DEVELOPING HARD: Mark Buehrle, of the Chicago White Sox, throws a perfect game this afternoon.  Twenty-seven up, twenty-seven down. It’s happened 17 times (including today) in the past 110 years.

In response, the following comment appears on the Chicago Sun-Times website:

nobama08 wrote:
Now that the Sox have one, Obama can tax perfect games, too.

I fucking give up.


Perfection is sweet, congrats to Buehrle.

Re-cue the rightwingblogfucktards’ OMG! Obama wears a ChiSox jacket AND ‘MOM’ JEANS drool-laced rants.


In other news Foxdeskgal loses her composure (she, has a teenage daughter?)

Oh, I know, I know, its great, like when you say grace at a family thanksgiving meal, and the fucking dittohead in the family appends some insult to Obama to a fucking prayer. You do just want to kick your own blood kin’s teeth in, sometimes, in the holy name of christ.


If they’re black, arrest ’em.

Seems simple enough.

Awesome, good for Sport*

The nobama08 comment at least deserves points for reasonable originality.

*wait for the blood tests to come back

Prommie: True story: an aunt and uncle of mine once had me over for Thanksgiving dinner back in college. Aunt Bureau is deep into the Jeebus. She knows that I have ditched the Catholic Church for the Unitarian one. And so the grace is about three or four minutes long — half of which is devoted to a plea for my salvation.

That was a quality moment.

Check out the second video on this Huffpo link for an incredible catch that saved the perfect game:

zOMG – look at the post I just put up – funniest. thing. EVAR.

Summertime blues? Here’s your IDF girls update. Also – a dude who looks like rcub and a free AK-47 for new truck buyers. “Baby, you know how the Toyota is getting kind of old . . . ?”

I pray for all you freaks on a daily basis. You might not like it, but I do.

Because you are some of my favorites. Y’all believe what you want, though- I’ll save the conversion prayers for CBs aunt.

@Tommmcatt Floats: Do you pray for me too? Or just fantasize about me while jerking off?


Half the queens in the plantation states fantasize about you when they jerk off. It’s not like I’m special or anything.

BREAKING (for the girls and gheys): Michelle has a new hair-do! OMG, it’s super-cute!!1!

@Mistress Cynica:

It’s hard to have a bad cut with that bone structure.

@Mistress Cynica: Is it really a new do or is it pinned under? Glad she gave the belts a night off.
@Tommmcatt Floats: No joke. Can you imagine how hot she would look with a shaved head? I dream of having her jawline.

@SanFranLefty: I think it’s pinned, not cut. I like the shorter for summer.

@rptrcub: Miss Holmes sends her regrets as she is engaged elsewhere at the present time.

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