Dead Fish Tell No Tales

Red Fish Dead Fish.

Something’s not making sense.

Which isn’t news when it comes to Sarah Palin, but bear us out.

Talibunny’s minions claim she owes more than $600,000 in personal legal expenses. But back on June 21, the Alaska Daily News reported that a “conservative Web site” boasted of covering $100,000 of that in a week.

Leaving $500,000. And presuming absolutely nothing else was raised since April 24, when the “Alaska Fund Trust” was announced, including coverage in the Wall Street Journal. (SarahPAC, her other joint, doesn’t raise money for legal debts.)

Donations to the Trust are limited to $150, for reasons the organizers won’t explain, but by happy coincidence matches the Alaska cutoff for 30-day gift disclosures. Trustees promise to release a full list of donors in August, although legally the fund is free of official oversight.

So let’s do some math.

It would take 3,334 donors maxing out at $150 to reach that $500k. But times are tough, so let’s call it 6,667 donors at an average $75.

Surely Sarah Palin has that many rabid followers. After all, Team Sarah claims 70,000 members. Couldn’t they each toss just $7.15 into the cup?

We’re not talking Hillary Clinton and her millions of dollars in campaign loans nobody wanted to cover. Hillary was a mere candidate. Sarah is a movement.

Or so we’re told.

Team Sarah, you’ll recall, ran an open thread on the Palin resignation over the weekend, which by Sunday night had drawn 2,000 comments. Which sounds like a lot, until you realize that a busy thread here can run hundreds of comments — and we don’t even have 70 regular members, much less 70,000. Even allowing for a holiday weekend, you would think a few more folks would drop by to offer moral support to their self-destructing heroine.

That is, if they existed.

Do they? Is Sarah Palin a legitimate political force — or is she literally a celebrity, with proven entertainment value but no power beyond her “brand”? Is everyone exaggerating her influence, when she can’t even raise enough money to save her skin?

In other words: Is Sarah Palin just empty waders?


Talibunny exaggerate? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Considering that someone worked out that Talibunny’s legal expenses are actually around 300K, that works out to an alleged nifty PERSONAL profit of 300K. Should keep her and her grifter clan in mukluks and Versace for about a couple of months.

I wonder if Sarah Palin is just a myth created by the Heritage Foundation using CIA retirees for some complicated conspiratorial reason. Or perhaps one of the greatest, longest PR campaigns developed by some K Streeter.

This is so typical of you libruls. Just because she’s a strong, powerful woman you have to try to knock her down when everybody knows he doesn’t have a birth certificate. You don’t care because you hate America and our freedoms and you’re all muslims and hate our Lord. Sarah knows the truth which is why I love her and why my spittle turns to foam if I say her name out loud.

I have to go eat ice-cream and watch Golden Girls.

@Benedick: She is beyond humilation or degradation, even, say, by a hot-oil wrestling match with Kitty Harris.

@Benedick: Yes, these heathen scum will kneel before the Prophet before she is done with America! The Prophet will lead the Adkisson Brigades, named after our patron saint and martyr, to glory and to victory over islamofascist democrats and their anti-Christ! Yes! Rapture is at hand and our gatekeeper of Apocalypse is here! PRAISE!

@Benedick: @FlyingChainSaw:

Don’t go too deep undercover. Remember what happened to Donnie Brasco!

@Dodgerblue: I’d throw some coin at that kind of event.

@SanFranLefty: He wants to groom her? Speaking of which, your new avatar is weirding me out.

@SanFranLefty: Yes, but the parade keeps changing directions on him.


@nojo: Speaking of proto-Mommy, have you checked out the new commenting system on Gawker/Jezebel/ Jalopnik/Deadspin? What a clusterfuck.

@Dodgerblue: Mayor McDreamy’s slicked back hair weirds me out too. This is weirding you out more than Nancy P’s face lift photo? Oh, and I spotted Mayor McDreamy’s SUV in the Haight the other day, with him in the back seat. Took a picture of it for our next jam. It’s a hybrid SUV and it has a SOLAR PANEL on it.

@SanFranLefty: Another clusterfuck? I don’t know how they could top the last one.

But then, I immolated both my accounts during The Great Jezebel Panty Raid, so I only peek at Gizmodo when I’m curious how much they’re whacking off to Google’s new operating system.


What a moron.

Hey, Steele, it’s not strategy if you tell everybody what your plans are in the first place.

@Tommmcatt Floats: Was it not Admiral Nelson who said something like “strategy be damned, just go straight at ’em.”

It’s a goddamned hierarchy class structure there. I’m not really happy about it even though I’m a “STAR.”

Since I’m a “Star” hence upper class commenter, I get preferential treatment plus I can read the crazy crazy shit of unapproved.

I’m pretty sure that there is going to be a lot of sucking up to the editors for a “STAR.”

Only good thing is that I can edit my comments.

@ManchuCandidate: At the Tool fan site*, I am a Level 7 “Loquacious” poster with a total of 262 posts (.25 posts per day since September 2006).

*the “official” site is toolarmy.

@ManchuCandidate: The day the Stars appeared at Defamer, I quoted the relevant passage from The Sneetches.

But they really should have locked down the commenting system two or three versions ago. It was as good as it could get, stalking included.

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