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(CNN) — About 30 people, including some New Jersey mayors and several rabbis, were arrested Thursday in a federal investigation of public corruption, the U.S. attorney’s office in Newark, New Jersey, said.

The probe also involves a “high-volume, international money-laundering conspiracy,” according to a statement from the office.

Among those arrested in the public corruption portion of the investigation are Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano III, Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell, New Jersey Assemblyman Daniel Van Pelt and Leona Beldini, a Jersey City deputy mayor.

Several rabbis in New York and New Jersey also were arrested in connection with the money-laundering portion of the investigation.

A news conference is planned for around noon ET, with federal court appearances to start about 2 p.m., officials said.

Rabbis?  Oy.

Mayors, Rabbis Arrested in Corruption Probe [CNN]

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Oh, wait, there is more, organ trafficking and everything.

New Jersey’s federal prosecutor’s office is, I am sure, still filled with fat fuck Chris Christies minions, still intent on using political corruption investigations to support his candidacy for governor.

Christie ran the US Attorney’s office like a mafia extortion operation. he pioneered going after businesses and bullying them into “pre-indictment” plea bargains, wherein they would agree to throw $50 million at John Ashcroft’s law firm, or they would throw $10 million at the ex-US Attorney from New York who declined to prosecute Christie’s brother for stock fraud.

There is an instance where one of Christie’s minions simply threatened a politician with prosecution, unless he pulled out of an election. No indictment, no judicial supervision of this agreement, just extortion, tampering with an election, exortion, plain and simple.

Fat fuck.

@Prommie: Quick, offer catering services for the press clusterf*&k that will come!

@Prommie: Make that free catering, just make sure you hand out a lot of menus with each order.

@Prommie: Organ trafficking? And I assume you don’t mean an illegal trade in musical instruments….

@Prommie: Organ traficking? Tell me you’re not serious …

@Nabisco: Oh, what a fucking coincidence, these arrests are being made the morning of the day that Corzine has scheduled a press conference to announce his choice of running mate. Nice touch, fat fuck.

Hey, how much you wanna bet that the caterer for Christie’s press conference that he is gonna call in order to reap the benefit of this planned event, would testify that he was hired 2 weeks ago?

Hey you fucking reporters, come on, this is going to be easy, you can do it, discover evidence of the collusion between Christie and the US Attorney’s office to time this for maximum advantage for the Fat Fuck Christie campaign, come on, just ask the caterer when he was hired, or the dude who rents out the tents.

@blogenfreude: Reverse vampires were involved, too, and Rabbis from Deal. Deal is a trippy place, home of syrian jews in the rag trade.

There is little detail yet, but a local paper has posted this, perhaps prematurely, offering links to pdfs of the criminal complaints, which means when they are posted, presumably you’ll see them as soon as the reporters do.

@blogenfreude: I am absolutely serious about the organ trafficking; here ya go, from (Asbury Park Press):

“The subjects of the arrests also include religious leaders from the Syrian Jewish enclaves in Brooklyn, Deal and Elberon. Sources said the IRS and FBI this morning seized documents from the Deal Yeshiva and the Ohel Yaacob synagogue on Ocean Avenue in Deal.

The Deal Yeshiva is a religious school which teaches children in the Sephardic Jewish tradition, The Yeshiva has two separate divisions: a boys’ school on Logan Road in Ocean Township and a girls’ school on Wall Street in West Long Branch.

The school was founded more than 20 years ago by Rabbi Isaac Dwek and Raizel Dwek, the parents of Solomon Dwek, of Ocean Township. Rabbi Dwek was the school’s president, and Raizel was its treasurer, until 2006, when their son’s real estate empire began to crumble after Dwek deposited a bad $25.2 million check at a drive-through window at the PNC Bank in Eatontown.

Also arrested were Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano III, Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell and Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini, all registered Democrats.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who has fought corruption in New Jersey’s largest city, says it’s “an unbelievable morning so far.”

The probe also involves international trafficking in body parts, sources said.

