Everything is Rahm Emanuel’s Fault, Always


I just hope to God Rahm Emanuel isn’t using taxpayer money to come after Alaska.

That’s Palin spokeslady Meg Stapleton, basically saying that Rahm Emanuel, and by extension, his community organizing friends, are responsible for Sarah Palin’s need to quit everything. Of course, she doesn’t realize that if Emanuel had actually “come after Alaska” (Sarah Palin is Alaska!) then she would be found at the bottom of her fishing lake, shot in a grizzly hunting “accident”, or smashed to pieces after the brakes were cut on her snowmobile. Rahm doesn’t bother with silly ethics complaints, because if he wanted to, he could fuck you up until you’re dead, for real.

Meg also said that they’re going after her because she “represents the biggest threat to Obama.” Because yes, despite the fact that the election is three and a half years away and Obama needs to deal with the economy, health care, the gays, the Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and Silvio Berlusconi first, he’s really the most worried about a half-literate two year governor whose biggest accomplishments have been having a special needs baby and becoming a grandmother in her early 40s.

Anyway, Robert Gibbs responded with derision, as he is wont:

The charge is ridiculous. Obviously there is no effort … From my vantage point, a lot of the criticism she is getting from others seems to be generated from self-inflicted wounds.

Damn straight. He called her a cutter.

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I’m not reading another Time piece on Palin until the detectives scan it with a UV light.

Okay, I peeked…

it wasn’t a hard leap for anyone in her orbit to connect local progressive wingnuts and the Administration.

Let’s ignore the Author’s odd nomenclature (progressives are moonbats), and note that the most recent ethics complaint was filed by a real wingnut — a right-wing crank. Goes by Zane Henning. Lives in Wasilla, not Washington.


His brother is the guy they based the agent in Entourage on. I wonder what THOSE family holidays must be like.

Oh! And before you mention it, I bet you’ve never seen Entourage either, amirite? You lead a charmed life indeed…

@Tommmcatt Floats: I know. I only wish he’d represent me.

I have seen Entourage. And please remember, I watch Friends all the time. Also That 70s Show. Also Judge Judy – though she frightens me. Not so very charmed.

@Tommmcatt Floats: I’ve never seen Entourage, but I bet it involves “bling” and passing judgement on people in entirely superficial ways.

In other words, a hit. I had heard of the Rahm connection, however. Can I get a ditty for being culturally complicated? Kthxbye

@Nabisco say Relax: …”and passing judgement on people in entirely superficial ways.”

Wait. You mean that’s wrong? But… but… that’s all I got!

@Nabisco say Relax: Actually, the first two seasons involve Defamer-quality antics among Industry titans. After that it starts coasting on pals being pals.

@nojo: I thought it a very promising idea for a blistering satire and such as. Clearly that wasn’t their intent.

@Tommmcatt Floats: And they based Josh Lyman on Rahm. Fucking fantastic family, I’d give my right arm to be at their seder table.

@RomeGirl: No shit, they could charge admission for Passover. And isn’t the other brother some super-genius doctor who has partially found the cure for cancer and runs NIH or something like that? I can only imagine the Jewish mother those three boys had to make them the way they are…

tommycatt, entourage is produced by, and based on the experiences of, marky mark wahlberg!
and barry’s cabinet? it IS a seder! finally we can blame the jews for something real.

SFL, romegirl, i mentioned this here before, all jewish mothers are like that. in my religion, a fetus is considered viable after it graduates from medical school. the near retarded children, law school.

old joke: the jewish mother of the first female president is watching her being sworn in. someone whispers to her, how proud you must be! yes! she responds, her brother is a doctor!

benedick, i want to be judge judy more than anything in the world. how long can she last? i’m in line, i would be the perfect replacement!!!

@baked: The OH adores her. After a little I get unnerved by the class warfare going on under the surface. I think she can probably last a very long time.

re Jewish mothers…. When said OH did his first show in NY he was riding in a cab with his mother who asked him after the opening if he’d had any offers. Modestly, he said “I’ve been asked to do a musical.” (sidebar: in the US American theatre being offered a musical means you’re being taken seriously and everybody is now officially waiting for you to fail). There was a pause. His mother then said, “One musical?” At which point the cab driver expostulated, “Jesus, lady! Give the guy a break!”

your OH ‘s mother is my mother, brotha.

ever see that medicore albert brooks movie, “mother” based on his own jewish mother? greeting him at the airport, her first words to him are disparaging. he says, “can we start with hello and then move to the criticisms?”
i have adopted this phrase, and have occasion to use it often. i am greeted at airports with, “why is your hair always in your face? are you anorexic? when are you going back to work? i cannot believe you are not being considered for SCOTUS, where did we go so wrong?
i just read that smoking pot causes global warming…………………………………………………………….”

I swear sometimes my mom was once Jewish in a past life. The guilt, emotional blackmail, the comparisons to other “more” successful family/friends, the snarky attitude and, oy vey, the criticism.

Whenever I read about Jewish men and their moms, I can not help but laugh and cry bitter tears on the inside.

I can understand Shiksappeal. Now that I think about it, it’s possibly one major reason why I rarely date Korean… ugh. My mom asked me once who I wanted to marry. When I blurted that out (stupidly) and it became obvious that it wasn’t someone like her, I think she died a bit inside. Oh well. I’ve gotten enough frequent grief plan miles so I could pay for that comment easily.

I take no credit. The writers of Seinfeld coined it to popular usage.

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