Leader of GOP Womanizers’ Jesunazi Sex Cult is Spiritual Guru to Hillary Clinton

Hillary and Doug and Hitler, Too!

Hillary and Doug and Hitler, Too!

Psychopathic Jesunazi Douglas Coe, as leader of the dominionist parachurch cult, The Family, is a mentor to all manner of reactionary monsters in the Congress, including the recent crowd of GOP sex maniacs who’ve spooged the headlines with their insane, relentless pursuit of illicit, extra-marital poon-tang – and his most notorious spiritual protege, Hillary ‘Swampsow’ Clinton, the insane, ineffectual Secretary of State and perpetual candidate for everything everywhere.

In The Nation last year, Barbara Ehrenreich made a clean summary of Swampsow’s affiliation with Coe, whose cult operates the C Street Complex where all three recently exposed GOP sex fiends – South Carolina GOP Gov. Mark Sanford, Nev. GOP Senator John Ensign and former GOP Rep. from Mississippi Chip Pickering – either lives in or kept residence at while Congress is in session.

Clinton fell in with The Family in 1993, when she joined a Bible study group composed of wives of conservative leaders like Jack Kemp and James Baker. When she ascended to the Senate, she was promoted to what [author Jeff] Sharlet calls the Family’s “most elite cell,” the weekly Senate Prayer Breakfast, which included, until his downfall, Virginia’s notoriously racist Senator George Allen. This has not been a casual connection for Clinton. She has written of Doug Coe, The Family’s publicity-averse leader, that he is “a unique presence in Washington: a genuinely loving spiritual mentor and guide to anyone, regardless of party or faith, who wants to deepen his or her relationship with God.”

Yes, it is not very nice that the Secretary of State pals around with – and endorses – a dominionist maniac who preaches that crazy Jesunazi twits like Ensign, Sanford and Pickering are ordained by God to tyrannize the world and fuck it up the ass at will. What is more pathetic is that she (and, on occasion, her spineless fucktard husband Bill) accepted invitations to these pathetic Senate Prayer Breakfasts. The Family’s affiliated Congressmen – like Pickering – were on the front lines of GOP assholes that made a national tragedy out of a wholesome suck job in the Oval Office library and mounted a campaign to impeach and oust her husband.

If Swampsow really gave a fuck about family values, she would have gone to a prayer breakfast, grabbed Coe by his ears and taken a mean shit down his fucking throat.


Another reason to be thankful for incompetence of Mark Penn and venality of Lanny Davis.

Never underestimate the depravity of Swampsow McKankles. She would blow dead goats for power and fame (and to appease the ghost of Daddy). Her and Bill’s friends, the members of that wonderful DLC “Republicans Who Commit Fraud On The Public By Calling Themselves Democrats” club that she and Bill founded, are as we speak ensuring that US Amurrica will forever be the free-est nation on earth, where people will remain free to die on the streets, rather than submit to France-style socialisme.

Somone needs to ask her to explain herself. Now.

How does one “spooge” a headline, exactly?

Jeez Louise, this C Street place is really starting to pique my interest. If I need a place to crash during the week in some not so distant future, think they’d take me in? I can pretend to rend my garments and gnash my teeth, and if they serve good coffee and danish at those prayer breakfasts, sign me up! I can certainly go mano a mano with Cankles on the whiskey shots.

Oh and TJ/ I got the ad with the beautiful Korean Mailman again! Yay!

Let them try. The only time they’ll get my paperback of 1984 is from my cold dead hands.

@Tommmcatt Floats: And what do you do about the ink stains?

@blogenfreude: Let’s see if we can get “1984” in everybody’s Amazon ad.

These people never win.

All they do is hold us back and burn a few heretics so they can see the pretty flames (by ‘few’ I mean ‘millions’). But, in the longue duree, they are the lettuce leafs that fly out of the garbage disposal when you’ve let it get too full before giving it a whirl to clear the sink of refuse.

Why would we be surprised by Ms. Clinton’s association avec La Rue C? She is a southerner. And, as we all know, they are prone to God porn with their grits. And she had a famously wayward husband. She’d be looking for any kind of support from any kind of men and I don’t find it surprising – though it makes me all the more glad I voted for our Hopey of the recent NAACP speechifyin’ instead.

But srsly. They are but a ripple on the reflecting pools of Washington as cherry blossoms fall.

