“Values Voters”

The rage is strong in them:

Wow – they even did it to head cheerleader Fox News:


Saw this yesterday:


Here’s the ad I wish the Dems had the balls to run:

(open with the now-famous plane crashing into the WTC)
Voiceover: We’ve spent hundreds of billions of dollars to make sure this never happens again.

(video cut to a 3×5 matrix of the same shot, looping)
Voiceover: So why aren’t Republicans willing to spend the same to stop a 9/11 worth of Americans killed every 27 days – because health insurance is too expensive?

Yes, horribly tasteless and manipulative. But so is the opposition, and for far less of a reason.

Stupid talking head asshole. Did he really think he’d break news standing in the middle of the Nuremberg rally? He should have gotten the syllabi for the festivals of hate in the break-out sessions and reviewed twisted propaganda and then chased around the lecturers and asked how they researched their class presentations in order to make claims that the earth is actually cooling and Obama is an afrosupremist white baby eater.

Oh, and there’s actually been a real DEATH PANEL sighting – somebody alert the Talibunny:


Unfortunately, it’s at CIGNA…

from WIKI
Values are considered subjective, vary across people and cultures and are in many ways aligned with belief and belief systems.

your mileage may vary.

Anybody else watch the Fox News video and wonder when the upset guy was going to say, “Brainnnss” like in a zombie movie?

@al2o3cr: Not quite. I was just wondering when the creepy old man was going to molest the reporter.

I can’t raise too much sympathy for that reporter, though. When you’ve spent the whole summer year patting the pit bulls on the head for snarling and attacking others, you can’t complain when those dogs start snarling and attacking you. Faux News, you done trained ’em to be that way.

These are the same douchebags who show up to health care town halls to shout down the speaker.

So, fuck ’em.

@Serolf Divad: I watched it with sound and thought he should have told the lady, “Distraction? Concerned about a distraction? How about I distract you right about now and take a mighty dump in the middle of your neonazi hate fest?”

@Serolf Divad: These are the same douchebags who show up to health care town halls to shout down the speaker.

So, fuck ‘em.

Unfortunately saying that doesn’t really address the problem, does it? I haven’t heard any of the teabaggers saying they’re planning to leave the country or kill themselves. Like it or not these people are here and they’re going to stay here. They’ll cast votes and make a lot of noise. They’re the liberal’s version of African Americans or gays or illegal immigrants.

We will probably need to allow the twenty-something and older generations of conservatives to act out and hold their rallies for the balance of their lifetimes. I think President Obama is taking the correct course by talking directly to school children. That is where real education and exposure to a wider world can pay dividends both for this nation and for the whole world.

The people at this conference make me think of the last dinosaurs bellowing about those damned mammals.

@blogenfreude: They didn’t want him filmed while lighting the cross.


They fired Dick Cook, head of the Studio for 38 years! Things are gonna get even more interesting at the mouse….word is that they’re looking at the head of Marvel as the replacement. I’ll drop by this weekend to say “hi”. Hope all is well!


@Tommmcatt Floats: Its amazing how sometimes this jujitsu happens in corporate takeovers.


Things are gonna shake up all over because of this. No wonder they are looking at a reorg….the overlords are all looking to move up a slot over this.

Oh, and Great-Grandpa there is what passes for a heckler among that crowd? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

@Tommmcatt Floats: Joe Quesada, the EIC that brought Marvel back from irrelevance or Avi Arad, the movie guy who makes Dr Doom look like a mean girl? I recommend picking up the Marvel 70th anniversary commemorative magazine at your local newsstand. Your maus may end up with green skin and purple pants.

@redmanlaw: The Incredibles II is gonna be awesome.

@nojo: The family should take on the Fantastic Four then unite under the Avengers to address an external threat. The kids could go with the X-Men. Everyone teams up for the final battle. Special guest appearance by Namor, prince of Atlantis.

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