First Round Is On Us

What?  Good news?CNN has confirmed that Laura Ling and Euna Lee are, in fact, out of North Korea and on the plane with Bill Clinton.

All snark about Bubba succeeding (and perhaps showing up Bill Richardson in the process) aside: allow me to say the only thing that matters.

They’re coming home.  Thank God.


No, thank Big Dog. No one can say ‘no’ to the big dog.

Amen, CB. I could snark here about how they’re in more danger now, on a plane with the biggest horn dog in the world–whom they owe big time–but that would be wrong.

You’re cheering now, but just wait till you read the Starr report on what Bubba had to do to Kim Jong Il to seal the deal.

P.S: Don’t eat hot dogs or oysters for lunch.

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