also like the peaty one from Orkney–Highland something. But straight, not on the rocks. I was at an academic conference in the UK and was having drinks with a group that included the acting head of the Bodleian Library at Oxford, who ordered The MacCallan (12 yr) on the rocks with soda. The three Scots at the table almost stroked out right there, and we mocked him for the rest of the conference.

@Benedick says Keep on Fucking that Chicken: The Brooks line I quote most often is “Could be worse. Could be raining.” from YF. Perfect for any bad situation.
And I missed where the “fucking the chicken” line came from, so I’m not getting the joke. :(

@SanFranLefty: The barrier islands off the Carolinas, where I spent summers growing up, are the one part of the Atlantic coast I prefer to the Pacific. The sand is packed hard as concrete, and the water is wonderfully warm from the Gulf Stream. For dramatic beauty though, can’t beat the Oregon coast. And it has the advantage of being so cold that you never have to worry about how you look in a swimsuit. Everything is camouflaged in fleece.

@nojo: Thank you for link. I hate to take time out of your busy Saturdays. I know how you like to curl up with the London, New York, Tokyo and Helsinki recordings of Phantom to compare nuance.

@Mistress Cynica: Just happened Wednesday night, so too soon to tell. But if anything, Ernie Anastos should be rewarded for his contribution to American culture.

@Promnight: Wait wait wait!!!! Read this early AM and first thought was to slap high five ma brotha! (doesn’t it make you cringe when Limeys – see earlier posting as to definition — attempt Yankspeak? I know it does me) The Dollhouse! You and me both. (I was in a play with the mother. Now maybe you’ll respect me) Though I must say the writer/director’s (don’t you hate hyphenated job-descriptions?) next fillum Happiness is one of my faves ever. About how sexual maturity destroys your life and features several unappetizing cum-shots: one on the railing of a boy’s grandmother’s condo in FL. But– the scene with the son of, what? 9? who discovers that his father has drugged and raped his friends and who finds that he is jealous is entirely astounding. And if my description sounds creepy it has nothing on the scene itself. I recommend you all log in to Dr. Netflix post-haste. He has what you need.

@Mistress Cynica: Friends and I are talking about a beach house rental on the east coast next summer. Carolinas are in play. Any suggestions?

@redmanlaw: Way back when, I was ranting (surprise!) about something to do with something and you sent me to a youtube of some other thing – and through that I found Jaroussky. It had to do with my obsession with the unrecorded human voice and the baroque tradition. I mentioned the American David Daniels (are we aware that there are American men who sing like women? Never mind DADT. We should institue DSLW) You were pointing to a German – who is formidable – but, through the many derogatory comments on the Tube of You, I found Phillipe – who is divine. Don’t be surprised if we both show up on your doorstep one day. Don’t think I didn’t keep the image you sent of effete Limey members of the nation. And OK. It’s a stretch to apply that to the Franch since they take effete to a whole new level but… am’n’t we all humans underneath? (*cough*not Newt Gingrich*cough)

@cassandra_said: Sapelo. Georgia. Very difficult but there are some places available.


best wine under $10 a bottle?
The Little Penguin Shiraz

Best box wine?
Banrock Station – the reds. Study, enjoyable and flavorful with an agreeable character for the diner table. In another life, in Australia, I drank a good deal of very good ‘cask’ wine. The best I remember being Cooringah, of unrecorded provenance but very satisfying at the end of the day with a home-cooked meal. There were, in fact, in that time, the late 1980s, a good many quality wines packed in bladder-box packaging that was designed with a foil-covered plastic bag that would collapse gradually as the wine was consumed, actually providing a better environment after the package was opened than a corked bottle, by limiting the wine’s contact with air and thus minimizing oxidation. It a brilliant Australian innovation and illustration of the power of positive packaging.

Best vodka for sipping as vodka on the rocks?
None. Vodka is a drunk’s drink.

Is The Hangover really all that funny?

