The Passion of the Palin




Palin Still Has Deep Base of Support

A new USA Today/Gallup poll finds Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s (R) decision to resign the governorship did not affect most Americans’ opinions of her.

A core of 19% of voters who say they are “very likely” to vote for her should she run for president, and an additional 24% who are somewhat likely to do so, giving her a decent reservoir of potential support to build upon. However, nearly as many voters (41%) currently say they would be not at all likely to vote for her.

– Also, today they have a link to Ensign’s handwritten apology to the x-gf.

It’s that 19 percent that approved of Cheney’s job performance. Most were homeschooled.

She “died” for your sins.

Would have worked better if she explained her grandchild was an immaculate concetipn (uncorrected.)

@redmanlaw: Yessssss!!!

But 2012 is too long to wait. Fox needs her now.

That’s what I get for using being off by one stinking key.

Could this person please go away? And could she take her husband and all the rest of them too? I was happier when I’d never heard of her.

BTW. My galpals at Team Sarah are thrilled to have Mavis as one of them.

We are so getting the SarahPAC ad … which is fine – we’ll take their money. Click through!

@Benedick: My only concern last fall was whether there was enough time for her reputation to catch up with her debut. With that settled, she’s now merely the most entertaining show in politics.

@nojo: It’s hard to believe only the calm words of Yoda Pez got us through a season of blind panic when she looked electable to more than the fringe and we were all ready to board the SS Molly Ivins Ark at the first raindrop. Wiser than all other candy dispensers he is.

@Benedick: Wow, they tossed me the moment I asked if we could join in prayer to beseech God to let Sarah be elected so she could lead us to Apocalypse and Rapture. I mean, can I help it if I am inspired by the Prophet Sarah, waking up every day as I did during the general election, heart pounding, face and palms damp after dreaming of the Prophet Sarah running across the White House lawn shrieking, “I’m coming home, Jaysus!” toward roiling mushroom clouds on the horizon?

@FlyingChainSaw: What’s interesting about them – in a stupefyingly boring kind of way – is the constant drone about Obamaniacs who, being too intimidated to criticize the Great Leader, can only parrot the party line with no deviation allowed when all they do is praise the Palinator non-stop; her mavericky wonderfulness and the wonderfulness of her Christian family; her awesome verbal skills; her impressive dress sense; and so on about every detail of the ignorant bitch. I mean, how much praise is enough?

@Benedick: Time to break out the Wittgenstein…

There is one thing of which one can say neither that it is one metre long, nor that it is not one metre long, and that is the standard metre in Paris.—But this is, of course, not to ascribe any extraordinary property to it, but only to mark its peculiar role in the language-game of measuring with a metre-rule. (Philosophical Investigations, s.50)

I’ve had that passage in the back of my mind since Friday. For her flock, Palin is the standard metre, that by which all else is measured.

Can’t a gal fail her way to the top in peace?


She’s all they got. What else are they gonna praise? Boener’s logic skills? Jindal’s speaking ability? Sanford’s family values?

I propose we come up with some good names for a group of Republicans, as in “a murder of crows”. How does “an embarrassment of Republicans” sound?

@ManchuCandidate: No, no! Put the typo back! I loved it!

@nojo: If you took the standard meter bar and whacked Ludwig in the head with it, he might think about it in a different way. “Thus I refute Berkeley” etc.

TJ/From teh Maine Mormons:

> To: [redacted]
> From: [redacted]

> Subject: Gay Marriage Referendum
> Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 08:23:47 -0400
> Hi everyone.
> This past Sunday an announcement was made that [redacted] and I are
> collecting signatures to veto the new Gay Marriage law. We both did
> not get a huge turn out as we anticipated and hope that many forgot.
> We are still collecting signatures but time is running out. We must
> have these in the mail and postmarked no later than the 9th or will
> have hand deliver them in Topsham by the 10th.
> If you have not signed the petition and wish to do so please contact
> us immediately as we still have to visit our town halls to take an
> oath after they are signed and then have them notarized before
> mailing. Please don’t wait until the last minute. We cannot collect
> anymore signatures once we’ve taken the oath. Please make your
> signature count! We need all the help we can get to overturn this new
> law!
> Thank you,
> [redacted]
> [redacted]

[JNOV], this is all directed at the Portland ward
Topsham is the Stake Center of the Augusta Maine Stake [link removed]

Topsham Address [link removed]

Giuliani was the frontrunner at one point, too.

@Promnight: And Fred Thompson was surging. Remember?

@Tommmcatt Floats: My galpals at TS are very excited by the prospect of a third party run by She Who Shall Be Nameless.

A rash of Republicans? Embarrassment is nice.

@Benedick: BUT are they ready to lay down their lives for the Prophet?! That is the question that distinguishes groupies from real Conservatives.