As before stated: what this country needs is a damn good invasion to clear everybody’s head. In that marvelous anonymous memoir of occupied Berlin recently republished (and the title of which escapes me; Woman of Berlin?) there is a scene in which a few old friends – women – are finally able to get together to drink piss-water disguised as tea and compare their experiences. In the most dispassionate tones they describe their rapes and count how many they have each had to endure. 5? 6? More? And how they have all become whores so that they might survive. Not to wish that on the women of America but we have all got off scot free for far too long. We have exported our rapes and mutilations and cities bombed and children blown apart to other countries less worthy of God’s providence. I am beginning to think that perhaps this country met its end with the unprovoked invasion of Vietnam. Looked at in one way, all the wars since – and there have been many – have been an attempt on the part of the Pentagon to recover its lost manhood. Like it got raped by the gooks and zipperheads and it will show everyone who is da man. Iraq was designed to show the world that American men have got the biggest, hardest dicks evah!!!!11

If only we could become a nation of growers not showers. How much happier we could be.

@blogenfreude: Orwell’s estate is holding off until they can be projected on walls?

@nojo: “Unmasked”, which appears to be about MJ*, and something by my rintone guy.

*anyone catch the juicy footage Keith’s replacement showed to carnival delight of Mike’s hair immolation? Jacko was so into the moment that his spinning actually fanned the flames.

@Nabisco: Cretins. If you want to use a writer’s work first make sure you have acquired the rights.

@Nabisco has partial pay Friday: I’ll bet you can’t re whiskey shots. She looks like she’s had a few, if you get my drift.

@Benedick: Why would we be surprised by Ms. Clinton’s association avec La Rue C? She is a southerner.

Did Chicago slip down a few latitudes?

@Benedick: She grew up in Chicago, no? Went to Arkansas after Yale to be with Bubba.

@Dodgerblue: Then there’s no excuse.

Don’t forget I’m a stranger in this strange land and unschooled in the way of the Yanqui. Plus I had to be in NYC today to audition for a play I don’t want to do and the exhaust fumes have corroded what was left of my frontal lobe.

However, my point still stands: these people never win.

@Benedick: I had the SarahPac ad when I surfed to this page but it switched to the USA Data guy when I read your comments. Strange are the ways of internet ads.

@Dodgerblue: Chicago suburbs and she is Methodist and a Goldwater Girl, and each of these institutions would find the jesunazi festivals of hate and superstition throroughly barbaric..


Hillz and Billz taught at the law school at UA, Fayetteville, where I went to college, then she was First Lady and he was the original Luuuuv Guv for like 12 years, so I would consider her an honorary Southerner, especially psychologically, since she basically renounced her Midwestern roots (then reverse carpet-bagged her way into the Senate–she’s a wiley one–but that’s another post).

From the Equal Mockery Dept: here is evidence that religious nuttery is not confined to the Jebus lovers: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=106748479

To be serious, the Clintons did a big campaign of public religiosity and “spiritual counseling” and other public gestures of moral rebuilding, coldly, amorally, and cynically calculating this move as a way to convince the public that they were not cold, cynical, amoral shitbags, after the impeachment, and I am sure that statement of hers dates from that campaign.

Which really makes it more evil than if she were sincere.

@Benedick: Hey Benedick, I got a phone call out of the blue today, from my next-door neighbor my last year of college, I have mentioned here before, that he has a son, blind, initially thought to be autistic, who turned out a musical prodigy, he plays blues guitar and piano and has recorded with edgar winter, and the boy is going to be playing some event in Woodstock he described as a 40th anniversary of the original woodstock. The kid is going to open the show, playing “The Star Spangled Banner,” a la Hendrix, apparently. Are you aware of this event?

@Promnight: I am not aware of anything.

Where’s it going on? You do know that Woodstock® did not happen at Woodstock?

I lurk here in my study trying to make push come to shove. And she won’t!

WOW, it’s true, if it stinks you really are on it, aren’t you? Primarily you sit on it 24/7. Who was it that SUPPOSEDLY sat in a church for 20 years while his crazy reverend ranted about how he hates you. You really do stink.

@Hmmmm: You forgot to mention Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko and the missing birth certificate. Come on, you can do better if you’ll put a little effort into it.

@Dave H:
And throw in that Barry’s a fascist/communist/muslim/islamocist/nonbeliever who eats white fetuses and married to a black nationalist/racist/bitch.

Trolls, these days. They don’t make’em like they used to.

@ManchuCandidate: Standards have fallen the past thirty years. I blame snowflakes.

But what did Our New Friend have to google to find the post? I thought PUMAs went extinct.

@ManchuCandidate: Question answered: Crooks & Liars picked up the post. Thanks, Mike!

@nojo: I have been surfing for PUMAs every once in a while. They’re still around, but they’re not bringing stupid good enough for a post. More the standard stupid.

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nojo: Was that our first banning? It had to happen eventually.

I need their guidance to achieve my ultimate ambition of kicking Trimurti Gurudevs fucking senseless and taking a shit on their faces. With that I would achieve inner fucking peace.

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