Best teen growing up comedy movie? Divided by generational cohort?
They’re all kind of treacly but Sixteen Candles could have worked if dreamboat had shown up at the church after the sister’s wedding cleared out and the two of them pestorked themselves into a coma on the altar.

Bruce Sprinsgteen, Meh, or God?
Early Bruce, OK tunes, fine arranging. Later Bruce, what’s to remember.

The Beach, hot, salty, sticky, awkward place where one feels ashamed of ones pudgy pasty body, or the be all and end all of existence?
Be all. You have to actually live on them for a few months, and not just swim but to spend large parts of the day in seawater to understand how tragic our lives are to be away from the sea.

The Kindle, yea or nay?
Yea, but not as any kind of replacement for the glories of a printed page.

@Benedick says Keep on Fucking that Chicken: Oooh that looks like all kinds of fabulous. Into the mix it goes.

@redmanlaw: Must have been that thing on castrati from a while back.. You have a memory. I congratulate you. That was it. Phillipe is the total hot jew nerd as reconfigured by Yves St Laurent into a stunning performer. Would never have found him without you. Am listening to his CD of Franch art songs (I know!) which is gorgeous. And then he has recorded Handle to stunning effect. He is not on iTunes. Steve Jobs will pay.

@cassandra_said: I always went to Fripp Island, SC (off the coast of Beaufort). Very quiet and private (at least then) but only one restaurant/bar (the Beach Club). You can go meet the shrimp boats over on St Helena Island and buy your dinner straight off the boat. Boil it in beer with a Zatarain’s shrimp boil packet, serve with corn and tomatoes from one of the roadside stands. Heaven.
One of my sisters has a place on Edisto. Pawley’s Island has a famous ghost (the Gray Man) that predicts hurricanes. Sullivan and Kiawah are nearer Charleston and are pricier. Hilton Head is horribly overdeveloped–avoid at all costs. I haven’t heard of the place Benedick suggests, but if it’s near Jekyll Island and Sea Island, it will be easier to get to because you can fly into Jacksonville, FL. Access is always the issue with the Carolina islands, which is one reason they’re nice and far less crowded.

@redmanlaw: That was it. Castrati. Good times.

And the Silver Streak? Such lovely things they could do. My brotha.

@Benedick says Keep on Fucking that Chicken: First I have to get through five hours of Jodhaa Akbar.

Clash of armies. Swordfighting. With elephants. Fucking awesome.


You have to actually live on them for a few months, and not just swim but to spend large parts of the day in seawater to understand how tragic our lives are to be away from the sea.


@Pedonator: Oh, I totally loved the Muses/Kristen/Juliana Hatfield thing. I caught the JH3 and Sinic Youth in Mass about ten years ago, in a corn field, Thurston signed my frisbee and Im convinced that J Mascis was standing behind me.

An occasional music thread would be awesome. I propose ‘worst appropriation of a classic tune for commercial purposes’, ‘Lust For Life’ especially included.

@JNOV: Two years living on the south Pacific coast of Guatemala. Hammerhead sharks and an undertow that almost killed me. Twice. ‘The beach is a place that a man can feel he’s the only soul in the world that’s real’: P. Townshend

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: I was a cocktail waitress (ahem, beverage server) in an Atlantic City casino one summer (for a month, but I might have told that story here). One night I decided to swim in the inlet between AC and Brigantine because the moon was sooo bright and the inlet so placid. So, I stripped down to my skivvies and damn near drowned. I probably could have treaded water while the current took me (hopefully) to Brigantine, but I freaked out in the rip tide. Somehow I ended up back on the beach.

Anyway, although I technically live in a land-locked state, I can’t live much farther from the ocean than I am now. Just knowing it’s there, that I can get to it to hear it and smell it and see it comforts me.

:@nojo: WAIT A MINUTE. You didn’t discover Floyd until college?? I turned a classical music guy onto Floyd (and acid…) just so I could glom onto his Bose 901s. I put ‘Interstellar Overdrive’ on the loaner iPod I let Jr use, and he declared it ‘too long’. Not bad, mind you, so we’re on track.

