When Hypocrites Fall in Love


It seems my concern that the John Ensign sex scandal would fade into the background was misplaced:

Doug Hampton spoke publicly for the first time today about the affair his wife had with Sen. John Ensign, saying the Nevada Republican continued his pursuit even after intermediaries tried to get him to stop.

Hampton said that Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., and others urged him to end the affair and help the Hamptons pay off their home and move to Colorado. But Ensign was so infatuated that he continued, Hampton said.

You can watch the first installment of Hampton’s interview here – it’s positively cringe-inducing. Among other things,  we learn that the estimable Senator Coburn made Ensign send a letter to Cindy, the object of his affection, telling her that their invisible sky god didn’t approve of them having sexytime. Unfortunately, Ensign was  back fucking her the next day – he even called her and told her the letter was coming and to ignore it.

John Hart, Coburn’s communications director, released a statement Wednesday afternoon saying Ensign should have ended the affair.

“Dr. Coburn did everything he could to encourage Senator Ensign to end his affair and to persuade Senator Ensign to repair the damage he had caused to his own marriage and the Hampton’s marriage,” according to the statement. “Had Senator Ensign followed Dr. Coburn’s advice, this episode would have ended, and been made public, long ago.”

Insert bus joke here.

Hampton said Ensign paid the woman more than $25,000 in severance when she stopped working for the senator.

If true, Ensign faces a possible felony violation of campaign finance law if he paid the severance but failed to report it as an in-kind contribution to the campaign committees where she worked, according to ethics complaints filed against him.

Fucking a member of his staff (sorry), insane Christianist beliefs, and maybe even criminal charges.  This scandal is looking better and better!

Hampton Speaks Publicly, Says Ensign Paid Severance [Las Vegas Sun]

Shouldn’t that be ‘When Hypocrites Pestork’ ?

Elvis (and many others) Suspicious Minds

We’re caught in a trap
I can’t walk out
Because I want to fuck you badly

Why can’t you see
What I’m doing to you (Next time get a ceiling mirror)
When I don’t believe a word I say?

I can’t go on fucking
With everyone’s wives
And I can’t build my dream
Banging other’s wives

So, if a senator I know
Drops by to say quit it
Would I still feel hot raging lust in my thighs? (DAMN RIGHT!)

Here you go again
Asking where’s your raise
Please don’t read these words on paper
I’m lying

I can’t go on fucking
With everyone’s wives
And I can’t build my dream
Banging other’s wives

Oh let our lust survive
And don’t let your hubby tell
Our good allies at Fox News

When honey, you know
I’ve never lied to you
Mmm yeah, yeah

@FlyingChainSaw: He told Hampton he was in love with his wife. No shit. Then there’s the sex for money angle – fitting that his first name is “John”.

@ManchuCandidate: In my head, I could hear Elvis singing that, especially the “Oh let our lust survive” part.

Gah, I am tired of this scandal! Can’t the Republican Party just reward this guy with leadership positions or committee chairmanships and be done with it? It’s what they did with Newt!

You mean it’s not true that “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”?

@Tommmcatt Floats: Tired of it? Are you nuts? We could get a PERP WALK on this one … I have a dream.

Via TPM:

Now that Sen. Coburn (R-OK) has said he will not answer any questions about his conversations with Sen. Ensign (R-NV) because he was acting as his physician (and spiritual counselor), TPM Reader DE reminds us that Dr. Coburn is an OB/Gyn.

A deeper scandal than we’d ever imagined?

I must admit, Ensign didn’t grab my attention the first round, and we were quickly distracted by Sanford. But it’s nice to see he’s not giving up the Scandal Limelight without a fight.

@nojo: is it just me or is there something particularly odd about one of the Senate’s biggest wingnuts being a gynecologist? Ron Paul’s one too, isn’t he?

@nojo: HA hahahahahahahahahahahaah.

Pussay madness.

@nojo: I like the Ensign scandal best right now … Sanford seems almost human. Ensign is a sniveling moral scold who deserves to be driven from office.

@Signal to Noise: You’re right! Ron Paul wields a mean speculum. But alas, Bill Frist is a surgeon.

@Signal to Noise: Every year as the new crop of fresh interns arrive on Capitol Hill from their colleges to spend the summer processing flag orders and answering phones (and get drunk and perstork one another), Coburn’s office hosts a lunchtime lecture in early June with free sandwiches that is billed as something like “Information on Life as an Intern” or some other weirdly innocuous name. The freshly-scrubbed interns show up to score free food and are treated to a slideshow presentation by Senator Doctor Coburn that consists of upclose photos of genital warts and other STDs, and his diatribe that “condoms don’t work” and that they have to use abstinence only.

At least he did that in the ’90s. I don’t know if he’s finally stopped.

@blogenfreude: That, plus the ante has been upped to $96,000 — from Ensign’s parents.

Which raises the question: Can a guy buy a diaper in our ratings?

@nojo: There’s nothing more pathetic than a 60-something trustafarian.

@nojo: I can’t imagine what the note to Cindy and Doug, or whatever the fuck the cuckolded husband’s name is, must have said and why the fuck would Ensign want to talk to his parents about this. “John-John wee-wee weawy baad. Pestorkee best fwend’s wife. Pweese wwite big check, da-da?”

@nojo: Just found out … and posted. More than $25 k and structuring – we might get that perp walk after all!

@SanFranLefty: I’m shuddering just thinking about it.

@nojo: well, I think we have to stick to current legislators, although Dr. Frist does hold a special place in all our hearts for trying to evaluate Terri Schiavo by videotape.

@Signal to Noise: What is it about all the Republicans in Congress with MDs insisting they be addressed as “Doctor”? It’s like the constant mistake Shrub made of referring to the Attorney General as “General Ashcroft” and “General Gonzales.”

As Seattle Stinquers probably know, their very own (Dem) Congressman, Jim McDermott, is a medical doctor yet he doesn’t insist upon being called Dr. McDermott.

@nojo The OB part makes Ron a surgeon as well.

@SanFranLefty: followers of authoritarians have a fetish for titles. makes ’em better than we mere proles.

@SanFranLefty: I’m pretty happy that Smilin’ Jim is my rep, too. One of the few politicians I don’t immediately want to smash with a hammer.


Baghdad Jim’s fine… buuuut he’s been amazingly ineffective considering he’s been in Congress for 21 years; he’s got no major legislation to his name.

He’s a psychiatrist, which must come in handy for dealing with his nutcase coworkers.

Personally, I’d say that WA-07 needs some fresh progressive (veggie) meat.

@Original Andrew: His legislation is in the world of wimmin’s and poor peoples health and that’s shit that isn’t advertised. Plus he was the leading pressure point for passing the legislation last year that requires parity for mental health coverage by insurance plans – and he was sincere and reciting horror stories and not doing it out of self-interest. And he goes to the fucking mat on reproductive rights issues, probably in no small part due to his time working for the Peace Corps in Africa as a shrink/MD (shrinks in 3rd world areas do things that would have their medical licenses suspended here in the State).

Believe me, your dude is good. I’d take him over my Nancy P. any day of the week.

Remember that the enemy of the good is the perfect. Your guy is pretty fucking good on an objective progressive vegan standard compared to the other 98.3% of Congress. He just doesn’t broadcast the down in the trenches good shit he does. I guess there’s still some mouthbreathers in King County, or he has a normal sense of modesty that escapes 98.3% of politicians.

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