GOP Sex Scandal Update

Stanley with Intern #1 (and their children)Remember that state senator from Tennessee who got caught schtupping his 22-year-old intern?  In the immortal words of the late Billy Mays – “BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!

Late Update: It gets worse. In 1994, [Paul] Stanley’s first wife, Judy Martin, filed for a restraining order against him, charging that he had physically assaulted her three times. She wrote: “He was going out the door to leave our house and he hit me with a tremendous blow and then he proceeded to turn and run away from me outside the garage to the street.” Stanley and Martin divorced the following year.

According to the Nashville Post, Stanley met his current wife, Kristi Stanley, soon afterwards, while both were working for Bill Frist’s U.S. Senate office in Memphis. She was working as — an intern.

He’ll make a great addition to the C Street house, don’t you agree?

And check out his website – it’s douchetastic.

Abstinence-Supporting GOP State Lawmaker Admits to Sex With 22-year-old Intern [TPM]

Jesus-crazed gay-bashing adulterous GOP wife beater. Hmmm. This is getting legs.

@FlyingChainSaw: He has replaced Ensign in my affections – a serial intern fucker. I was young once, and I wanted to be a serial legal intern fucker, but I never realized my dream.

@FlyingChainSaw: The diapers are filling up with poop.

ADD: Okay, if one of the wives has/had cancer, he could approach Gingrich levels of asshattery.


Nah. I hold the line at 1.5 diapers. I mean, come on, there’s not even any food involved. I’d part with another diaper if there was a cucumber or a banana squash or raw hamburger or something.

We had an intern last year. 6’4″, former swimmer for a NCAA Division I school, dumb as a box of super hot rocks. I would have sacrificed my political career for a chance to ride that like a roller coaster.

@SanFranLefty: Newt just deserted them when they were dying. This guy beats them until they leave him. @Tommmcatt Floats: C’mon! Guy’s a wife beater! A Wife Beater! This pegs the Revulsometer! It’s up there with arson and cannibalism!

I gave this scum of bags 3.3 diapers yesterday (yeah, I know I’m a new Stinquer) but methinks he is filling his De(e)pends with impressive amounts of piss and shit. He must be a 5/10 dipshit by now?

Bonus, I just emailed him ( ) asking how could he!? (and of course that I’d pray for him cuz Jeebus proctects Repugs 24/7/365).

The douchtastic website has a slide show of birds/bees/flower pollination pictures that alternate with photos of the sky–obvious code for “I’m fucking around to recruit for Jeebus. God approves!”
Also: GOP interns will apparently screw anything. Ewwww.

@blogenfreude: Four years recruiting and supervising interns in two parts of the world where young, attractive and bright aspiring professional women gravitate towards unpaid human rights work (Asia and Latin America). The wife mixed salt peter into my cornflakes each and every morning…

@Mistress Cynica: I kind of thought it looked like he just ported the Windows wallpaper default to his site, then added the comically ironic “Trustworthy” scroll on top of it for douchetastic effect.

… found some Roundtine;

“Victims’ Rights – As introduced, prohibits a medical facility from holding the victim of domestic abuse responsible for the payment of a forensic medical examination and provides for compensation of such exam by the criminal injuries compensation fund.”

Wonder if this is post him whacking his wife, allegedly.

His media updates schrivelled in late Feb;

Also, this is his web 1.0 ‘design’ company;

Their motto, “Go ahead, dream. Give us a call or drop us an email, and watch your dreams take shape in cyberspace.”

@Nabisco: You were stronger than I would have been.

@Nabisco: @blogenfreude: I’m happy to say I was never hit on in my many internships, and I’ve never hit on any of my own interns.
@homofascist: Hey, good to see you dear!

@SanFranLefty: I started law school in my early thirties – I think that explains a lot.

@Nabisco: Couldn’t you argue that intern pestorking could be categorized as ‘conditioning’ like going to the gym? All day 7-ways with sex-packs of internettes would keep you in top form for spousal and I’m sure she would appreciate your sacrifice.