@Benedick: A third party? Oh please, FSM, let Team Sarah supporters unite with the Paultards. At the very least, some middle-aged women and Cheeto-stained stunted young men might have some awkward sex.

@SanFranLefty: There is no question, the republican non-jeebuser lunatic base has already thrown in with the Paultards, she is the perfect bridge to connect the Jeebusers with the teabaggers. Her entire message is a combination of christofascist and Idaho militia, Alaskan wing, with enough of a dollop of black helicopter, tinfoil anti-gubmint crazy, to draw together every homeschooled fetus worshipper and gun worshipper and angry rural loser and basement dwelling libertariantard into a coalition which unites the very worst, the lowest dregs, the most shameful subgroups of nazis and lunatics and anti-abortion terrorists and Paultards and snakehandlers and just generally the dregs of our society, into a coalition of the most awful, nasty, pig-ignorant, hateful racist, xenophobic fundamentalist mouth-breathers ever seen on earth.

I is serious here, she has that ability, to unite all of the very worst in our society, into a hateful dangerous mob. She is evil, she has so much more reach and resonance with all the most foul and degraded and enraged and violent and hateful elements in our society than even Limbaugh or O’Reilly, she is a dangerous force, if she doesn’t fuck up.

Check this out: SarahPAC is buying keywords on Google. This is very pricey stuff given the number of page views her name will draw. Check out the adbox copy:

Sarah Palin’s New PAC
Help Gov. Palin Rebuild
The GOP. Donate Today.

Sounds like she will be extorting Steele and company. I’d like to be listening in on the phone call. . . “Asshole, I may not run in 2012, if I get the money, prestige, power, participation and crotch-licking reverence from the GOP that I am entitled to, otherwise . . . maybe I may have to take one of those invitations from the Constitution Party or the National Socialist Party and maybe I’ll come by for a fucking visit and laugh hearty, hands on hips, perky and alive to the righteousness of the moment, while a skinhead vaporizes your head and fucks the stump. Don’t fuck with me, Mikey. {sounds of shotgun being chambered} Don’t even fucking think about it. God is on my side.”

Actually, what is really telling is that she is paying top dollar for adboxes in response to her name. Google keywords is actually a bidding system and for any common noun or hot topic or name it can be incredibly expensive. I’ve read business plans with stunning numbers for Google keyword ads. This is big-girl-panty money we’re talking about here. Clearly, the Talibunny has big plans and is prepared to pay the big bucks to animate them,

@Promnight: she is a dangerous force, if she doesn’t fuck up

Relax. She already has.

Then again, maybe rounding up the crazies, rolling up the Libtards, Constitution Party, KKKers, militiamen, National Socialists was her Plan B all along – and one of the reasons she was so public in her approval of the Alaska Independence Party – an affiliate of the Constitution Party – to bolster her credentials as a bomb-throwing third-party revolutionary.

@FlyingChainSaw: It crossed my mind earlier today that we’re in a Judean People’s Front moment — they all hate each other so much, it just splinters all over the place. “Rolling up” would require some form of compromise, and compromise is treason.

Besides, Ron Paul was on the menu last year, and the diners sent him back to the kitchen.

Exactly, this is the end-game for all cults. Disagreement is indication you are betraying God – therefore you must die. The exceptions are Al Qaeda and Scientology. These factions that are eager to eat Talibunny’s panties, however, are bound by seething racist rage. They clearly just want to tear Obama to shreds and shit on the pulped meat. They are insane with fear and rage. This is what was so fascinating about Palin’s coded speeches that incited people to express their hunger for the black man’s death. David Duke can just show up at a KKK rally with a pair of AKs refitted for full auto, screaming racial epithets and spraying the swampy night air with bullets. His community is ready to hear anything he has to say but he doesn’t get any further than the bayou. Talibunny has to nudge a number of barely related groups together or try to broker their merger with an established political party into an irreversible deal.

@nojo: and compromise is treason.

@FlyingChainSaw: “SarahPAC is buying keywords on Google.”

Should I be energized or horrified by your insight? I’m leaning towards the latter. Plus on a somewhat related matter dealing with the Tubez, I’m verklempt that the North Koreans can apparently hack the computers systems of South Korea, the White House, and DoD. I thought N.K. residents weren’t getting enough protein to breath, let alone have the energy to engage in cyber-warfare.

Jesus! Google keywords and Wittgenstein? You know I don’t understand Wittgenstein. Not even if you go very slow and explain every word. What kind of a gay man was he anyhow? Tell us what what want to know, my brother: LuPone or the Merm. And what’s your boyfriend like? What is this shit about metres not being metres although they are metres. My head hurts.

That could be a post-modern, post-irony, post-Sondheim musical! Wittgenstein’s Boyfriend! It could be huge!