Many of the suspects were brought into an FBI building in Newark earlier this morning. Three more men were brought in shortly after 9 a.m. A group of 10 people – 9 men and 1 woman – were brought out shortly before 9:30 a.m. and taken away in a blue bus. Another 10 men and 1 woman were taken away in the bus shortly after 10 a.m.”

Were they trafficking foreskins? I keed. I keed.

This is going to all center around Solomen Dwek, it appears. He was a real estate investor whose father was the leader of the very very wealthy syrian jewish community in Deal. So, it was easy for him to find investors among that community. But it turned out that as a real estate investor, he was, not so much, so when the investments started going bad, in 2006, he started Ponzi-ing, using new investor’s money to pay off old investors.

My guess is that in the run-up to the final collapse o his empire, Dwek’s father used his connections among other syrian jews, and with politicians, to try to rescue the son, and this strange motley crew of defendants are all somehow related to this. Dwek Junior is said to be the prime stool pigeon here.

And he could just be making it up, or just telling the feds anything they want to hear, because he is shitting his pants about going away to club fed for a very very long time, Dwek, I mean.

@ManchuCandidate: You hear about the mohel who had a wallet made out of foreskins? The great thing about it, was that if you rubbed it, it would get bigger.

I wonder if WNYC will broadcast the noon press conference. I’m looking forward to it …

@Prommie: “…their son’s real estate empire began to crumble after Dwek deposited a bad $25.2 million check at a drive-through window at the PNC Bank in Eatontown.”

Do people routinely deposit $25.2 million checks at the drive through deposit window? Wouldn’t a good $25.2 million check raise a few eyebrows? Maybe it’s just me, but I’d probably want to walk the check inside my bank.

@SanFranLefty: Oh, that was a crazy thing, too, the manager of that branch had agreed to let him float a check for 25 million, it was nuts.

It is looking like they put the screws to Dwek, and then drove him around to every politician in the State that they wanted to get, and had Dwek offer them a bribe.

@SanFranLefty: It’s the sign of a real amateur night operation. The core competency of organized crime is the abillity to move criminally derived revenues through the legitimate economy without apparent trace, one of the reasons conventional ethnic mafias have such an affinity for cash-intensive businesses like casinos, race tracks and supermarkets.

@Prommie and FlyingChainSaw: It made me laugh – it sounds like something that dipshit nephew Christophuh Moltisanti would do on The Sopranos.

/TJ Sport: Contador muy veloz, crushes competition in the individual time trial. Armstrong with a mediocre performance manages to claw back into 3rd heading into the final mountain stage tomorrow. End Sport TJ/

The Rabbis were selling kidneys they bought from poor Israeli dudes, wow.

@Tommmcatt Floats: Ayup, $160,000 for a kidney, at one point the dude complains its expensive because of all the palms he has to “schmear” (bribe) in Israel.

I swear to FSM this all sounds like the set up for a bad joke at a Borscht Belt comedy club. “A mayor, an assemblyman, and three rabbis walk into a broker’s office to buy a kidney…”

Of course, the Israel angle is interesting. Where’s baked?

@SanFranLefty: Its kinda not funny, the juxtaposition, for example, of public corruption, and the syrian jewish communty’s apparent practice of helping each other out with a kidney now and then, there is no connection, except that the feds had this poor Dwek dweeb, who himself was just a poor schmuck whose real estate investments got out of hand until he was robbing peter to pay paul, and so so so afraid of the ass-rapings he was gonna get in prison was he, that he agreed to point the finger at, set up, and entrap anyone and everyone in his world, in the hope of a break.

This thing about the kidneys, for example, I am sorry, but the betrayal, they were probably just fishing, asking him “you know anything you can tell us,” and he fucking throws up his community, things he would only know about because his father is a leader, a rabbi, “I heard about some guy gets kidneys in Israel, for a price (for most of the time, it was legal, in Israel, to pay someone for a kidney). And then they send him to entrap the guy.

Prosecutors suck. And the timing? Its Fat Fuck Christie’s campaign, and I hope they find evidence of orchestrating.

