Coming Down From The Mountain

And so, the Democrats hit sixtyish Senators. So I think you could call yesterday a peak — particularly because the valley is coming, and quick.  I mean, not to be a wet blanket, but…

Sen. Daniel K. Inouye’s staff contacted federal regulators last fall to ask about the bailout application of an ailing Hawaii bank that he had helped to establish and where he has invested the bulk of his personal wealth.

Dan’s been pushing his luck for decades.  But the timing of this news?  Perfect.


I’m not sure he’s in much danger because of this, though. According to the article: Even if Inouye were directly involved, it would not violate the rules the Senate sets for itself, experts said.

The real worry in my book is Senator Robert Byrd. Tennessee is so fucking Red that they didn’t even vote for their favorite son Al Gore in the 2000 elections. Should Senator Byrd expire he’ll almost certainly be replaced by a GOP Senator.

@Serolf Divad: West Virginia. Current Governor Joe Manchin is a Democrat. Bobby B. should step down now before a Republican is elected.

If these clowns are serious about protecting the US American way then why don’t they renounce their government health plan?


Not the least bit surprising- His wife lobbies for big pharma and CT= is home to big insurance companies

@fupduk: Hartford, CT is home to more insurance companies than any other city in the world.

TJ: VF aritcle on Palin sparks big GOP feud between Kristol and Steve Schmidt, who pwns Kristol with this comeback to criticism of his mgmt of McCain campaign:

“I’m sure John McCain would be president today if only Bill Kristol had been in charge of the campaign… After all, his management of [former Vice President] Dan Quayle’s public image as his chief of staff is still something that takes your breath away.


The Dems are going to have to show some spine and ram health care reform through the budget reconciliation process where only 50 votes are needed. That’s the only way it gets done. Let’s face it: we need real health care reform in this nation or we’re seriously fucked. And my one and only hope is that the Republicans are for once in their sorry lifetimes not lying when they claim that the Obama “public option” is a stealth measure designed to lead the country to an eventual “single-payer” system.

i’m so excited. i’ll be able to stroke out in 3 countries.

@Serolf Divad: Nothing will change. Our only hope is complete and total collapse, to the point where doctors are approaching people in parking lots offering discounted services for cash. The insurance and medical industry would sooner see every last American dead than back down or let congress vote for a public system. Cackling, grasping greed is the most powerful force in the universe after entropy.

Considering that the Senate voted 90-6 in fear of Carmina Burana, I’m not sure yesterday was much of a peak. The Magic 60 presumes that demrats have a spine.

@nojo: I totally thought you were making an Iraq war reference because I read Carmina Burana and my mind started playing Ride of the Valkyries. Long day.

@flippin eck: No, we’re saving Valkyries for SWAT raids on north-county cocktail parties.

The ad showing on this page is for Makita tools. The hamsters must have picked up on the SkilSaw references.

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