Yes, I know, Obama has disappointed us on some fronts,  but let us not forget what went before.



Its my favorite Bush moment. I am sure he killed someone afterwards. They probably had to tie him up and drug him to prevent him from nuking the chinese for locking that door.

It’s always good to be reminded that we should be grateful for what we have now, even if it isn’t perfect. It could be sooooo much worse.

Someone better file a police report for Harry Reid’s missing balls.

Oh here they are! They were in Mitch McConnell’s purse the entire time!

Greatest Caligutard moment:

“This sucker could go down.”

-George W. Bush, September, 2008, regarding the United States’ economic collapse.

TJ: Meanwhile, Florida Governor Crist tells crowd* that he thinks he shouldn’t be allowed to adopt.

*Crowd at Adoption Promotion Day event, naturally.

W. also shit his pants just before grabbing the doorknob.

@SanFranLefty: Look at the grip Crist has on the hand of that cute chubby 17 year old boy, I’d be a little worried if I were the boy’s parents.

A friend of mine linked this delightful video of Pierce Bush on FB today. I… just… shoot me now, ok?

@Prommie: @Mistress Cynica: I’m reading The Dark Side by Jane Mayer, with all the dirty details of that place Darth Cheney insisted we go as a nation shortly after 9/11. Dubya the nation fucker was criminally worse than anything we’ve ever seen.

@blogenfreude: And this is why Bush, Cheney, Addington, Rummie and Tenet are not and likely never will be sharing an aluminum toilet in the Hague.

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