@FlyingChainSaw: And the diamond business, which is all-cash with nothing in writing.

@Prommie: So the nearsighted mohel walks into the bris and . . . .

@Prommie: My dad got his for free. Some other guy had to get kilt, however.

Sufjan’s next album is gonna be about Jersey. Just sayin’.

Isn’t it ironic that when free-market Xtian Rethugs go off the rails, it is with bizarre sins of the flesh. Dems at least have the sack to go down with bags of cash in the freezer and Israeli kidneys on the plate.

where am i? it’s 4 am over here and i’m just in from harvesting kidneys…

yes, the israeli angle is interesting, but black market organs are very real and accessible. i lost my sister to cancer, and there were very serious discussions between her physician husband and her rich enough daddy to buy a liver right in pennsyltucky. ultimately, it was so metastasised, they never went ahead with it. you really think larry hagman didn’t buy his liver?
and doesn’t anyone watch nip/tuck? this was a storyline for weeks!

this brings up one of my major pet peeves. i’ve ranted about this here before. it is staggering how many people die every day for the simple reason that dead people want to be buried with all their parts like they’re KING FUCKING TUT, creating the black market. i hope they pick me apart like a turkey carcass after thanksgiving, to give a child the chance to see or to replace a young man’s diseased heart. so maybe i’ll be used up and no good to anyone, but i sure hope my corpse may be of assistance.

@baked: One of the simplest things that could be done is to change organ donations from opt-in to opt-out. I’ve done all the paperwork and notices on my driver’s license that says to take every usable part, then stick the rest in a medical school and burn what ever is left over. I’m happy to say that my maternal grandparents, who had major issues but were both good people, made those instructions. I doubt any organs were used but hopefully the med students at UCLA and OHSU learned something about cirrhosis and high blood pressure.

I’m so sorry about your sister. Really, there are no words.

@baked: I’m totally about using all my spare parts before I’m returned to ashes. I was reading something last week about living donors, and an arrangement that allows family members to donate their own organs, if they’re not a match for their loved one, and to get in return the spare part said loved one needs. I hope they’ll let me trade a kidney for a liver for My Cyn when the time comes. Which reminds me of a kinda funny story: Friend from college had kidney disease and got a new kidney from his wife, who just happened to be a match. They later divorced, and I bet she was bitter about the kidney.

@baked: Who was that Governor of Pennsylvania who got a liver within 5 minutes of being diagnosed?

Still, I think it was shitty, and ugly, for the feds to put the screws to a poor schmuck and make him give up and even entrap, the members of his tight-knit religious community. I still half think it will blow up in their faces.

The kidney broker, he was like Tevye, he actually said, “I am a matchmaker,” and as noted, until very recently, it was legal to pay someone for a kidney in Israel.

@baked: Indians are not real big on organ donation for various reasons but I became an organ donor after my dad got someone else’s parts that were no longer needed. My folks are staying here tonight and my dad looks pretty damn good for 70. I think he has three white hairs.

hey kids,
just got back from flitting about and ratbastard and i had *uite the chuckle at the news stand. this story is splashed over every front page.
it isn’t every day you see rabbi’s perp walkin !! such fun….

yenta was the matchmaker, tevya was a milkman. creepy as the whole sordid mess is, it will continue. where there is a demand, a supplier is always at the ready….

@Mistress Cynica:
i was thinking i hope your friend isn’t the bitter one. can you imagine walking around with a body part of someone you hate???!!!

yeah, jews have the same thing about not desecrating the body. which means no tattoos while you’re alive and no embalming or excavating your parts when you’re dead. (apparently there is a clause excepting nose jobs)

my aunt that i just lost was a staunchly proud and observant jew, but she made up her own rules and thought religion was nonsense. i heard that at the funeral, the rabbi brought the house down when he told of his first encounter with her. she introduced herself to him and commented on his service. she said, “rabbi, i hear what you’re saying, but you’re WRONG.”
now you see why she was my mentor.

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