@FlyingChainSaw: So that’s how Google makes money!!! I had no idea (see above note re Jason Wittgenstein) Very glad to have some tiny clue about that. They don’t let me do business.

@SanFranLefty: Paultards for Palin! I’ll run it by my galpals.

@Benedick: Merman. Even Wittgenstein would say: “now that, that’s vat I call a voice.”

@Benedick: Well in a way, what Wittgenstein proved was that you can’t understand understanding, you just have to understand. He made this clear in the most important part of the Tractatus, which was the part consisting of the things he did not say in it.

If I am not seen or heard from for some months, it will be the fault of Nojo, who just caused me to download the Tractatus onto my kindle, because I somehow understand how you cannot say the standard meter either is or is not a meter long, though I cannot understand how I understand it.

@Prommie: But you can understand how the damned book got onto your Kindle.

@Benedick: I can’t wait for the eleven o’clock number, The Wurlitzer As I Found It.

@nojo: I Am What I Might Be.

@Prommie: I cannot understand philosophical discussion. My head does not work that way. I merely get impatient and start muttering “Get a life.” It is a lack in me. Shocking, I know, to think that I might have a lack but there we are.

@Dodgerblue: I’m told that Toscanini, when he heard La Merm, said her voice was exactly that of the castrati. I’m not sure what one does with that knowledge – and can we even know that we know it without knowing that we know or does the knowledge of the knowing change that which is known is some profound yet unknowable way? – but there we are.

Poll: 55 percent say Sarah Palin unfit to be president

A new Public Policy Polling survey found that 55 percent of Americans think Sarah Palin is not fit to be president. Thirty-seven percent think she would be able to do the job.

As for her announcement last week that she was resigning as Alaska governor, 57 percent of respondents said that made them less likely to support her for president while 30 percent said it made them more likely to do so.

The poll of 923 likely voters was taken July 6-9 and has a margin of error of 3.2 percent.

– Seattle PI, via

@Benedick: BBC article on castrati.

Only known recording of castrato:

@Benedick: Well, so much for the recreation of the castrato’s voice in Farinetti.

@Benedick: I merely get impatient and start muttering “Get a life.”

So did Wittgenstein.

@Prommie: Truth be told, my only long-term takeaway from the Tractatus is the section on solipsism. But then, that applies to most of that era: a little Plato here, a little Aristotle there, a dab of Kierkegaard.

@redmanlaw: What a loaded survey. All the wrong questions. Which reminds me. . .

@redmanlaw: OK, we have a much more fair and balanced survey up here now. Thank goodness for as a balanced to all this empty news coverage and polling.

@redmanlaw: Interesting stuff about castrati. Hard to tell from that old recording what he really sounded like as he hoots at us from the past. I did a show with a really superb singing actress who had played other parts created by Merm (including the show we were then reviving). She was very interesting about the way writers would build songs to end on Merman’s top belt note. As her voice aged those two or three notes got very worn on her cords which accounted for that big old wobble in her voice. Of course, nowadays the style is to belt everything from top to bottom of the voice. Tenors who can belt to an A. Ugh. But the castrati led me to countertenors which led me to Phillipe Jarroussky and OMFG! What a voice! I must now buy records made by him.

@Benedick: The people I saw recently in La Traviata and The Elixir of Love at the Santa Fe Opera were amazing singers and pretty decent actors as well, especially the male leads in LT and Elixer, Natalie Dessay in LT, and the evil father in LT.

@Benedick: That’s probably the recording I first heard as a classical DJ, and while yes, it’s hard to determine from this distance, just knowing the circumstance is creepy enough.

@redmanlaw: Now you’re talking about singers. They spend their lives learning how to mix the voice properly. The crew that did the updated version of Chess not so much. All belt, all the time. It’s pretty much all one hears on Broadway these days. Its even on casting calls, “Must belt to A flat” or whatever. It’s what produces that ALW whine that nojo likes to listen to while reading Wittgenstein.

@Benedick: I usually combine ALW with my Gideon. But I do watch Python whilst reading Wittgenstein and shewing flies out of fly-bottles.

@SanFranLefty: “You learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”

I’m not a Plato scholar, but I just can’t hear him stuffing that into Socrates’ mouth.

@nojo: Me neither. As TP points out, “this aphorism has been misattributed to Plato in books such as Confidence: How To Succeed At Being Yourself, Training For Dummies, and Food Is the Frosting — Company Is The Cake.” I can totally see Caribou Barbie whipping out a cheesy self-help book and using the quote. What’s funnier is trying to guess which one of those three books she has by her laptop.

@SanFranLefty: Maybe it’s heavily reworked from the Symposium. Which would be great, since the Symposium is about a bunch of Greeks getting drunk, talking about love, and drooling over the young soldiers in the back of the room.

@nojo: Ass-fucking wasn’t limited to Sparta. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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