@FlyingChainSaw: She’d probably prefer it if he just bought a Fleshlight.

That’s the dude from KISS without the makeup? And he’s a Republican? I knew Gene Simmons was bent, but Paul?!?!?

Goddamn. Shit the bed.

Speaking of right-wing nut jobs, G. Gordon Liddy goes on MSNBC to say Barry’s an illegal from Messico Mombassa.

So this guy is a Sunday School teacher? Is that so he can meet young girls?

@redmanlaw: I’d always heard they were ugly without their make-up but I had no idea….

@SanFranLefty: His son applied to be a judge in Maricopa County (Phoenix). Here is his application.

@Dodgerblue: Yes, and make them read the scripture that says Jesus is commanding them to sit on Stanley’s face. Yes, yes, just like that, sweety, in the name of Jesus Christ, vmphrph, bvroomph, mrrrree!

@blogenfreude: Wow, they have trouble with power outages?

@blogenfreude: We have a deal. I can look, with discretion, all I want. At the first sign that I touch, out come the knives.

And if that doesn’t define marital bliss, I don’t know what does!


Liddy looks more and more like the villain from the Sonic the Hedgehog video games every time I see a picture of him.

@moeman: Great going – please ask him on our behalf if he beats wife #2. And if he answers positively, ask him if he intends to stop.

Now ya’ll, most of you lawyers here all work in the hallowed halls of whiteshoe firms, or in the holy halls of public interest firms, I am a poor schlub, and for 4 years, worked in a small town, 2 lawyer firm, defending speeders, drunk drivers, and doing penny ante divorces, where the argument was over who got the remaining credit limit on the Visa, and I just gotta say, what is said on an application for a restraining order, is almost always bullshit. I am not ready to go so far as to conclude he is a confirmed wife beater.

BUT, and its a huge BUT, serial intern pestorking, thats another matter. It doesn’t really justify any diapers, diapers are a measure of scandalousness, but to me it touches on an area I do get morally high-horsey about.

And that area is, dudes who seem to look for and exploit extreme power, maturity, and age disparities in relationships. Guys who only and always go for weaker, less mature, unequal partners, and if they are underlings at work, that makes it twice as bad.

I have gone on and on about my generally forgiving attitude towards sexual shenanigans between consenting adults. But I have known, and I see, in reports like this, those guys who always seek relationships in which there is an extreme disparity in power, strength, age, maturity. Guys who are only comfortable with a weaker partner they can dominate. I despise, loathe, and hate such fuckwads. I cannot understand it, to be honest, I am only interested in women who are my equal, who challenge me. Like Mrs. Prom, who is stronger, wiser, and tougher than I am.

This is why I have always despised Woody Allen, he has had a string of relationships with the youngest of the women in his movies, a great example was his dalliance with Mariel Hemingway. What was she, 18? His long term relationship with Mia Farrow, who has always seemed to me a fragile, damaged woman, beaten by Sinatra. And of course, Soon Yi, how low can he go?

@Nabisco: I have working for me the most delightful crew of pretty, young, charming young ladies, they are all of them beautiful, and all between 17 and 20.

Based solely on attractiveness, one would think that there is temptation, lust, but no, no no, not at all. Not an iota. Its bacause of that power disparity, they are just kids, they work for me, they are just kids, and as pretty and charming as they are, there has not been the slightest twinge in me. Not even to look at them, that way, its just not there in me. Its the thing I said about how I am only attracted to an equal. Its just not even an attractive thought, its a repulsive thought, to be attracted to someone so disparate in life experience and maturity, its so much a deep thing with me. Its a good thing. Mrs. Prom and I look at them as if they were our kids. They delight us, its been fun working with them, and it would not be fun or natural if there was the least bit if sexual tension, and there is not.

And I despise the kind of man who would exploit the situation I am describing. They are the lowest of the low.

