Who Owns C Street?

These fuckers:


How dare they. Fuck these people. Practice your religion if you must – pray all you want to the invisible man in the sky, but keep it to yourself. Fucking professional Christians. Enough.

These people are fucking dangerous. The rocks they live under must be lifted. Sunlight needs to shine into the C Street house. We need to know everyone involved so they can be named, shamed, and driven from polite society.


This is fucking treason.

Send them to Gitmo. Rip out their eyes and skull fuck them until they confess.

Then crucify them.

So, are the reeducation camps — which they’d like to send me to — on one of the mountains? Or the executioners? Where are they?

Jesus wept. Jesus is weeping so much that it will add to the rising levels of the oceans.

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