What’s On Mark Sanford’s iPod?

What's My Line?South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford said Tuesday that he “crossed lines” with a handful of women other than his mistress — but never had sex with them.

The governor said he “never crossed the ultimate line” with anyone but Maria Belen Chapur…

He said that during the encounters with other women he “let his guard down” with some physical contact but “didn’t cross the sex line.”

  • Love’s Cheating Line
  • Hold the Line
  • Telephone Line
  • I Walk the Line

  • No Line on the Horizon
  • Wichita Lineman
  • A Chorus Line
  • All Down the Line
  • One Step Over the Line
  • The End of the Line
SC gov ‘crossed lines’ with women [AP/TPM]

Tainted Love

Suspicious Minds

Separate Lives

You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

Careless Whisper

When I Get To Phoenix (Buenos Aries)

On Jenny Sanford’s I-Pod
I Will Survive

(Deleted) Stand By Your Man

(Deleted) Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

What’s a little hand-job in the guvnuh’s limousine between friends?

Wicked Game – Chris Issak

Little T & A – Rolling Stones

Giving the Dog a Bone -AC/DC
Touch Too Much – ”
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap- ”
Whole Lotta Rosie – ”
Hell’s Bells – ”

Cat Scratch Fever – Ted Nugent
Wang Dang Sweet Poontang – ”

I’m in the Mood For Love – John Lee Hooker
Crawlin’ King Snake – ”

In the Waiting Line – Zero 7

Sé que no vas a volver (“I know you’re not coming back”) – Todos Tus Muertos (from Argentina)

Whipping Post

Ramblin’ Man

I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man

Crazy Love

Possum Lake

I guess I’m running with the Devil made me do it meme here:

Friend of the Devil
Ring of Fire
Devil Went Down to Georgia (or Uruguay)

Tainted Love
Don’t Stand So Close to Me
Guvnuh Dupree
Don’t You Forget About Me

@ManchuCandidate: Happy birthday, Canucks! Tim Horton’s donuts on the house!

Canada Day is the same day as the declaration of open season on NHL free agents. Coincidence? I think not.

Oh, and it’s football season up there. Football with an extra ten yards on the field and forward motion, but still football.

me and mrs. jones
sympathy for the devil
prisoner of love
if this is wrong, i don’t wanna be right
torn between two lovers
if i ruled the world
lightening striking
i’m leaving on a jet plane

@redmanlaw: BTW, I now have a total earworm of “Cat Scratch Fever” in my head, thanks to you.

well, i do have ratbastard for inspiration.

we pause for this public service announcement

funnest fact: wedding band of RB would NOT flush down the toilet despite my determination. passing the word so that your next drama won’t be so embarrassing.

@baked: Stuff it with tissue – or toilet – paper, then flush it.

Not that I had ever given this any thought before, mind you.

/looks over shoulder/

The Bad Touch
Between the Sheets
Slave to Love
Love You Down
Bump and Grind
Deep Inside Your Love
“Tube Steak” Boogie
Can He Do It Like This
Freak on a Leash
Push It
Long Time Coming
Pearl Necklace

Lay, Lady, Lay

I’m spent.

@Nabisco checks his feet for horseshoes:
it’s so liberating! now that he is housebroken again, i’m keeping it on his finger…for now. your advice…good to know!!!
i had to content myself with shredded love letters and cards dumped on his head.


I’ll bet the Wedding Dress would go up in flames pretty fast, though.

I’d be surprised if this song from the greatest US America chickenhawk musician wasn’t on his I-Pod…

Wang Dang Poontang

Bad Boyfriend, Garbage


@Tommmcatt Floats: I love “Push It”.

How Deep is Your Love
Take a Letter, Maria
Hey Baby Que Paso?

@baked: Been there. Tried to do that. Sold it on eBay for a tidy sum instead.

Gimme Shelter

Thieves in the Temple

New Position

Do U Lie?



How Long Has This Been Going On

Your Wife Don’t Understand You, But I Do (By Lurlene, on the Simpsons)

If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Right

Torn Between Two Lovers

Mambo Number 5

If I Fell In Love With You (the Beatles)

Jr’s list:

Sink Beneath the Line

Strange Love

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