Creep Street

House of Horrors

Creep Years Married Kids Bimbo Quotable
Pick Me! Chip Pickering 21 5 Daughter of future lobbying client “This gives me an opportunity to have more time with my family and more resources for my family.”
No, Me! John Ensign 22 3 Campaign staffer “Marriage is the cornerstone on which our society was founded.”
Me! Me! Me! Mark Sanford 20 4 Argentine Firecracker “The bottom line is that he lied under a different oath — the oath to his wife.”

Another C Street Vet Falls To An Extramarital Affair [TPM]

These people need to be outed and driven from public life. Tear down the building and put a statue of a big dick there.

So, is 20 years the new 7 year itch among the hypocritical jebuskeepers?

@FlyingChainSaw: Seriously – we have to get medieval on these people. Every detail, including politicians who helped the fuckers cover it up. Democrat or Republican – if they’re trying to codify their religion, they need to be driven from office. It’s also important to expose these fuckers – I haven’t heard Rachel do anything on them yet, but I’ll check with the show.


You should consider yourselves fortunate that the Dominionists are stupid and incompetent at the very things they think they are good at or we’d all be fucked.

How can they claim Dominion over everything if they can’t even have dominion over their dicks? A little self control goes a long way.

@ManchuCandidate: Now let’s be fair – he probably can’t fly coach due to his “wide stance”.

@blogenfreude: My understanding is that Rachel is the only person in the media to have ever done a story on the creepy Fundie Frathouse on C Street.

Y’all see that Pickering’s wife is suing his paramour for “alienation of affection?” Jeeze, what the fuck is this, we going to bring back civil suits for seduction and breach of contract to marry? Fuck all, this country is a stinking cesspit of victorian tightass prigs.

I am on deadline but if someone had a minute and access to a criss-cross directory we could see who has phones listed at the house. Likely not many as they can get more useful service from cell providers but worth a sniff as these guys may be a class and generation that just has to have a land line.

Prommie, did Rachel name the freaks who lived there?


This is an absolute, drop everything, MUST WATCH. Apparently, “the Family,” which owns the house, is a “Christian” Objectivist Randian cult.

Oh hey — in re other conservatives behaving badly, the ACU basically put its organization out for rent to FedEx. It turns out that they went with UPS instead. But the letter to FedEx is a fascinating read.


@chicago bureau: Doesn’t this sound a bit like Fat Tony suggesting a little protection racket?

Incorporating files of small business owners into that data group for the targeted states. It is our belief that they will feel the pinch and will want to protect not only their bottom line but the good service currently provided by FEDEX.

@blogenfreude: I have suppressed all memories of law school, at least all memories involving the law. I remember only the most savage drinking orgies, much puking, and furious shameful drunken hookups and the next day gossip of same.

I heart the complaint in this case.

There have been five children born to the parties as a result of their marriage contract.

I want you to specifically perform on me, you hot stud.

Creekmore-Byrd did negligently and recklessly alienate the affection….

Ah, lawyers. Seriously: how do you negligently get into an affair? “Oh, I allowed my pussy to be invaded repeatedly by your long, hard cock. Oops. That was an accident. I swear! Have an accident with me again, baby.”

@chicago bureau: . . . and while savagely and routinely pestorking Creekmore-Byrd, the plaintiff’s husband failed to provide the pestorking and poon tang lapping required to prevent the plaintiff from being overwhelmed with unsated carnal lusts, causing her pain and embarrassment from rubbing herself raw and having to explain to her girl friends why she is walking around knock-kneed.

@chicago bureau: The slut’s family is fabulously wealthy, take note; Pickering now works for her father. Soon-to-be-ex wife is clearly seeking a share of the same pie Pickering is after. Where there are deep pockets, there will somehow be found a cause of action.

I woulkd file a motion to consolidate with the pending divorce action, the divorce courts have no tolerance whatsoever for claims like this.

@Prommie: So this guy has 5 kids with the wife and then leaves Dodge for more money and better poontang? I’m not familiar with the part of the New Testament where it says that’s OK.

@Dodgerblue: The part about foregiveness that the snakehandlers make up. Oh, I shat on my wife and kids but Jesus called me on the land line last night and said he was OK with it because I asked for forgiveness!

@Dodgerblue: I’m not familiar with the part of the law that recognizes and enforces the morality espoused in the Bible.

I despise Pickering for a hypocrite, but honestly, if not for his family values bible-thumping, I would have no judgment whatsoever for the way he conducts his personal life. Not my bizness, not something I will ever have enough knowledge of to judge, not to mention I am aware of the part of the new testament that says “judge not, lest you be judged.”

As far as the courts entertaining suits for heartbreak, seduction, breach of promise, and alienation of affections, I think it would be the stupidest thing to happen in the civil courts in my lifetime, and there has been a lot of stupidass shit happen.

@Prommie: Since there’s a previous divorce filing, I have a sneaking suspicion this is an opportunistic complaint to grab some publicity, since it mentions C Street by name.

I should mention that I have an uncle, 3 kids, who also did some floozie-flinging about twenty years in. And yes, he was the devout Christian in the family.

@nojo: I’m once removed from a generation of failed marriages. But not one of them, far as I know, was for appreciably better hootch or scootch (you’re welcome, Ma!).

@Nabisco has partial pay Friday: Well, I didn’t get divorced for better hootch per se, but rather, for a kinder, gentler hootch-bearer.

@Prommie: Don’t worry, we’re not being censorious about all-too-human weaknesses. But my uncle made a point of criticizing his siblings about how they were raising their kids. So when he took the fall, we were all too happy to enjoy the show.

It’s entirely the hypocrisy.

Who he screws? Don’t care. Telling me who, when or how I should screw? I care.

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