Hey, here’s how California can solve part of the budget crisis – sell off some of the $1.2 BEEELLION dollars of pot found growing in the Sierra Nevadas. 318,000 marijuana plants. That’s going to affect prices for months to come.

@Promnight: I agree with you on this Prommie… this is why the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky thing pissed me off so much. Sure, there aren’t many women around who are Bill’s match, but at least the prior women he perstorked were at least closer to him in age and had life experience and street smarts if not actual smarts. Granted I don’t think it was an impeachable offense, but the smarminess of fucking around with a girl that was 4 years older than his daughter was really tacky. I got in a lot of yelling matches with progressive friends who wanted to give him a free pass – and I wouldn’t because of the power disparity.

@Promnight: @SanFranLefty: The snakehandlers have it as creed that the wives are chattel, destined to obey in silence and breed children for the advancement of the cult and cry out in praise of Jesus when the husband beats them.

@Promnight: Pretty much sums up my take on it as well, Prom. My former line of work was full of guys who took advantage of their positions to get busy with staff, paid and unpaid, not to mention the lowest of low, those who got into it with refugees. Sure there’s the occasional case of true love found on the frontlines, but more often than not it was power wielded by otherwise weak and insecure men. Clinton and Lewinsky is an example of the latter.

@SanFranLefty: On the east coast, its all about canadian hydroponics. Hopefully, no impact here.

Vis a vis Bill and Monica, what a tawdry affair. There are always so many variables, you know, and here is where I hope I will not offend again, but, despite apparent age disparity, there are also some young women out there who become very adept at sexual manipulation at a young age, I know that veers close to the evil stereotype of the jezebel, but it does exist, the thing is to not let that exception overcome the rule, that when such an age and maturity and power disparity exists, its usually the older and more mature that is exploiting the weaker party. But not always.

I think thats why people just generally are repulsed by Lolita, the suggestion that Humbert is as much victimized as victimizer. A Bill Clinton, a Woody Allen, they clearly have a tendency, though not Bill so much as woody, as you say, Bill’s history is simply to pestork anyone willing. But Bill had a serious weakness, and just because a girl is only 19, doesn’t mean she doesn’t necessarily have the savvy to play on a weakness, either.

This is gonna sound like a ridiculous apology for Bill, but you know, we know in extreme graphic detail exactly what happened in every physical encounter between Bill and Monica, and I do think its worth noting that he never actually pestorked her. He never just threw her on the desk and pumped away in glorious abandon, everything in her testimony is a description of a man flirting with a line he has drawn, a meaningless line to most of us, but to him, a meaningful line, and not crossing the line he had drawn. And I have to say, thats a difficult line, thats the line that gets the most chaste christian girls pregnant, the best of intentions evaporate once someone grabs hold of your dick, once a guy has you close to orgasm from finger fucking. Its a horribly ugly, tawdry picture Monica’s testimony drew, of Bill withdrawing from their manual stimulation, cigar play and such, and going off to jerk off in the sink. But she also said, that Bill told her, that he had been a womanizer, and was trying, determined, not to do it anymore, and like I said, the line he drew, from a moral standpoint, was absurd, he would do anything but pestork, or even allow her to blow him to completion, but I tell you this, adhering to that line in those circumstances, could not have been an easy thing.

The Bill and Monica thing is a rare example in which we strangers to both of them of so much detail like this. Its wrong the judicial process was manipulated to allow Starr to create that pornographic report with all the salacious detail.

But it does point out that, in any sexual relationship, there are so many many many variables, so many, that generalizations, and assumptions, and snap judgments, are never warranted. The particular morality of any sexual situation is so dependant on so many things, the personal characteristics of the people involved, their levels of maturity and sophistication and experience, their honesty, their motives, the details of the understandings and expectations of the relationship, and when adultery is involved, the details of their own particular arrangements, understandings, and relationship with their spouse.

