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I’m guessing that Doug Coe is the passenger in this photo, but my Norwegian sucks.

Think Progress:

Doug Coe, the group’s spiritual leader, once preached that the willingness to behead one’s own mother was a “covenant” tantamount to what “Jesus said.” The organization “Youth with a Mission” owns the C Street boarding house, which is registered tax-exempt as a church, advocates seizing the “mountain of government” as part of an evangelical crusade to advance the “kingdom of God.” Coe, who holds misogynist beliefs, once counseled a lawmaker that his wife — who complained of not being sexually satisfied — might be possessed by demons.

Speaking with Maddow about the influence of the Fellowship, author Jeff Sharlet noted that the complex operates as a “fundamentalist frat house” where “if you’re part of God’s chosen…morality, ethics, these things don’t apply to them.” He also noted Steve Largent, a former Oklahoma congressman and former resident of the C Street house, now president of a telecom trade group, arranged lobbyist-funded trips for other members in the group, including both Pickering and Ensign. Sharlet questioned the lawmaker-to-lobbyist “revolving door” that “seems to be facilitated by the family.”

Just some good ‘ol boys, never meanin’ no harm.

Pickering Affair Raises New Questions About ‘Revolving Door’ of Secretive Fellowship Group [Think Progress]

the willingness to behead one’s own mother

Is that you under my bed, G. Gordon Liddy?

Its the sociopathy of Randian Objectivism draped with the narcissism of millenial christian fundamentalists. To paraphrase a description of their beliefs I posted elsewhere, to state their beliefs is to set forth a transcript of the pathological internal monologue of a sociopath as he is in the act of rationalizing his greed, selfishness, and cruelty. Their belief system is a truly evil meme, transmitting it to another human should be considered a crime.

I’m guessing the Bible-thumper lawmaker’s wife was unsatisfied because Mr. Lawmaker preferred to hump little children or farm animals.

Coe, who holds misogynist beliefs, once counseled a lawmaker that his wife — who complained of not being sexually satisfied — might be possessed by demons.

Manchu, ready when you are for a re-write of the Knack’s “My Sharia

@Dodgerblue: Orgasms are just for men because it’s God’s way.

Dude, it’s not the devil’s fault you’re a lousy lay.

@Nabisco has partial pay Friday:
Let me think about that one.

Speaking of morality, Slate, god what a pathetic publication that is, the USA Today of the Interwebs, has this lovely series of videos of animals masturbating.

What makes them all great, is that these don’t show animals humping things, hell, if you own a dog, you see that 10 times a day, nope, this one shows dogs and cats and zoo animals jerking off, using their hands, paws, whatever; the spuds McKenzie dog is the best.

And don’t miss the video of the walrus blowing himself; priceless.

You will hate yourself for loving it.

First Brangelina, now this – and only TWO BLOCKS from my building. How much Ed Hardy can we take?

Give ’em a break. As Pat Buchanan said, these are the guys who built America.


Aren’t privileged white males the, um, greatest?

@ManchuCandidate: I’m pretty lucky to be in a fairly humane environment at work and in life, so I hardly have to deal with anyone like that. I can’t even remember the last asshole I met. I’ve even been able to put the smack down on opposing (non-Indian) counsel in a couple of cases to where we can do our work without any other shit coming into it.

Yes you are. My CEO and the rest of his alleged brain trust falls into that category.


Go get em, BF. You are an inspiration.

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