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And you don’t need a pilot’s license!

I can only begin to imagine the injuries and property damage that thing will cause. I smell a Darwin Award.

Who, exactly, thought this was a good idea?


Those looked so much cooler on The Jetsons.

Great. With a couple of checks from Soros, can have its own airforce. We can have big BBQ lunches and fly over tea bagger rallies in the evening and deliver rancid, squishy payloads.

Can you imagine? People flying into buildings, powerlines, birds, each other. I mean I can do stupid things too – if I could I’d race touring cars. But this thing seems to be a whole new level of stupid.

A “recreational sport vehicle”? Way to suck all the potential cool out of it. (as if the looks of the thing didn’t do so already)

It’s all horseshit.

As soon as he’s paid for development and shaken out the bugs he will take these straight to law enforcement with videos of The Minority Report and regale cops with fantasies about swooping in on anarchists with guns on full auto, guts and gore spewing everywhere.

“Fucking hippies and faggots fucking running for their fucking lives and you ripping them the fuck to shreds! YEAH! YOU! FUCKING DEALING DEATH TO LIBERAL FUCKS from the fucking SKY! If that don’t make you fucking hard, you ain’t a fucking American! AIR power is WHITE POWER!”

@FlyingChainSaw: Well, if the Segway saga is anything to go by, we need only worry about seeing these things on mall cops.

I’m holding out for the second-gen model that flies five feet above the ground.

Chuck Norris is a piece of shit and someone needs to back up over him in a 1970 Buick and take a long piss on his face.

@FlyingChainSaw: True story; the Atlantic City police force tried to buy some absurd ultralight idiocy, I think it was one of those powered parachute things, its precisely the scenario you predicted with this thing, oh, the wonderful stupidity of it. I was in favor of it, I thought they should get one for every cop, could you imagine the carnage? Cops falling from the sky like blue rain.

Amazingly, the city counsel kiboshed it, and this is a city counsel of such tremendous idiocy and criminality it boggles the mind. The latest scandal in AC, one councilman hired a hooker, hid cameras in a motel room, and paid the hooker to pick up another councilman and lure him back to the hotel room, she was succesful, they got what must be a fantastically hilarious sex tape that I am sure the prosecutors and cops have been screening in the break room constantly ever since they seized it. The entrapped councilman, just to put the icing on the cake, is the pastor of a large church in the city. That trial is just about to start.

@SanFranLefty: Did Megan just call Newell a pussy for still working there?

Most people can’t handle movement in one or two dimensions. Three? Definitely Darwin Award material.

Not as funny or painless as George Michael Bluth fighting Mr F aka Moleman aka Analrapist though.

Flying cars would have eliminated most of humanity.

@FlyingChainSaw: Chuck’s actual name is Carlos per IMDB. How do we know he’s not one of those Messicans? Huh? Huh?

I think it has to do with the fact that she left Gawker last week (or some new info came to light.)

@SanFranLefty: He better submit to a mitochondrial DNA test or be banished from White American TV forever, then convicted of treason and thrown from a helicopter, of course, over the Gulf of Mexico where he belongs!

Ya gotta watch them kiwis.

If it’s not jet packs, they are making cruise missiles in the shed out the back

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