When I combine the impossibility of knowing all the unknowable variables, with my general predeliction to judge people kindly and forgivingly, I just can’t ever feel justified in passing absolute moral judgement, based on the sexual relationship alone.

Now, hypocrisy, behavior in handling the scandal, and those things that really matter on the diaper scale, like real absurd kink, diapers, wide stances, thats another matter, I will mock people for their foibles, but mocking is not passing absolute moral judgment, that is something I rarely feel in a position to do.

@FlyingChainSaw: The problem the snakehandlers have is the same problem the taliban has, the idea that men are helpless in the face of a revealed ankle. Its a control issue, they want complete control over their womenfolk, but they sense that the womenfolk have a power that they are helpless before, and therefore, they feel they have to enslave and enshroud their women in order to protect themselves from the wicked wiles of the women. Its so fucking insane, its so contradictory, they fear women, in the end, they know they are helpless before the incredible sexual power of a mature and free woman, and thats why they feel they must subjugate women.

Its the contradiction in all sex-hating morality systems, having accepted the warped premise that sex is bad, the men blame the women for their inability to adhere to the impossible sexual moral bounds the men have set.

And as I have also said, the double standard is always and inevitably a part of any restrictive sexual moral code. The man’s sexual urges are considered natural and forgiven, and the women are blamed for the male sexual sins, rape, promiscuity, etc.

Weak men fear women, and weak men seek to subjugate women, the anti-abortion whackjobs, mormons, so many of those groups out there, their real agenda is misogyny, and their misogyny has its roots in victorian sexual morality.

Its something I have observed in the writings of Augustine, and that led me to see it in the Roman Catholic church’s entire attitude toward sex. They don’t see sex itself as evil, their problem is with women, and they are against sex more because it leads to fraternization with women, than because of sex itself.

I am gonna say it as simply as I can. When it comes to sex, women have the power, they have the thing that men seek and desire more than anything, and it gives them power over men. And almost all of the sexual strictures and mores in our society have as their goal, overcoming and negating that power women have. The church says that what the women have and have the power to bestow, is evil, and you should not want it, and if you do want it, its because those evil women have corrupted you.

Its a deep power struggle between the genders, and all the ridiculous shit in our society, its all about trying to negate the inherent power of woman.

I am a sexist, you know. I think women are superior.

@Promnight: All true. Still, Stanley is a piece of shit and, if he cared about his family, he would throw himself off a bridge rather than subject them the torture of having to live with him and unending humiliation.

@FlyingChainSaw: Everyone’s a piece of shit, but some rise above it more than others. I totally suck, that I know. Who am I to judgen anyone?

gee prommie, that made me want to run into the street and grab the first tasty treat i see, grab him by the neck and insist he pestork me AK SHAV (hebrew for right NOW) for i am WOMAN!!!!!! anyway……

hi my stin*uers, missed days of you for the first time in literally years.
in addition to losing the letter between P and R, i lost my favorite relative, my great aunt, my mentor. i’m having a schizophrenic week, birthday celebrations and grief.

ahhh, birthdays. i am officially a chronological geezer and star wars geek (the original trilogy dammit-get offa my phone!) and so look forward to today’s morning sedition and battling the evil empire of too many se*uals.

i’m baaaaaack! great to see you all…..i hold passports to 3 countries and am always moving around. but THIS is my permanent community, Stin*ueville.

@baked: Oh, dear baked, I’m so sorry to hear about your auntie. I remember you’ve talked about her before and how important she was to you. What a pisser. Why can’t the evil people like Cheney die instead? Maybe some Israeli eye candy is just the pick-me-up…

@SanFranLefty: I posed some more IDF pinups a thread or two ago.

@baked: @SanFranLefty: I am sorry to hear about your aunt. Oh, I saw s chick in a tank top with a big bandana and long brown hair on a black Harley the other day. You weren’t in Santa Fe, were you?

@redmanlaw: Oh, a black Harley. That narrows it down… ;)

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