@JNOV: When we all meet up in the Great DC Stinque Up, we can swap near-death stories. Guatemala almost claimed me three times.

Coctail waitressing, Midship(wo)man, eeleet law skewl gal who fights DJs? We contain multitudes!!

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: Late bloomer. Had to get over Captain & Tenille first.

I’m not proud of my youth, but it’s mine.

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: Remind me to tell you about how I was kidnapped. On my birthday. Not for ransom, either.

@nojo: Understood, I guess our pasts had to diverge over more than band/not band. When Husker Du name checked Mary Tyler Moore, I knew my youth had not been misspent.

ADD: Fuckin A Texas, good time for an interception!!

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: I freaked when the English Beat covered an Andy Williams song.

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: Actually, in fairness to my youth, I didn’t really discover music until college, despite my years in band. Until then, most of my albums were comedy.

@nojo: And Andrew Lloyd Webber, at least according to Benedick.

GO LONGHORNS!!!!!!!!!!!

And again, let’s all say together, “Heh-heh” to U$C losing to the 0-15 U-Dub Huskies. I knew I loved them because they have a doggie as their mascot and half my family members went to U-Dub.

Oh, shit, wrong thread.
/will return to posthaste

@cassandra_said: You should consider LBI, in New Jersey, its a walk back in time, its been amazing to me, to move to this area, and learn to know this island, its not like the rest of Jersey, not at all, and the beaches, they are to die, white sugary sand, clear water, I have been to the outer banks in summer and it is a hot windy place, like a blast furnace. The LBI vibe is hippy old time surfer,longboards, kids skateboarding up and down the streets, long hair, puka shell necklaces, bodysurfing, and a bar scene with oldies bands you can dance to.

@Benedick says Keep on Fucking that Chicken: I am so glad someone else, and someone whose taste and intellect I so respect, had the same reaction to Welcome to the Dollhouse. You know, I was an English Lit major, and outside what I was reading in that, I discovered Woodhouse and Evelyn Waugh and between those two, I have this deep saturation in two views of British Upper society, hyper-cynical, and fond light-hearted nostalgia for the anciene regime. Thats all beside the point, however. I was a lit major, and I really don’t make any distinction between drama, cinema, and print, to me its one art, and I value it to the extent it presents valid insights and observations of the human condition, of life for us poor mortals, that helps us put it in perspective and accept it, react to it, oppose whats bad, support whats good. Welcome to the Dollhouse was one of the most painful things I ever watched. I think it set forth some observations, dramatized and explained some facets, of our current culture, and of one of the most difficult parts of our culture, sexuality, in a way that is unique, groundbreaking, important. It made some points I have never seen expressed about what leads some to embrace victimhood, and what forces others to be exploiters.

Its completely, hair-raisingly horrific the way the movie explains why Weinerdog is complicit in her exploitation, because the boy exploiting her is the only boy who pays attention to her, his exploitation is the only form of need, want, desire, by another person, she has ever experienced. And he is just a simpleton, also an outcast, who knows no other way to act, because of his background and social issues. Painful, painful, horrifying, and painful, it touched me, that movie.

A love story in which the happy ending is a rape, but is it a rape, its two people interacting in the only way they know how, so damaged by their outcast status, that this is the only way they can interact, the only way he can feel comfortable with his affection for her is by hiding it behind aggression and domination, the only way she can react, wanting his affection, is to play along in the charade he feels it necessary to put on.

And its all about physical attractiveness, he could not, in the face of the societal pressures about physical attractiveness, admit that he really loved her, he had to hide it, “I am just fucking her,” and she goes along, because she is so beaten down, and inside seems to know, that this is the cover he needs to get over the shame of being with her, when she is “ugly.”

Painful, painful.

I am always, when mindful, so filled with sorrow for the sad and awkward and unattractive, what pain there lives must have.

I will have to look up the next movie that you mention.

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