GOP Spiritual Leader Adolph Hitler Has a Cow at News of the Talibunny’s Resignation in His Antarctic Bunker


Well, that puts the font-geek version to shame. And I imagine there must be a hundred more out there…

That clip is surely the gift that keeps on giving. First one I saw was Hitler’s car getting stolen. And yes, there are dozens, if not hundreds more. I wonder if anyone’s come up with a website to automate the subtitling of that clip?

Edit: According to the Times Online, there are hundreds of parodies.

That clip was used to mock my soon-to-be former employer not losing my job (yet) but my division was sold off to another company.

CEO as Hitler? Not really. More Caligula.

A complete violation of Godwin’s Law … and I totally approve. Font-geek version? Anybody have a link?

@blogenfreude: I forget the link, but someone here called it out in a thread the other day.

@ManchuCandidate: Flippin linked to it a few days ago–can’t recall the thread. I posted it to my FB page, too.

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